A Light, Reflected

By Kaden Ramstack

Instruments: 1d6

Game Description 

A LIGHT, REFLECTED is a solo micro game about the horrors found at a lighthouse.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Content Warnings
  • Blood
  • Animal Death/Bones
  • Live Dissection/Vivisection
  • Scopophobia
  • Meta-Narrative/Character talking to player
  • Cannibalism
  • Execution
  • Bodily possession/infestation
  • Memory Loss
  • Being erased from the world

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Author's Note: Normally I wouldn't include this much text from the game, but because it's my game I don't have an issue with using someone else's writing

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1021     Played: Nov 6, 2022


Through all the mirrored lantern's glass,

and through a tidal maze,

over the vicious ocean's wrath,

the light reflects its gaze

Upon that distant gloomy shore,

the lighthouse bares it's rays,

and watching me, who ventures near,

Its light reflects its gaze

An interloper on the beach,

I've journeyed here despite,

the ones I've heard that use this place,

by gazing through the light

1. Roll: 3

For what reason did I come here? 

There’s something I must find

How do I know it’s truly here? 

My sins it will unwind

You set the course you knew the the path

You saw it in a book

A lonesome tome upon the shelf

From a library you took

You read the words, description clear

You knew at once your goal

To find the truth in lighthouse near

Upon that wandering shoal

A treasure hidden far below 

And in it’s watery grave

The key to all in gold and gems 

You debts to soon be paid

2. Roll: 6

I’ve heard what rumors of this place?

No one can last a year

How do they say the keepers die?

Whose footprints were last here?

You signed the lease and took the course

To shore and learn in twine

Your predecessor three years gone

But you’re sure that you’ll be fine

They say the keepers all go mad

A trite, banal cliche

You roll your eyes and think of those

As lies to keep away

Upon the shore you dock your boat 

And tie it to the dock

The water’s edge not far from home

Is filled with sandy rock

Upon the path up to the house

You stop and catch your breath

And look down on the unkept path

It reminds you of her death

The footprints lie like long lost ghosts

You see them in the dredge

The keeper’s last trace on this earth

That lead onto cliff’s edge

3. Roll: 4

The island is besieged by what? 

A necrotic ocean stench

When did the bodies first appear?

The shore in fish bones drench

In three weeks time you settled in

Still yet to find your hoard

You start to doubt there ever was

Wealth worthy of a lord

You’ve settled in and made a home

You’ve even found a pace

To do your chores and set things right

All in my embrace

But then the stench began to rise

And then there came the bones

They first fell down through water’s tap

And crumbled out of stones

The shore’s edge lined in fishy death

In scales and flesh and rot

Then in between the pillow sheets

In foods in jars and pot

4. Roll: 6

An aberration creeps below

A sticky fungal flood

It floats and clings like winter’s snow

I scrub until there’s blood

You search in vein to try to find

A place without decay

But far below instead you see

The fungal growth’s inlay

All around it grows and blooms

Like ash upon the walls

A blanket sheet of soft white snow

That floats and clings and falls

You hesitate--a huge mistake

And one falls upon your arm

It sinks in flesh and burrows deep

You know it does you harm

You flee upstairs into your bath

And start to scrub and scratch

It won’t come off it’s--in too deep

There’s no way to unlatch

You use a knife although you’re scared

You know it must be done

It’s spreading fast up to your heart

Where you’ll know it’s won

You carve and weep until it’s gone

And all’s in bloody grime

The knife is chipped, your arm is dressed

But the fungus doesn’t climb

5. Roll: 5 

This thing in here should not exist 

It’s stitched with borrowed limbs

It lives inside a cage of glass

My stomach churns and brims 

Still further down you won’t relent

You’ll search until you find

The treasure promised long ago

Your sins it will unwind

But this is not the place you want

There is no honor here 

This thing repulses and upsets you

And through you ice cold fear

It floats alone in round clear glass

That thing both cruel and new

You cannot tell what it once was

You hope it can’t see you 

A constructed thing from creatures gone

It is a danger if it’s free

There’s eyes and limbs and bones and growth

And you know it shouldn’t be

You can’t contain your stomach’s pit

The fear and filth spew out

You flee upstairs into the light 

You pray you know the rout

6. Roll: 3

What has now been taken from me?

All my recollection

I can't remember my own name

Or the purpose of my direction

You spill on forth into the night

And look unto the moon

You search around but cannot find

Your memory is strewn

You do not know why you are here

Or even where you are 

The only thing you see at all

Is the light that’s shining far

You know your arm is torn to shreds

But why you cannot say

You feel a chill and and piercing dread

And know you shouldn’t stay

And so you venture to the place

 you know it all will end

There’s only one solution left

one matter to attend 

There's still one place

The Light is always watching 

I can’t escape it’s gaze

It’s the space between the letters,

And subtext to each phrase

You should have never venture here

You know not what I am

I am the master of my home

My will is grace and damn

The true villain of this story,

You've been here all along

You've answered wretched, vicious prompts,

Bore miseries in throng

Some stories are not happy ones

That’s how they ought to go

I never stated that you’d win

Or even that you’d know

How could you do this to me?

Did you think I wouldn’t fight?

An interloper at my home!

You’d end us both to spite?

Reflect your gaze back to yourself

When I turn out--- 

Your Light

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