Into the Glacier By Cat McDonald

Instruments: Deck of Cards, 2d6, Token

Game Description 

You are a traveler venturing into the The Glacier beyond humanity's reach. You have your reason for why you are trespassing forward.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

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Reason: The Mountain Knight

Story Synopsis: A knight as large as a mountain saw the place that a meteor would strike and destroy all of humanity. He waited so long he turned to stone and became a mountain. Soon that meteor will strike and you must venture forth to find the knight to rouse him from his slumber. 

Warmth: 8

Card 1

8 of Hearts: The Tiny Runaway +1 Warmth

Warmth: 8

Dear Diary, 

    Today I found a small child out here in the snow. They weren’t no older than 7 years. The poor thing was too scared to talk but they pointed back to the village which weren’t no further than half a mile away. We could still see the smoke in the sky from the chimneys. I took them back, carrying them the entire way

Card 2

Ace of Clubs: The Village Gate 

Roll: 2d6: 4 + 1 = 5

Warmth: 12

Dear Diary, 

    I dropped the child off with their family. Their momma was so grateful and they bid me to stay and eat with them for the evening. It was already late when we arrived back so there wasn’t much use in setting out again into the snow. I had a lovely meal with the family. They served a hot soup with fish and kale and nice warm bread. I’ll set out again on the morning. 

Card 3 

4 of Diamonds: Ice Dragon’s Hoard

Warmth: 10

Dear Diary, 

    I was in a place I shouldn’t have been, seeing things that shouldn’t be. I went into a cave, seeking shelter from the wind and the snow. It was warming outside without everything blowing in my face, but my curiosity got the better of me, as it always does, and I ventured further through the cave walls. There were far more colors in the ice than I had ever seen: some blues, some greens, and even a deep shade of purple, all splattered across the walls. 

    But the further I went inside, the colder and colder it got and I found myself shivering more in there than I was outside in the winds. But my curiosity still bid me further down into the nest. I saw it, curled up on all its treasures. The Ice Dragon was here on its mountain of treasures, all frozen solid in the ice, too thick and hard for any person to break through without proper equipment. 

    I had no place being in a place like this and snuck out the way I came. I was real fortunate that I didn’t wake the dragon, or if it was awake, it had the mercy to pretend it was still asleep. 

Card 4

9 of Hearts: Hoofprints +1 Warmth

Warmth: 10 

Dear Diary,

    I’ve heard the legends of the little unicorns, but I never thought they were true. Of course I didn’t see any but there were footprints in the snow, and gouges around the bark of a tree. 

    Ah, I'm ahead of myself. I stumbled upon a clearing, one that was small enough for a nice little fire, but not much else. There was however, just one tree growing out of the middle of this bald patch and it had the gouges, like something was sharpening a horn or something. 

    A real shame I didn’t get to see any of the little creatures, but there were some stray hairs on the branches of the trees. I made camp for the night since it seemed like a safe little place. Maybe I’ll see them in the morning. 

Card 5

2 of Diamonds: Frozen Bellflower

Warmth: 9 

Dear Diary, 

    I’m no naturalist, but I know that there is no life in the ice. It’s supposed to be just frozen water, but I’ve found a small little flower. It weren’t no larger than a berry, but shaped like the little bell flowers that grow on the banks of the rivers. 

    They chimed when I picked them, and at first I thought I hadn’t ought to of, but it seemed alright as it weren’t crushed or melted when I did.  It’s almost as if it’s made of crystal instead of the snow, but I can feel it leaching out the heat from my gloves so I know it’s still cold. 

Card 6

10 of Hearts: Prism Spirit 

(A/N: The card says to move to any face card without spending warmth but I don’t have any face cards other than the King of Hearts so, I’m not going to move)

Warmth: 8

Dear Diary, 

    The world is far more wondrous and kind than I had ever thought it to be. I met a being today, kind and gentle and larger than any spirit I have ever met. 

    It came down from the glade like the rainbow mist in the sun and wrapped itself around me in a warm breeze. It spoke with a human face and the long slender body of a snake. We spoke for but a minute and I explained my journey to it. 

    It offered me a trip back to the village, but I could nea take it. It were sad at my rejection but knew that I still had my quest to follow and left in that same gentle breeze. 

Card 7 

Jack of Hearts: Friendly Creatures +1 Warmth

Warmth: 8

Dear Diary, 

    I saw a bunch of little foxes today. It were a family or two with a dozen or so kits. They stopped when they saw me and I too froze. I didn’t want to scare the creatures, I meant them no harm, and soon they returned to their play. 

    They scurried about and dove deep into the snow looking for mice and rodents to feast on. I thought of the families back home in the village and wondered if they were eating warm suppers around this time. 

Card 8 

5 of Spades: Lost in the Drift Pick up every card except the King of Hearts, 5 of Spades, and Ace of Clubs and reshuffle them and place them face down. 

Warmth: 7

Dear Diary, 

    I got caught out in the wind today and I’m afraid I can’t see where it was I was going. I wish I had the money and knowledge to use a star chart, at least then in the night I could find my way. Out here there’s nothing but the white, like I’m lost in a jar of milk. 

    I hope that my journey isn’t too much longer. 

Card 9 

Jack of Hearts: Friendly Creatures +1 Warmth

Warmth: 7

Dear Diary, 

    I saw the foxes again today. They didn't pay me no mind this time. I think they remembered me from last time. 

Card 10 

2 of Diamonds: Frozen Bellflower

Warmth: 6

Dear Diary, 

    I’ve made my way back to the flowers, the ones of crystal that sound like the bells. I am retreading old ground, but I know that means I can’t be to lost out here.

Card 11

King of Hearts: Hermit’s Home

Roll: 5 + 1 = 6

Warmth: 12

Dear Diary,

    I came across a small cottage out here in the glacier. It was one I haven’t heard of before, but they were friendly when I knocked on their door. 

    They greeted me and brought me inside by the fire. I told them my story, about the Knight of the Mountains, and the dragon, and the foxes. They listened patiently and fed me soup while they listened. 

    I heard many a story from them as well. They spoke of a glass tower and of fish that live in the snow as if it were the water. There are so much more wonders than I could ever imagine out here in the snows. 

    They let me spend the night in the little hut and I’ll be heading out into the cold on the morrow. 

Card 12

8 of Hearts: Tiny Runaway. 

Warmth: 11

Dear Diary, 

    I found that child again out here in the snow. I dunno what their parents were thinking letting this little one out of their sights. I can’t think that the child is doing this on purpose. They seem too curious about the world. 

    I’ll admit there are too many wonders out here, and if I hadn’t the parents I did, I too would have been out on these glaciers. 

    I am too far into this journey to head back all the way to the village, so I took them to the hermit. Graciously they agreed to take them back to their parents. 

    I hope there aren't too many more distractions from finding The King. 

Card 13

9 of Hearts: Hoofprints +1 Warmth

Warmth: 11

Dear Diary, 

    I’ve found myself back at the unicorn’s den. There weren't no change from the last time I was here and I can still see the firepit from last time. Still, it makes for a good camp and I spent another night here. 

Card 14

2 of Clubs: View of the Valley,  -1 Warmth to flip a card 

Warmth: 9

Dear Diary, 

    I crested a hill today and could see all the land around me. This place was sparkling and glowing in the sunlight and I’m glad that I’m not too far north to need the snow goggles.

 I can see my path, how I doubled back and where I am now, but I can also see how much further I have to go. 

Card 15 

7 of Hearts:  Rimebound Oracle, flip 2 cards - 4

Warmth: 4

Dear Diary, 

    I met.. She calls herself an oracle. She sees the stars and the signs, and the future and I’d be a fool to think she was human. Still she looked like one, and we sat and chatted for a bit before she offered me a deal. 

    She wanted my warmth. I dunno how exactly she took it, but I offered her my hand and I felt the ice creep through my veins like I was holding a chunk of ice. 

    I saw in my mind, like a thought that wasn't mine… I saw the snake again, heading east over the mountains, and I saw an apparition.  A fake visage of Janey back home. I dunno if it wanted to hurt or to help me. But I shan’t be going up that way. 

    I made camp for the night and on the morrow will head for neither of those directions. 

Card 16

4 of Diamonds: Ice Dragon’s Hoard 

Warmth: 3

Dear Diary, 

    Again I found myself back in that dragon’s cave, but I knew better than to venture deep this time. I stayed out by the open, away from the wind just by the mouth. 

Card 17

10 of Clubs: Shadow of the Mountain

Warmth: 2

Dear Diary, 

    I grow colder and colder by the day. I have approached the base of the mountains now. 

There was a large boulder wedged between the rocks on the base. Behind it there were dozens of other rocks and dirt. It made me think of the Mountain Knight, how it was holding everything back from destruction. I’ll find him soon, I know that I’m almost there. 

Card 18

Jack of Clubs: The Mountain Knight (technically you are supposed to roll and reduce warmth, but I only have 1 card left on the board, so w/e) 

Warmth: 1

Dear Diary, 

    I spoke with the Knight. They held me in their giant hand, and lifted me onto their shoulder. We watched as the meteor approached slowly in the sky. He shook the dirt from his legs, and the trees and the snow fell from his body as he stood for the first time in a very long time. 

    It was so cold up in the air and I could scance breathe but we spoke about what was to come. He pointed to the sky and lifted his great hammer towards the stars and swore an oath to me and all who lived he would knock it back from whence it came. 

    I was so scared for being so high in the air I couldn’t speak to him, but he assured me that I had nothing to worry about. He told me there was still years to come before it reached, but he would be vigil in the wait. 

    He thanked me for reminding him of his sworn oath and dropped me at the gates of the village.   

    I am so tired, but I am warm now. 

Card 19

Ace of Clubs: The Village 

Dear Diary, 

    Home again. Warm again. Everyone welcomed me back. The child was safe, all was safe. They said they had seen the Knight rise from the sky and celebrated (without me). But now that I was back there was to be a second celebration. One with feasts and plays and music. 

    But I am so tired. I hope they know I wish to sleep for a good while before I can celebrate. 


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