One White Eye By Will Lentz

Instruments: 1d6, 1d20

Game Description 

You are imprisoned in a dark cell with only a yawning pit before you, and scraps of paper. The Eye is always watching, and you are always writing. But is what you write the truth?

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1,591     Played: Nov 8, 2022

Moment 1

Roll: 5, What does the eye want?

Dread: 0

Pray tell dear eye what is it that you want from me? You keep me here despite knowing that I have little to offer you. You watch me every night, and every day, but for which I cannot tell for there is little light here and I know not if it is the moon or the sun that graces me with the few slivers that I see. 

Tell me is it my own eye that you wish? Do you want to pluck it from my head like a vulture from the carcass of its carrion? I tell you: you cannot have it. I have no means to extract it from myself save the long nails which grow from my fingertips, and that I shall not do. 

Moment 2

Roll: 12, you were to meet with someone, are they troubled by your absence?

Dread: 0

I have heard the voices of the guards, they seem to pity me. I cannot tell by which means they are to keep me here longer, but I know that they seek only to torment me and to drive me to which will be the utter destruction of my being, by which I mean into the pit and darkness below. 

I hear them through the walls as you do dear eye. Scratching and scrawling around like the mice and rats that they are. Those that keep watch make mention of my companions, the ones that I was to meet before this dreadful incident. They say that my once dear companions have all abandoned me and that they weren’t surprised at what occurred. They had known that I was troubled from the beginning. 

Trouble! I have been nothing but a delight to all those who have graced my presence! Trouble! I have never brought trouble! I am an upright citizen and I will not stand for such matters!

I spoke to the guards through the walls but they do not or will not hear me. Only you, dear eye, can see my thoughts as you read my writing on these sheets.

Moment 3

Roll: 14, You rush to stab they, how does it react

Dread: 0

How dare it stare! How dare you mock and shame me in your petulant voyeurism! I am made a mockery by your sight and I will not stand for all of this -- this which is so wretched and so openly vile. 

But you are nothing but a coward as you close your lids and wink yourself from my very existence as I reach to grasp you in my hands. Had I better tools then the pen from which I write then I would use them to gouge you out of existence. 

Had you been sensible and brave instead of the vile sniveling cretin then you would have faced me like a proper, sensible man.

You are nothing but shame, shame and cowardice. 

Moment 4

Roll: 10 While you sleep a piece of food was put in the cell. What does it remind you of? 

Dread: 0

Ah, but today is one of joy, joy from the bereavement of hunger and the pains that plague my stomach so. 

There was, in the night when I was sleeping upon the harsh and darkened stone, a visitor, of which I had no knowledge, who placed upon the ground the smallest slivers of that which I crave most dear: a piece of roast and roll. 

I tasted the delectable meat and bread and savored them between my teeth and tongue. How I long for the days of yore when I would sit round the fires in the winter and eat such delightful meats while drinking the finest vintage. 

I wonder what the outside is like at this time of year? Shall I freeze to death in this cold and darkened place? Or will everyone come to their senses and realize that I, in greatest health and soundness of mind, have committed no crime but only  by eliminating a threat to our society, have brought upon a greater good? 

Moment 5

Roll: 1, There is no eye. There is only the darkness +1 Dread

Dread: 1

There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. 

You must remember. It is not there. Do not believe what you are seeing. 

Moment 6

Roll: 3, What is at the bottom of the pit?

Dread: 1

Today I ventured close to that most heinous and horrid of places: the pit. I crawled forth on my belly, writing like a little worm, and peered over into the darkness of it’s edges. 

From that tiny sliver of light, I could, by squinting my eyes, just barely make out the forms and figures of what lies in the darkness below. 

I could see them, hundreds of sharp and gleaming bones, appearing to writhe under the light. They shifted under the dreadful silence of the pit and, for just a moment, but I fear it was my imagination running and playing with the fear that gripped me and my heart, I saw one turn it’s head and gaze upon me. 

I pulled my head back from that pit and lay upon the ground looking up into that dark and yawning ceiling. 

The eye still watched in silence. 

Moment 7

Roll: 15 Does your lover know that you are here?

Dread: 1

In that darkness I am brought joy with the thought of my dear sweet Annabelle. How she loved me so, with her long hair, tender voice and kind dark eyes.

I could not help but emit a long sigh of longing as her vision brought me joy in this dark and heinous place. 

She must be weeping at the thought of my imprisonment, and being the smart and sensible lady I know her as, clamoring at the gates of the court house, searching for the lawyers, and doing all she can to bring forth my release. 

Moment 8

Roll: 10, Double! What did you lie about in your previous entry?

Dread: 2

Dread Roll: 3

The eye knows that I have lied. I wrote previously about the longing of the fires of winter, but I must confess that I have never known such cold before. It is far too warm down here in the south and I know that such heat would not be needed. 

I have only to confess that I wished such a scene upon myself after reading those delightful tales in story books. Those books which charm and delight children and myself, once being a child, was too delighted and charmed by their demeanor and gracious stories. 

But the eye knows. How it keeps me honest in this darkened pit. But what is the harm of a little fantasy? What is the harm in the indulgence of the mind in a place such as this, with nothing but the void and despair? 

What harm is there in fancy?

Moment 9

Roll: 10, Double, What lie?

Dread: 3

Dread Roll: 4

The eye will not stand the lies. The eye is still watching over me and stares deep into my soul as I confess further of my sins. 

There was naught but the cheapest of wines at our dinners. Though we could afford such fine vintages, Father was but a miser, and only purchased, in bulk, the smallest and cut-rate bottles for the family. 

He cared not for the appearances of the family or of the opinions of the neighbors--and oh how they sneered at our wines. Behind their fans and lips they spoke in hushed and sniggering tones of how we must be poor. Father could not fathom how much shame he brought upon me and Mother. 

He was a selfish fool who only cared for wealth. And not in the wealth of possessions, but in the coinage itself, for he kept it in a vault behind his fireplace, like a dragon of the old fairy tales.

He was draconic in all aspects. 

Moment 10

Roll; 1, Double Number

Dread: 4

Dread Roll: 5

Game Over

There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. There is no eye. 

You must remember. It is not there. Do not believe what you are seeing. 

The eye of providence is real. The eye of horus is real. The eye of the Hamsa is real. The third eye is real… all eyes are real. All eyes, all eyes seeing through my eyes. 

I will become the eye. I will become all. Into the darkness to see. 

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