Expansive Skies By Somewhere with Stories

Instruments:2d6, Deck of Cards

Game Description 

Expansive Skies is a short, sweet, constellation creation game! You first roll 2d6 to determine how many stars are in your constellation, then draw a playing card, check the suit, and determine what it looks like.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 436      Played: Nov 4, 2022

Expansive Skies by Somewhere With Stories Instruments: 2d6, Deck of Cards

1. The Tiny Antelope

Roll: 7

Card: Queen, Something from a Story 

Story: One day an antelope was born and it was only as big as your thumb. But despite its size, it had big dreams, and wished to climb to the highest building. When it was on top, it saw the tallest mountains, so it climbed higher and higher. When it was at the top, it saw the stars in the sky, and wished to climb even taller. It was small enough to ride the wind and climb the clouds, and climbed high into the sky and became a constellation. 

2. The Square Drums

Roll: 9

Card: 9, A musical Instrument 

A set of 3 drums from a small southern island, where traditionally they are built to be square instead of round. 

3. The Whirlpool

Roll: 11

Card: 2, a sea creature

This constellation depicts a large titan trapped under a whirlpool in the far reaches of the ocean. Legends say when the stars move that the titan will one day be free. 

4. The Terrible Weapon

Roll: 6

Card: 8, A weapon

A terrible, curved kukri, used by the hunters of the gods. This serves as a warning not to blaspheme or break oaths. 

5. The Last Flower

Roll: 7

Card: 5, A plant

A small flower growing in a field. This represents the story of the sole surviving plant after an eruption from the largest volcano in the world. 

6. The Hairpin

Roll: 4

Card: 7, an Ornament

This constellation shows a hairpin that was the favorite of an empress of a kingdom long sunk below the sands. Some people try to use it as a way to find this kingdom, but it has never worked. 

7. The String of Pearls

Roll: 3

Card: 7, an Ornament

A small string of pearls that is hung above a door frame to ward off the evils of the sea. 

8. The Obelisk

Roll: 7

Card: King, something from a dream

A single line of stars that stretch all across the sky. Some people say it’s a spear, others say it's a ribbon, but those who remember know it’s the only lasting reminder of the Obelisk. 

9. The Lyre

Roll: 7

Card: 9, a musical instrument

Long ago a small brave child played a lyre to make a raging beast fall asleep. 

10. The Dance

Roll: 8

Card: 6, a dance

Near the center of the world, people have a grand celebration when a baby is first able to stand to dance with their parents. 

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