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8 Tarot Deck Games

Want to use something a little spooky to play a game this October? These games utilize the popular fortune telling tarot deck.

1   Cage of Sand

by Luciella Elisabeth Scarlett

Cage of Sand is a time-loop horror game where you wake up each morning with only a sense of déjà vu about what previously happened. You go through each day in 4 acts using the tarot cards to influence how the loops change each time.

2   Warlock

by Pixie Parker

This is a game of divine and cosmic romance. You take the roll of a all-powerful deity who has granted a fraction your power to a devoted warlock. Over the course of the game you explore the relationship between yourself and your worshiper as you slowly fall in love with them. You use the tarot cards to answer the corresponding game prompts.

You can read my playthrough of Warlock Here

3   The Maker's Call

by Scottie Stitches

You are a researcherwho has recently discovered the manuscript and diary of "The Maker" a person who made a new type of magic which revolutionized the world. You take the role of writing the diary as well as the researcher's notes as you unearth the story behind the creation of this magic. You use the meaning of the tarot cards to help influence how to answer the prompts.

You can read my playthrough of The Maker's Call Here

4   Princess With a Cursed Sword

by Anna Anthropy

Princess With a Cursed Sword it a game that has you write in third person about a young princess cursed to hold a sword until it has been returned whence it came. You use the tarot to explore a set of ruins, over coming obsacles and challanges. The tarot determines the layout of the ruins.

5   You are the Dungeon

by Tracy Barnett

You are a living sentient dungeon and you will claim those who tresspass. You use the tarot cards to generate characters and roll to determine their fate. You will make a lot of characters and probably murder those characters right after making them.

6   Village Witch

by Eliot Silvarian

You are a witch traveling the world and trying to find your forever home. You draw as many cards for each season as you please and continue onto the next season when you think it's time. The tarot cards correstpond to a set of promts.

7   Anamnesis

by Sam Leigh

You are an amnesiac and through 5 acts, drawing 3 tarot cards each, you determine who you are and who you once were. This game is genre agnostic and works perfect as a way to create a character for a longer game.

8   Mirrorbound

by Yoon Ha Lee

You play as someone trapped in a room with only a mirror inside. You see a reflection of yourself living out their life on the other side, and you are given a choice. This game goes through 7 stages, each asking you to draw a tarot card and use it to answer the question using the meaning of the card. This game also doesn't specify that you need a tarot deck, so any oracle deck will work.

You can read my playthrough of Mirrorbound Here

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