Solo but Not Alone 3

Charity bundle for Jasper's Game Day

This is the 3rd year for Solo but Not Alone, a massive charity bundle of single player games hosted by Cat McDonald for Jasper's Game Day, a suicide prevention organization.

The individual games will not have links, instead click the image above to be taken to the bundle, which runs until March 31, 2023. There are over 140 games for only $10

Click the above picture to be taken to the bundle.

1  Sword Saga

by Danny Dellinger

In Sword Saga you tell the story of a weapon from when it was created to when it is finally laid to rest. Despite the title, you can be a weapon of any type including a bow, gauntlet, or shield. You play through 6 scenes, each narrated by a different character about the current state of the Sword, how it's changed and how it's being used. These scenes can be written dialogue, letters, museum plaques, or any other form of communication; the choice is completely up to the player.

2   The Estate of Baron Archambaud, an Ingrate

by Kate Roesch & Steve Walsh

You are a thief and a noble looking to break into the Estate of Baron Archambaud to find what he keeps in his vault. You lay the cards down on the table, each representing a room, and navigate through the manor, looking for tools, clues, and eventually your prize.

3   Portrait Room Mirrors

by S. Pine

This is a game about looking inward as you see reflections of 12 mirrors. You go through 12 memories, one for each mirror, and decide which one best reflects you. This game doesn’t use any randomizers, instead you are given a brief description of the mirror’s frame and what sort of image is depicted in it along with how you feel about the memory.

4   Six Figures Under

by Samantha Leigh

Is a game consisting of 6 mini games where you are a graduated Necromancer setting out on starting your own business! Each game progresses you further along in your professional endeavors! You start by advertising yourself on the internet and slowly move towards taking your first client.

5 San Sibilia

Writing by Jimmy Shelter

In San Sibilia you write a travel journal of your time in a mysterious city that grows, changes, and disappears as you explore it further! For each day you draw two cards and write an entry based off a prompt and adjective. You end the game when you check off 5 boxes by drawing two cards of the same suit or number.

6 Welcome to the Habitrails

Writing by AYolland

This is a Tarot based game about living in a strange neighborhood. Everything is provided for you, food, shelter, neighbors, but something here isn’t quite right and you can’t seem to remember how you got here and you don’t know how to leave.

This is a great game to start with if you have never played a solo game, the instructions are clear, and the game tells you everything you need to know.

The Wandering Lake

Writing by Keith Asada

You are the Keeper of the Four Lakes up top your mountain and one of them has wandered free. How will you find it? What will you do if you don't? The tone for the game is completely up to the player. You can make it a light-whimsical story or you can make it as dark as you like.

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