Occulteas By Marley D

Instruments: None

Game Description 

Occulteas is a game about being witches and running your own tea shop and listening to the needs of your customers!

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 686     Played: Nov 24, 2022


Small town of Marshton: a growing town by the Limini River, known for always being muddy, and having planks as streets across the marshy waters

The shop is known for always being dry, cool, slightly dim, and lots of glowing crystals, and silks everywhere. 

There is one plank that reaches the shop and sometimes it’s submerged after a hard rain, so it isn’t open.  

They only brew one type of tea a day, and only announce it the day of. They have a small chalkboard outside and they mark it right when they are about to open. 

They will not serve you anything else.  

Patrons also receive one tarot card upon their order, this card is an omen for the rest of the week. 

Today’s Brew

Sassafras, ginger, maple syrup, and sparkling water served cold in a copper mug with a black painted rim and a sprig of mint. 

Benefits: Protection against the upcoming sick seasons, eases swellings and tempers, leaves you feeling cool and refreshed

Proprietor and Witch 

Name: Vur Dur Lur  

Intuition: Better at reading people

Savvy: in it for the business!

Brewing: (see above)

Other: Web Weaver, it’s all about the connections 

Customer 1 

Name: Ue Bie Zie

Occupation: A farmer

They had six buttons on their shirt, took six steps to reach the counter, and waited six seconds before speaking. 

Omen: An ill omen, death to follow soon, probably something small, a farm animal, a pet

They drummed their fingers on the counter and fidgeted in their boots. 

Reading: Anxious, impatient, 

They smiled when they received the cup and placed the change into the tip jar on the counter. 

Card: Death Upright, growth and evolution, 

I told them there was a big change to come, probably something bad at first and I warned them of a tragedy. They fidgeted again before I had to reassure them that it means that something new would come as a change. It is time for new beginnings. 

They took the drink to a corner and stared out the window until they finished it. 

Customer 2 

Name: Ac Ec Oc 

Occupation: Butcher

She was the smallest person I had ever met, but stronger than all the men twice her size. The floor creaked twice as she approached the counter and she sneezed once before speaking. 

Omen: An inconvenience, something small

She counted out the coins in her palm and slid them across the table to me one by one before adjusting the straps on her overalls. 

Reading: Money worries, old clothes

Card: 4 of Pentacles, Reversed: Money worries, letting go

I told her she had things in her life she needed to release. She was ready to move on from the things that were poisonous to her. Shed the regrets, and hold tight onto what she needed most. 

She scoffed and looked away before taking the mug and sitting on a pillow and low table. 

Customer 3 

Name: Wir Rir Nir

Occupation: Weaver

He was tall, thin, and wore fine clothes. If I hadn’t known him as a weaver who saves some his own supplies for himself, I would have assumed him a rich man. The door didn’t chime as he opened it and a cloud passed over as he approached the counter. 

Omen: Destruction, breaking, cracking

He greeted me warmly, and I went around the counter to embrace him. He didn’t visit me often but I did love his visits. He seemed thinner than the last time I saw him and felt colder than he should have. 

Reading: Sick, hard times, 

Card: Knight of Swords, Big change, time to seize the moment 

I told him it was time he left this tiny town. He looked shocked and somewhat hurt. There was nothing for him here. He needed to change and to grow. He needed to see all there was in the world instead of staying in this tiny little place. 

He sighed, took the card with him, and sat down in the nearest chair. He didn’t look at me as he used the sprig to swirl the drink around. 

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