Trans Pride!

5 Games for Pride!

Games made by trans people about being trans!

1  I'm a Trans Man and I'm here to Fuck

by Logan Timmins  Uncle Vlad   Nimaël  Rook

Made for the #TRANSFUCKINGRAGEJAM , I’m a Trans Man and I’m Here to Fuck (Trans Bodies are Sexy) is a 4 person collaboration about intimacy, eroticism, and trans affirmation. The creators describe it as “It's a game that says, 'yes, I can have an explicitly trans body, and love myself, and be incredibly attractive to others and have really, really good sex.'”

Since Itch doesn’t have revenue sharing, you will need to buy all the parts of the game as a bundle.

2   You're Transgender *AND* Have a Sword?

by ThatAceGirl

You are trans! You have a sword and you are here to win the goddamn tournament! A short, sweet game about writing journal entries about your time winning (or losing) duels, finding love, doing heists, and being an all around rapscallion. This game is inspired by the webcomic Heir's Game

3   We Made Them Look Like Us

by Takuma Okada

We Made Them Look Like Us is a game about transition through piloting a mech via rituals that help you become truer to it and yourself. You must do battle against an enemy and you know you will win every time, because as the game says: You are invincible. You are terrible. You are beautiful.

4   Trans and Together

by Naomi Norbez

A game about being trans and looking for a polyamorous relationship on the world wide web in the year 2003. You create the character looking for love, and by drawing tarot cards, you invent new characters’ profiles and decide if you want to message them and possible even date them.

5   Yourself

by Kaden Ramstack

Yourself is about Introspection, Identity, and Heritage. You play as a character who has discovered they are a Changeling (trans)*, a fae (trans person) amongst humans (cis people), and through the game you will explore changes, challenges, joy, and most importantly what it means to be Yourself.

* This game was written with a trans allegory in mind, but can be explored by anyone who has ever felt like an outsider to mainstream society.

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