Starry Skies

5 Games about Constellations

1  Expansive Skies

by SomewhereWithStories

This is a very short, simple game about generating constellations one at a time. You first roll 2d6 to determine the amount of stars, then pull one card from a deck to see what its story is.

2   Stargazing

by N. L. Morrison

Stargazing is a short sweet game about generating constellations, their story, and meaning by rolling 3d6 and charting them on a grid. The game has you roll 3d6 and add two together to get the results for the story, symbol, omen and use the individual numbers to chart them out on said grid.

3   Chart the Constellations

by 7Skyes

Chart the Constellations is a game about creating one constellation for each season by using a deck of cards to create the pattern.

You start by dividing the deck into 4 smaller decks, each with 13 cards and laying them out on the table in any sort of pattern you like. You lay the cards down on the table, eliminate the black cards, and use the rest to draw the stars. The black cards are then used to create the characters and morals of the story.

4   The Falling Sky

by PortiaWrites

The Falling Sky is a game about making constellations based on the time of day. Check the clock, fill out the blanks, and see what you create! The game will have you create when the constellation appears, what they look like, a story about their past, and a blessing from them.

5   Stars Above

Writing by Addigale Stewart

Stars Above is a game about playing as a constellation as a metaphor for introspection, and emotional growth and understanding. Each of the Stars in the constellation are questions to be answered and the direction from the start is determined by the emotional response. The game asks the player to be honest with their reaction and use them to place the stars instead of any random mechanic.

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