Green and Unpleasant Land By GemFish

Instruments: 1d20, 1d6

Game Description 

This is a Second Guess game about waiting alone in a shack for another monster hunter who you suspect has betrayed you. You are sitting, waiting and remembering.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 730     Played: Nov 17, 2022

Hour 1, Threat: 3

Roll: 3, Remember their family History

You had an old family crest, tattered and worn, hidden away in the back of his trunk. It was all but faded, but I remember the symbol so clearly as if it were fresh blood on snow. The symbol burned itself into my memory and it visited me in my dreams and when I closed my eyes. 

There was no way I couldn't recognize it when I buried the occultist’s books. One by one I tossed them into the fire, but there it was, a small stamp on the base of the spine. 

I lied to you when I told you I burned all of them. I did burn that book eventually, but not before writing down all the names of those who had written it. Yours wasn’t among them, but people change their names like months change theirs. 

Hour 2, Threat: 3

Roll: 10, -1 Threat

We used to brag about the creatures that we killed. Arm in arm, beers and ladies and lads, all around. We would laugh and try to scare everyone in the taverns. 

But there was one time when you weren’t laughing with me. The old preacher told a story of his youth. I didn’t believe a word coming out of his mouth until I saw your face: stone cold, eyes averted, fists clenched. 

You never spoke much about your past, and I figured this was some creature from it, manifested again through the words of another. I pray that it was a beast that did you harm that the preacher put to rest. 

Hour 3, Threat: 2

Roll: 4, 

I thought of the village we burned. How many of those people weren’t infected? How many were children? 

I still hear the screams in my sleep. I know you do too. I’ve seen you cry at night when you think I’m asleep. 

We vowed… I vowed to damn my own soul to save others and I’ve dragged you into hell with me. What’s the murder of a village if it can save a nation? 

My soul has curdled and festered. 

Hour 4, Threat: 2

Roll: 13, +1 Threat

You knew that trap wouldn’t stop me. I know it was there to show that you had your fill of me. I showed how to make it, I showed you how to disable it, I showed all it’s worth. 

A symbol of our time together and you’ve turned it against me. A rotten and soured fruit. 

Hour 5, Threat: 3

Roll: 8

I did go looking for you. I went to your old stomping ground, the places between the buildings where the cold light never touches. 

I walked in the filth among the poor and the unwanted. You were never unwanted. Did you really think that I didn’t want you?

How could I let you fall so far? 

No one would speak to me. They were all far too loyal to you. They shuttered their windows, turned their faces, and threw stones at me from rooftops. 

What did you do to earn their trust? 

Hour 6, Threat: 3

Roll: 9, +1 Threat

But I found you, hidden behind an old rotten door, that led far below the city. Nothing is ever wasted in this place. When the buildings fall, they build again on top. 

How many bones did we walk over unknowingly? How many souls unrested fester below us?

You didn’t know I was there, or if you did, you didn’t say. You listened to the beast speak. You heard its cries and tended to its wounds. You brushed back its fur and whispered softly to it. 

You knew this beast. You were far more tender with it than you ever were with me. 

Hour 7, Threat: 4

Roll: 13, Repeat

I hear your keys in the door, and the handle turns, and there you are bathed in the sick, wan moonlight and I cannot bear to hurt you.

Roll: 2

But I am nothing but a threat to you, and your teeth sink into my flesh and your claws rip my soft belly and I am nothing but curdled meat and bone. 

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