This House will Kill You

5 Games about Haunted and Cursed Homes

1   Mystery of Hawthorne Manor

by Mya Papaya

You are invited by an old friend, a doctor in psychology, to spend the night with fellow volunteers at one of the most haunted houses in America, and you may not live to see the morning. Hawthorne Manor is a guided story-writing game, in which you create your cast of characters and follow along with the prompts, filling out the blanks and answering questions along the way, including an exploration of the home which is randomized with a card deck.

2   This House is Not a Home

by Anamika

Based on the Lost & Found SRD, you play as the House, and you do not like the people who live inside of you. Write about your tenants, what they think of you and eventually how they come to leave, either through death or other means.

3   This Wretched House

by Chant Evans

This Wretched House is a Wretched and Alone game, about running from your past into the arms of a home you cannot leave. You are hounded by new and old hauntings, both mundane and supernatural driving you either to either flee or dig deeper into the clutches of the home.

4   The Portal at Hill House

by Travis D. Hill

You are drawn to this house either by fate or your own hand. This house is ancient and, through reasons you will soon discover, contains an interdimensional portal within its confines and you must close it. Explore the house, map it, look for items, clues and investigate a way to seal it before it is too late.

5  Renovation

by Kay W.

In Renovation, you are the house, and you are going to die. You are old, memory-filled, worn and weary and a new owner has come to change you in ways you do not want and in ways that will make you lose who you once were. Throughout the game parts of you are removed and once you've become too altered, your Foundation is gone and you are something else.

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