Alone with the Shipwreck By Somewhere With Stories

Instruments: Deck of Cards, 1d6

Game Description 

A short, simple game about exploring shipwrecks and finding the treasures within.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 572      Played: Nov 15, 2022

Equipment: A large bag, a sharpened knife made of hard shell, and a logbook to make record of the discoveries. Will report back to Mara Aland with discoveries after the end of the shift. 

Ship 1 The Highs and Lows of Love 

Suit: Spades, Remains

Rank: King, behind the ship’s anchor

A porpoise skeleton, mostly intact. The skull was cracked but still salvageable. 

Status: Taking. 

Roll: 5, 

Nothing else worth taking on this ship. 

Ship 2 All’s Well that Ends Well

Suit: Spades, Remains

Rank: 2, Tangled amongst a pile of discarded rope

Broken eggshells, and the remains of a few fish. Suspected nest for a creature. 

Status: Leaving. 

Roll: 3

Nothing else worth taking on ship, moving on. 

Ship 3 To Live is But to Die

Suit: Hearts, Memories

Rank: Jack, stuck in a forehatch

The remains of a foot, when touched, a wailing shadow appeared and started to scream. 

Pointed them to the rest of the ship and they descended without saying much else.

Suspected this person was from Cricenal. May they find their body soon. 

Status: Leaving 

Roll: 1 

Not worth risking more ghost encounters. Moving on. 

Ship 4 Misery’s Company 

Suit: Hearts, Memories

Rank: 4, Next to a broken mast

Several small prayer statues. Each depicting a different saint. Used my knife to pry them off the rotting wood. They are worn but someone may want them. 

Status: Taking 

Roll: 4

Suit: Hearts, Memories

Rank: 2, in discarded rope

Found a medal for completion of service to Queen Bernedette VII. 

Quality: good

Value: Not much

Status: Taking 

Roll: 5

Nothing more in this ship.

Ship 5 The Time for Tea is Now

Suit: Hearts, Memories

Rank: 6, bow

A portrait of Sovereign Adebola Venna about 1.5 M long and  1 M wide. Good condition. 

Status: Leaving, too large for one person, request group to remove

Roll: 6

Suit: Hearts, Memories

Rank: Queen, trapped inside a funnel

Another ghost. This one didn’t want to speak. It gave a rude gesture and turned away from me. 

Status: Leaving 

Roll: 4

Suit: Diamonds, Valuables

Rank: 8, Behind a loose door.

Found the galley. 6 spoons in good condition. Carved with a rose handle. 

Warning: may tarnish upon exposure to air, treat before selling 

Status: Taking 

Roll: 4

Suit: Clubs, Creatures

Rank: 2, In rope

Lifted a rope and found a bed of scallops. Placed rope back. 

Status: Leaving 

Roll: 1

Nothing else remains in the ship (except the rude ghost)

Ship 6 Lost Lover’s Kiss 

Suit: Clubs, Creatures

Rank: 7, Almost crushed beneath the hull

Found a mermaid. She nearly bit me and I had to fend her off with my knife.

They are becoming more clever, I thought she was stuck under the hull. Don’t approach under any circumstances!

Status: LEAVING 

Roll: 2

Suit: Diamonds, Valuables

Rank: Ace, Beneath rotting planks of wood

Searched for hidden compartments, found one after prying apart wood. 


  1. Jewelry Box made of Purple Oak 
  2. 6 Vials of Dream Syrup
  3. White paste (Ruined)
  4. 4 Iron nameplates for Something (???)
  5. 2 Cursed Coins (Do not eat)
  6. 1 Emerald Necklace ( Everintine Gem?) ((<-probably not)) 
  7. Illicit Reading Material (Ruined)

Status: Taking all 

Notes: Cannot carry everything, left the porpoise skull on the ship

Complete Report

Ships Surveyed: 6

Total Items Surfaced:

Additional Notes: Porpoise Skull left on Lost Lover’s Kiss, return to collect later, Portrait on The Time for Tea is Now, requires 2+ people for extraction

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