Blugard By Jason Walberg

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Game Description 

You are The King before there was people, everything before there was something, the creation of Everything itself and you are dead. But in death, you dream, and should you stop, all will end. And so there are those who would guard you as you slumber.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

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Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1,804     Played: Nov 18, 2022


Skeletal, large, pained

Age I - Birth

Guardian: Hero, egotistical, tough, dangerous

Heroic Actions:

They fought valiantly on the sides of the Gods during the war. They trapped and destroyed the dreaded machines and led armies. They were the one who championed the removal of all the rails from the world. 

Name: Onyinye Evelina, a veteran and general. They wished to retire from public life and guarded the tomb, once in the base of the destroyed obelisk. 

Your guardian was a part of a fight between factions. What was it? 

During the God’s War, they fought on the side of the Gods against the Empire of Malhal. They aided in their complete destruction.

Your Guardian owed a favor to someone powerful. What was it? 

They were a visionary and a prophet of the god Lest-We-Say-the-Name-Aloud, and remained in service to them by guarding the tomb. 

A guardian has smuggled information about you to a budding religion. How was this useful? 

People have long worshiped the God of Arrangements and Patterns, but some of their followers have begun to look to a young charismatic woman who has ties to the beings of the forest. They seek information on the arrangement of my bones, which prevents me from returning to life.

They are still worshippers of gods, so the Hero lets only her see the arrangement. 

What do you remember of your final waking moments of life? 

I was resting peacefully, neither asleep nor awake, but in the state between states. People were gathered around me, all smiling and excited. The thuribles had a lovely incense. Then there was pain, and I was detached from everything except my body. I can still feel myself but nothing of anything else. I was severed from the world of dreams and I felt my connecting obelisk collapse. 


All mortals must die, all must age, and turn to dust. The Hero was no exception, but she was completely duty bound. She died in her post and slowly turned to bones as I without the world noticing. The Gods, busy with their own machinations, had little time to notice. 

Eventually they did, and I was assigned another. 

Time and Rest: 

A Decade 

Guardian: Aristocrat, wealthy, arrogant, uncaring 

How did they get their wealth? Why did they buy this position?

They were a worshiper of Value Incarnate, and believed that because they were wealthy they were following in their God’s path. They claimed that in order to fully worship their god they must have the most valuable position in the world. 

Charmed by their “Devotion” Value Incarnate appointed them to the position. 

Name: Masuyo Oltent

Your Guardian exposed a secret about you. What?

They couldn’t keep from bragging about their position, and eventually let slip that my tomb was connected to the grand vaults of their own god. This led thieves to try to sneak in through the grand chambers, angering Value Incarnate, and cursing Masuyo to only believe ideas and advice of little value. 

Your crypt was attacked. Why? How did the Guardian shape your energies to defeat it? 

Who wouldn’t want a bone from The King and thieves did sneak through the vaults to attack. Masuyo did however receive basic training on how to wield my powers, and sent them into the world of Dreams. The connection severed, they had very few ways of returning. 

Time reframes the actions of one of your Guardians. How has their reputation changed?

Value Incarnate would never admit they appointed a fool to the job, so over time, they increased the value of Masuyo’s work. They whispered that Masuyo had done great deeds and fended off many thieves who sought to steal the bones. Over time, people believed they were one of the greatest Guardians. 

What was your greatest accomplishment? 

I created a beloved forest of beings free from my constraints. They are not bound by any of the other gods. Not by time, space, logic, fate, taxonomy. They are wholly themselves. 


It became very apparent that Masyuo was not suited for the job. They had released vital information, misused the powers of The King, and had followed every bad advice or idea they had. After a few long years they were quickly replaced. 

Time and Rest

A Century

Age II - Glory

A Champion: Vain and Patriotic. 

Outrageous act: 

In a fit of passion she climbed to the very top of the Lone Peak and planted a massive flag for her King. The flag was 5 miles long and could be seen flying at the top of the mountain for one hundred years. 

Name: Domiva Thistle-Brightly

Your Guardian used you for spite. What happened? 

She detested the people of a neighboring country and thought they would bring her King to ruin. She wished so hard that the people would never see the sun again. This wrapped the city in a never ending magical darkness.

The people of the world forgot about you for a time. How were they reminded? How did this affect the world? 

There was no reason to remember The King since I did not have much power over the world anymore. But when the city was wrapped in night, the Gods realized my power was not extinguished and when they remembered so did the people. 

How do the people of this world feel about you? What legends do they tell?

I was beloved. Then I was despised. I dream many new dreams. Some are hated, some are loved. But when I had the nightmare that something could destroy me, something could destroy all the gods and the world…. It came into being. Then the people and other gods turned on me. 

Part of your power is irrevocably severed from you. What happens to your power? 

In the wake of Domiva’s misuse of my power, the Gods have severed my connection to them. They can no longer use me to influence the world. They are mere mortals, no longer blessed. 


The Gods could not abide such an abuse of power and stripped Domiva of her rank immediately. They banished her to the far north, far from her home country. She remained bitter and angry the rest of her days. 

Time Rest 


A Blatant Thief: Conniving, Larcenous, 

Name: Cloistered Nearbelow Equitable 

What has been their biggest accomplishment so far? 

Convincing a living painting to let themselves be stolen. Breaking in was no problem, but once they realized the painting was alive, they had to explain why they couldn’t stay on the wall of the Esteemed Baron’s living room. 

How are they hoping to use your power? 

They know that the guardians no longer have access to my power, but they still believe that my bones do. They seek to use it to gain access to the dream world, and bring back their brother who was lost within it. 

Knowledge of you has been outlawed. Who did that and Why? 

The Gods themselves began to track down all information about me and destroy it. They ordered their factions, their leaders, prophets, followers, lackeys, and everyone and anything else to destroy anything about me, the obelisk, or the Dream World. 

They cannot risk my resurrection. But my creatures of my forest still remember me. They can still see my obelisk inside. They still remember my name. 

Your Guardian proved false and stole a piece of your flush. Did they get away? How does this affect you? 

They made it as far as the waters that surrounded my tomb, then they were stuck down by a storm. My bone falling into the ocean far below. But I called for it and slowly it moved along the ocean bed and back up into shore. 

The cats of the island played with it, the birds pecked at it, and eventually a dog carried it back down inside. 

Your life force was used for something horrific. What was it? 

I was severed from my dreams. They still exist, but I am no longer connected to them. I have no power over them. The world of dreams has run ragged and people are tricked and trapped inside, while the native beings are desperate to reach reality. 

How would you dream the world differently if you were starting over?

My forest was my attempt to start over. No gods. No rules. No time or space or logic. Everything would be free. I would be free. I would make a world of Choices. 


Their body remains in the bottom of the sea for the fishes and the ocean beasts to feast upon. Seeing the failures of all the Guardians, the god of Arrangements, known for reading patterns and seeking oracles, crafted a new position. One with less power, less knowledge, and more godly control. They constructed a simple lighthouse, appointed a simple keeper, and lied that if I ever was reborn the world would end. 

Time and Rest 

An Epoch

Age 3 - Decay

A Visionary - Naive, Hopeful, Lost

What is their biggest fear?

That this truly is the end times. My nightmares have run ragged all over the world. Everything is collapsing. Mortals have fled into the stars and have abandoned this place. All will soon be lost. 

How can they use you to save the world? 

They think if I am complete… If I am alive again then I can dream of a new salvation. They have no other solution. 

A false prophet founded a religion around you. What were their primary teachings? 

The Hallowed Following, cultists of life who refuted all death, taught that my resurrection would heal this broken world. They trained and studied for years, searching for any knowledge of me or the Dream world. Over time they deluded themselves into believing that there was no true death, only the Dream World beyond the Nothing. 

You withheld power from your Guardian. Why? What were the consequences? 

I have wanted nothing but to live since my murder. I have rattled my bones and attempted to join them together in holy resurrection. But I cannot anymore. 

My nightmares would consume me from within. They would use me and make this world far worse than it could ever be. I would be a puppet to their whims. 

I cannot be reborn. I should no longer dream. 

For three nights, your energy is utterly unavailable. What are the consequences? 

The death spread. The dreams died. I prayed to myself that humanity, long since vanished into the stars to outrun the nightmares, was far enough away to avoid it all. 


I let it consume me. I let it remake me. 

Existence itself, a nothing which seeks to be filled, consumed me and from me remade something anew. 

How do you feel about the people of this world? Why?

I love them. I have always loved them. 

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