6 Games where you play as gulls

Some of these games are multiplayer games!

1  A Game About Seagulls Played with Seagulls

by Mitchell Salmon

You play this game with actual, literal seagulls and fries. Each player picks a gull, someone throws a fry and if your gull gets the fry first, you choose what to do next! (Do not actually feed fries to gulls please.)

This game is multiplayer.


by Grant Howitt

I have not played this game. I do not know anyone who has played this game. This game probably shouldn’t be played. Everyone controls a flock of 30 gulls and to convince everyone your decision is best for the flock YOU MUST YELL. If more than half the players join you succeed!

This game is multi player.

3   Mundane Seagull Game

by Cool Pile of Dirt

The world is full of magic and adventure, but that doesn’t concern you. You play as the gulls in a “filler episode” of their adventure. You plot out both your story and theirs, but never have them directly interact.

This game is multi player.

4   Much that is Good and All that is Evil

by Jeeyon Shim

You have 3 stats: Hungry, Audacity, and a 3rd of your choosing. You have two different story branches: Farallon Gull and Urban Gull. You roll to see what scenario you play, then roll again for which action you take to play out the scene.

This game is single player.

5  B'Town Beak-tectives

by W.H. Arthur

A Noir detective story, where you gather clues, solve crimes, and get perps arrested. Except you are also all seagulls. Hard boiled seagulls.

This game is multiplayer.

6  It's Lunch Time!

by Ell0

You’re just one little hungry gull! You need to get food by rolling to see who you attack, what they have, and how they will defend themselves.

This game is single player.

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