Beasts and Monsters

5 Games centered around Creatures

These games are centered around some sort of beast or monster. You might create, be chased by, turn into, love, or even be a monster of legend.

1   La Bête

by Merlin McGraw

La Bête is a Carta game about playing a character who transforms into an uncontrollable monster and is hunted by The Guard. You use two carta spreads and switch between them depending on whether or not you have transformed into the monster. Throughout the cards you track your health, control, power, and allies, and if you meet certain conditions, you might just be able to make yourself a home.

2   Mythmaker

by Kay W.

Mythmaker is a Lost and Found game about playing the villainous monster from legend. You are the Challenge a hero must overcome to achieve greatness. You decide what sort of fiend you are like The Warden, The Calamity, The Deceiver, and through three acts, you tell the tale of three heroes and if they were worthy opponents.

3   Tiny Nightmare Generator

by Carly Kocurek

Tiny Nightmare Generator is a short, sweet little game about rolling dice and making monsters. The game fits neatly one a single sheet of paper and the players roll dice from the selected chart and once the monster is created, you finish by answering questions about them. This game is also kid-friendly.

4   This Wretched Hunt of Mine

by Fearl Indie Studios

This Wretched Hunt of Mine is a Wretched and Alone game about hunting a foul beast which took something irreplaceable from you. You know you will not survive but you are compelled to hunt this creature until either the monster or the wilderness kills you. The game is as much about hunting the monster as it is about describing what it did to you to make you want to hunt it.

5   Your Body, an Altar

Writing by SixFeetZen

Art by Zuzanna Szabłowska

In this game you take the role of the Supplicant, a person tasked with showing compassion to all creatures outside of society. This compassion can take any form the player chooses from erotic to mundane and you have the option to stop at any time. You start by determining what the creature either fears or desires and ask yourself how you will either alleviate or fulfill them. The game doesn’t explicitly state it, but the template is also simple enough for you to create your own monster to tend to. There is a self-guided pdf as well as a twine version.

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