Epitaph By Anna Anthropy

Instruments: Violent Video Game

Game Description 

Epitaph is a game about writing a short eulogy for the nameless enemies you kill in video games. You play by pausing your game and writing about the deceased's family, hopes, dreams, and early life.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 423     Played: Nov 7, 2022

This game was originaly played by live tweet, which you can read Here

Game: Sunless Skies by Failbetter Games 

Beloved Sven, was a cherished member of our crew. He grew up among the orphans of London, and dreamed one day of venturing forth into the skies. I am honored that I was able to grant this wish and give him one last adventure before joining the chorus of flowers.

Gentle Bolormaa, was a kind and soft lass. She was a descendant of the Khanate and leaves behind a brother and two sisters in New Winchester. We take comfort that she died on solid ground instead of in the cold darkness of the void.

Faithful Kathleen, left the sisterhood to join our crew. She had dreams of seeing the vast reaches of the sky and we honor her by laying her body to rest among the stars. She is survived by her wife, who resides in London.

Wrathful Rick has sadly passed among our crew. He had dreams of becoming a captain one day himself and scrimped and saved what he could. He is survived by his sister who lives in Avon.

We mourn the loss of Logical Rydin who became too smitten with the starlight. They were a fine member of the crew who was only 4 months from retirement. They leave behind 6 children, a husband and spouse. 

We also mourn the loss of Nimble Rei, a former dock worker who remembered the rise of the empire from the confines of the ground. Xe had no other family but our crew and xe will be dearly missed.

Bright Dougan was always quick to the punch and had and enjoyed the taste of finer tobacco. He had dreamed of one day retiring to settle in his own homestead out here on the Reach. Let this be a reminder to all that we are here together and to not fight each other needlessly.

Calming Vijaya was lost today and we are here to honor their memory. They were one of the new members who boarded when we were at Avon and they leave behind both parents and 3 siblings.

There are traitors among us and they will be cast into the void. Have no sympathy for them, for they will bring nothing but terror and downfall. Cursed Lechosław and Deceitful Myron plotted a mutiny. Let this be a lesson to all of you.


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