Into the Depths

the horror beneath the waves

5 games about the hostility and lethality of the ocean

1  Thalassophobia

by The Falling Dream

Is a semi field-guide writing game about being in a research vessel deep below the waters. You explore, search for wonders and fishes, and keep track of running numbers to see how long your trip is.

2   Sleepless Sea

by World Champ Game Co.

Inspired by the game Dredge, you are a lonely fisher out in the waters, exploring each region weathering the wear and tear of your boat, fishing up the creatures from the depths, and meeting local characters for trade.

3   Sunken

by Dannyhurt1

Is a wretched and alone game about an explorer, tasked with mapping an underwater cave, but becomes isolated when a storm rages on the surface. Will you wait out the winds and rain or will you go searching for another exit?

4   The Crushing Dark

by Madeleine Ember

The Crushing Dark is a Wretched and Alone game about observing the ocean depths as your bathysphere sinks lower and lower towards the ocean floor. It becomes harder to tell what is real and what is a delusion the further down you go and your sphere can only withstand so much.

5   What Waits Beneath

by Nevyn Holmes

Is a game about exploring the depths of the waters, encountering creatures and pulling up the treasures from the sunken ships. This game plays out like the game Memory and has you flipping cards and remembering their location.

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