Item Creation

6 Solo Games About Making Objects

1   Ezra’s Guide to Magic or Otherwise Significant Objects

by Ezra Szanton

Ezra's Guide is a system agnostic item generator game that uses real books to help the player create the magic item. You choose from one of the available archetypes to decide what kind of item it will be, such as a weapon, a ship, or a shield. Then using a book, the player will describe the item, its traits and its twist. This game is fairly short and takes around 15-30 min to generate an item.

2   Sacred Forge

by Cat McDonald

Sacred Forge uses the 5 elements: fire, water, earth, air, and metal to create a weapon of legend. Each weapon has a set amount of destiny and through each of the seven steps of forging the weapon, you must try to keep the sword as balanced as possible if you wish to create the perfect blade. This game is also fairly short and will take around 15-20 min depending on how much description you write for each step.

3   I Was Once

by R.J. Kakkad

I Was Once is a Lost and Found game about being a magical object as you slowly lose what makes you special. You exchange hands down through the ages starting first with the Divine, then to the Champions, and finally to the Mundane. You describe how you influence the world and your owner, how they found you, and eventually why they abandoned you. At the end of the game you have lost all your power and are simply an ordinary object.

4   Sword Saga

by Danny Dellinger

In Sword Saga you tell the story of a weapon from when it was created to when it is finally laid to rest. Despite the title, you can be a weapon of any type including a bow, gauntlet, or shield. You play through 6 scenes, each narrated by a different character about the current state of the Sword, how it's changed and how it's being used. These scenes can be written dialogue, letters, museum plaques, or any other form of communication; the choice is completely up to the player.

5   Heirlooms

by Nos Woods

Heirlooms is a Lost and Found game about being an ordinary object that is passed down through family generations. This game takes place in three acts, and in each act you choose at least one Steward to take care of the item before moving onto the next act. Between each act, you need to change something about the item or answer one of the questions provided by the game.

6   The Artifact

by Brian Smith

The Artifact is a Wretched and Alone horror game about playing as an assistant museum curator who receives a terrible item. Over the course of the game you describe what eldritch horrors the item has wrought on your character and the nature of the item. The item will slowly invade your dreams, your relationships and slowly consume your life.

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