5 Games about being Haunted

1  Alone with Your Ghost

by Samuel Mui

There is a ghost but you do not know who or why it haunts you. You must search the depths of your memory to learn who and what you must do to finally let their spirit rest.

Alone with your Ghost is a hack of Alone Among the Stars, where each prompt is a memory that gives you a clue as to how you will finally rid yourself of the ghost that haunts you.

2   Echoes

by Joshua Queen

It started with a letter. Written by someone you thought was dead, it told you to come here to find absolution.

Now, you are alone, lost in a sprawling desolated town, surrounded by mists and monsters, haunted by visions of that person, drawing you further and further into the darkness.

Echoes is a Wretched and Alone game inspired by Silent Hill 2 and Resident Evil. It uses the block tower to represent your well-being, how much guilt you feel, and the darkness inside you, and the cards to represent the threats of the town itself.

3   Mysteries of Addy Sea

by Jessica L. Washburn

On the shores of Addy Sea, there is a quiet, unimposing bed and breakfast with a dark history. You are a ghost hunter, planning to spend one night in every room of the building, hoping to find proof of what haunts this place.

Mysteries of Addy Sea takes place over 13 days, each day representing a room of the house. In the evening you describe the room and any conversations you had with the staff, and set up the equipment you wish to use. In the morning you go over any of the evidence or encounters you had during the night.

4   Whispers in the Walls

by Pandion Games

In the depths of the dark, the walls are known to open their secrets, and whisper the truths and horrors within. And you, a private investigator on the hunt to uncover the truth, have a talent for making them talk.

Whispers in the Walls is a game about creating and solving a mystery. Each game you draw a location, which is connected to several questions, and through each round, you explore a room and gain clues to help you uncover the truth.

5 Scrying: Alone in the Psychomanteum

Writing by Javier M. Vadillo

You are an old school psychic, one who uses a Psychomanteum, a dark room, seances, a dark mirror all of which let you see into the other world. What will you see? Who will you see?

Scrying, Alone in the Psychomanteum is an Alone among the Stars hack about receiving visions and visitations from otherworldly beings. You not only see ghosts, but demons, and angelic creatures.

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