Alone Among the Stars By Takuma Okada

Instruments: Deck of Cards, 2d6

Game Description 

This game is a travel journal of a space explorer visiting distant planets and writing about the creatures, plants, and places they encounter.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1065      Played: Nov 2, 2020

Personal Log of Quiet-Storm Milkweed, Captain and sole passenger of The Hot Tea Meltdown

Exploration and Recordings of the planets in the Blue Nectar Quadrant 

A/N: I misunderstood the rules for part of the game so the promts and dice will not match the actual game until stated.

Planet BN-5138 

Rolled: 4 

Day 7 

Card: 7 Diamonds, Living Beings 

Rolled: 2, Under the light of the moons

As planned, I approached the large lake around midnight. The water was warmer than it had been during the day. Ran some of the standard tests: temp, chem comp., etc.  Three of the moons aligned in the sky, like they do every night and I noticed something stirring in the water. They looked to be like bi-peds with two arms, like humans. I cloaked myself and observed from afar as per protocol. Will give a full report on beings in the fauna report. 

Day 15

Card: 2 Diamonds, Living Beings

Rolled: 4, in a steep canyon

I followed the river from the lake down into the canyon below. This seems to be the origin of the lake-beings, or Lakeby as I will refer to them. The river goes far below the canyon walls and I can see lights below the water. There is no possible way for me to approach further without drawing attention to myself or the ship. I will retreat for now. 

Day 20

Card: 6 Clubs, plants or immobile forms of life 

Rolled: 3, a gentle river 

There are… plants is the best way to describe them. They appear like bone china discs along the river banks outside the canyon. The other creatures of the planet pay them no mind and trod all over them. The discs break and shatter like they were dinner plates complete with the shattering noise. Once broken they soften and dissolve in the rain.

Day 25

Card: 5 Diamonds, Living Beings

Rolled 5: In a Treetop

I am being watched by strange creatures in the trees. I was careless and didn’t see anything when I entered the forest. As I went further in I found an abandoned village. There was a fire still lit and I could see signs of life. I could hear them moving among the trees above me and retreated back into The Hot Tea Meltdown. 

Planet: BN-8241

Rolled 1

Day 1

Card: 6 Hearts

Rolled: 1, A field taller than you 

My suit is not equipped to handle the razor-like grass in the field. I stepped out of my ship onto the surface of the planet and took one step before the hot wind blew and the grass sliced a gash about 10cm long into the arm of my suit. I do not have the equipment to completely redesign my suit, and as the entire planet is covered in the grass I will not be able to fully explore this planet. It’s best for me to return to space. 

Planet BN-1085

Rolled 6

Day 3: 

Card: 3 Spades, Natural Phenomena

Rolled 5: In a treetop

I am still situated uptop the trees. The forest is too dense for me to land the ship, and the wind has changed color yet again. This time it is a deep green. My sensors indicate that the wind hasn’t changed directions or chemical components. I have yet to figure out the reason for the change. Vision for the ship or myself hasn’t been impacted.

(A/N: At this point I realized I had mis-read the rules and the dice was to determine the difficulty not the location ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) 

Day 8

Card: King Hearts, Ruins, Floating in the Air 

Rolled : 1 Arduous 

The wind has gone black. Vision is severely limited but I was able to locate the blip on my radar. Suspended on a cloud there are, what appears to be, ruins of some sort. I sent a mini-drone out to investigate further but it was lost in the suspension cloud. I will need to take The Hot Tea Meltdown closer to assess the building further. 

Day 20

Card: Ace Hearts, Ruins in a field

Rolled 3: you come upon it suddenly

I took The Hot Tea Meltdown closer to the Cloud Ruins on a violet day. The closer I got the harder it got to see. I was forced to land in a field down below. I almost crashed the ship into more abandoned buildings directly below the Cloud Ruins. Could they be connected? I see no signs of life here or anywhere else on the planet. Will there even be anything for me there? 

Day 21

Card: Ace Diamonds Living People, A field taller than you

Rolled: 1, Arduous 

Tall grass covers this planet as well. I was in the process of conducting a test to see if my suit would suffer the same fate as on the other planet when I heard a loud screeching. The wind began to take the shape of people with screaming faces. I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me until they started to attack me. They tore at my suit and pounded on my ship. I retreated back inside The Hot Tea Meltdown without suffering any damage. They continued to pound on the ship until I was in the air again. 

Day 21 Cont.

Card 5 of Hearts: Ruins In a Treetop

Rolled 6: found at rest 

I flew away from the ruins on the ground and circled the area until I found a cliff high above the Wind-People. My hands were shaking and I wasn’t thinking clearly. I couldn’t fly like this and I needed someplace where they weren’t. I scanned the area and it was devoid of all color. The trees, the ground, the tall grass. If I hadn’t been focused on the area I wouldn’t have noticed far in the distance, a forest and a pyramid that sat atop the trees like it was weightless. 

Day 40: 

Card 7 of Diamonds: Living Beings, in a volcano

Roll 4: you came upon it suddenly

I continue to avoid the wind at all possible costs. I know that it can do no damage to me but it unsettles me. I have become aware that it can be anywhere at any time. Today I was observing a volcano from the air when suddenly the pounding started on the  outside of the ship. The scanners picked up nothing but I knew what it was. They want me to leave. 

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