5 Games about making Spellbooks

Every witch, mage, wizard, and apprentice needs their book of magic and here are 5 games to help get you started!

1  Grimoire

by Loren Peterson

You play a magic user not content with simply using the same old spells people have been casting for thousands upon thousands of years, so instead you are seeking to tweak, manipulate, and create new ones in your very own Grimoire! You will use a deck of cards to explore different ingredients for the spells, what sort of spell it is, and how powerful the magic is.

2   Grimoire

by Anna Landin

This is a spellbook making game where you draw a hand of cards, and determine what spells you can make from the components! You decide the type, name, and effect while the combined value of the cards will tell you how potent it is. This game has you roll 1d6 to determine how many card hands you will make for your book. A hand is seven cards, each one representing a component of a spell such as a pattern, a dream, a bottle, and decide how many items go into how many spells. You can also choose to carry over a card into the next hand if it doesn’t fit with your current spells.

3   Grimoire

by The Bardic Inquiry

You start by creating a wizard, their values, a goal, and their bonds to other characters. Through out the game you manage your resources such as wealth, wounds, and the corruption of both your body and mind while drawing cards and answering prompts. Follow along with your wizard's quest endure the consequences of your actions and maybe you can manage to create your own spellbook.

4   The Black Witch's Grimoire

by Fizz Cox

This game is a rules-lite, loosely guided game that aims to encourage players to be creative with the limited prompts it provides. After creating your witch, it takes place over the course of seven days, each one giving you a small prompt and six options for the player to choose. You explore what it is you are afraid of, what you will do to seek shelter, and how everything comes to a head.

5 Spellbook

by Dvaleris

Tired of being a witch or a wizard? In Spellbook you are the sentient book of magic! This game uses the Lost and Found SRD by Mousehole Press. You start by creating your spellbook, its spells including components and instructions, then move on to creating the people who use you. Over the course of 3 Acts you are passed from witch to witch to a coven and out of a coven before finally it is time to rest.

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