Fuck AI Art

8 Plain Text Games

You do not need AI art to make a good game! You don't even need any art! Here are 8 games that use either no images at all, or a single stock image for the cover.

1   I Was Once

by R.J. Kakkad

Previously part of the Item Creation list, this game has no artwork but lets you tell the tale of an item's fall from grace. You go through the ages of a mystical artifact all the way down to mundane kitsch.

2   Sword Saga

by Danny Dellinger

Previously part of the Item Creation list, the only art this game has is a stock image for the cover page, and itch.io thumbnail, but still offeres an intriguing game about the life and story of an heirloom weapon passed down through the ages.

3   With These Phantom Hands

by Alex Guerrero

In With These Phantom Hands you play as a ghost, unstuck in time. You travel through your memories, trying to discover why you cannot move on, and what your final message to the people most important to you will be. This game contains no images.

4   What It Takes

by Natalie Libre Merson

What It Takes is game has two different parts to it. The first is more straight forward where you make prayer to the god of desperation and roll your dice. it includes several different options as prayers for you to choose from and how you roll determines how selfless/selfish the god feeling. The second part is more of a ritual/lyric game which contains examples of different rituals you can preform to curry from the gods to heal your followers. For solo play, I recomend only playing the first half of the game. This game only features a public domain image for the cover page.

5   You're Transgender *AND* Have a Sword?

by ThatAceGirl

The title says it all! You are trans! You have a motherfucking sword and you are here to win the goddamn tournament! This game is inspired by the webcomic Heir's Game and features no artwork.

6   Childhood Maps

by Albi13

Childhood Maps is a hack of Alone Among the Stars by Takuma Okada. It is about recounting memories of youth and mapping them out in various locations on your childhood home. These can be a single location or even a pathway to places that meant something to you, or places certain events happened. The only art featured in this charming little game is a map drawn by the author as an example of play.

7   Pangolin Pianist

by Sam Leigh

You are a tiny little pangolin who was once a pianist! You recount your life and your love of music as you reflect over your retirement. This game features not art.

8   Alone with a Legacy

by Matthew Julian

You are someone with a goal that will extend passed your life. How do people remember you and how does it inspire generations after you? Who takes up your mantel? And who will take up theirs? This game features no artwork and is a hack of Alone Among the Stars by Takuma Okada.

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