5 Games about the Radio

1  Numb3r Station

by Albi and Craig

Numb3r Station is a game about spies infiltrating enemy territory. You use a real life number station to progress through each stage being wary of counter-intelligence agents and desperately trying to get your information to your handler.

This game is currently in beta and the developers are looking for feedback!

2   Chanel 36: The Void Caller

by StarshineScribbles

Technically this is about a tv station, but it’s similar in spirit to a small radio broadcast. This is a horror game about taking on the role of a brand new employee supervising the local access TV station. Every night someone or something hacks into the pre recorded broadcasts and things around you begin to change.

This game is played with a tarot deck, an empty water bottle, and a box of toothpicks. The toothpicks represent your nerves, and should one fall into the bottle, something bad will happen.

3   The Forecast

by StarshineScribbles

Based on The Shipping Forcast in the UK, this game is a fantasy weather generator. You draw cards to determine the Wind, Weather, Visibility, and Modifier. This game also works well as a supplement for ongoing campaigns, a companion to other games, or a game-within-a-game.

The Forecast is played with a deck of cards and a recomended amount of 10 regions to complete.

4   Void 1680 AM

by Bannerless Games

You are a late night disc jockey, taking calls, and playing the tunes. Over the course of the game you get to interact with callers, build up their stories and create a real life playlist! The game also includes rules for a single session or an ongoing game.

5   Dead Air

by Sleepy Sparrow Games

It is the end of the world and you must still run your radio station. You are the station manager and it is your job to try to stick to the guidelines as best as possible. Each game you are issued three surreal remits that you must comply with and eventually you will be issued a fourth. You may not survive the apocalyptic wastes, but should you fulfill the remit you will “win.”

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