5 Games about Sex and Romance

Looking for a little bit of romance and maybe a bit of spice? Here are 5 games that explore relationships and eroticism.

1  Motel Spooky-Nine

by Julie-Anne Muñoz

Motel Spooky Nine is a game about supernatural encounters within the confines of an ever changing, ever shifting motel. The player lays down their playing cards in a grid spread to represent the layout of the motel and then selects a card as their room. They then move through out the other rooms and cards, exploring the hotel and encountering the other creatures of the motel. Upon the encounters the player rolls the intimacy dice to establish how they want to proceed with the creature. The game alludes to adult content, but makes clear that you can play by simply making a connection with the characters.

2   Paramour

by Wren Goderie

Paramour is a Wretched and Alone game about being visited in your dreams by an otherworldly creature and forming a deep and possibly obsessive relationship with them. All of the prompts take place in the dream world, and the player is tasked with writing a journal in the morning, trying to remember everything that happened. The instructions and prompts are written from the perspective of the dream being using phrases like 'I will give you a card from my deck' and 'you go somewhere I cannot.' This really emphasizes the controlling and inescapable nature of the being and your relationship to them.

3  Midnight's Kiss

by M. Belanger

In your secret journal, you record your forbidden romance with your vampire lover. Over the course of 13 entries, you cover your meeting, complications, and the ultimate conclusion of your love affair. You start by creating your vampire, their appearance, personality, etc and then move on to the diary entries. Each entry will give a prompt, a question, and a table for the player to roll to see how they respond. Both the prompts and the tables are written with the ability to be as explicit, veiled, or nonsexual as the player wishes.

4   Hopelessly Devoted

by DirtcoreDreams

You are a squire in the last year of your apprenticeship as you continue to explore yourself navigating rivals, lovers, and even more complicated relationships. The game is divided into 4 seasons, each with a set of 12 prompts. The player rolls 1d4, answers the corresponding prompt, and when finished, roll again, adding ever sequential number to a pool and answering the corresponding prompts until you reach 12 or above. Some of the prompts are explicit, but are intended to explore a more intimate relationship between your squire and other characters.

5   Princess with a Cursed Dick

by Anna Anthropy

You are a princess unfortunately cursed to no longer be able to please herself. But never fear! You have found yourself at a masked party full of eager partners. This game provides plenty of prompts, but allows the player to choose how explicit they wish to be. The game also uses she/her pronouns through out, but can easily be modified for the princess to be any gender.

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