Six Figures Under, or You went Through Ten Years of Necromancy School and They never Taught you How to Market Yourself


Sam Leigh

Instruments: 2d6

Game Description 

Is a game consisting of 6 mini games where you are a graduated Necromancer setting out on starting your own business! Each game progresses you further along in your professional endeavors!

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1,035     Played: Nov 29, 2022

Game 1: False Life Advertising 

Posting Title

Second Chances





Job Description

Hello! I am Jin Merak and I am a graduate of H*llowed’s School for the Wellness of All. 

I specialize in the return of those who you hold dear. 

Didn’t have enough time with someone you love? Not a problem! As long as their corporeal form is still intact I can animate them once again!

Help me defeat the greatest Adversary to Love!

Do not contact me with unsolicited emails. 

Game 2: Dead Ringer

“Hello, you have reached the voicemail of Jin Merak! IIf you are here to inquire about Vanquishing Death, the only freelance vivification specialist that makes house calls, then please leave your name, the name of the deceased, and contact after the tone!”   

Game 3: A Day in the Life 


Roll: 5, 4 A fortune teller 

Roll: 4, first time customer 


Roll: 3, 5, A snowman 


Roll: 4, destruction of something

Roll: 5, perfect good as new 

Dear Diary,

    I got my first client today! It wasn’t… it wasn’t what I was expecting. It was one of the Oracle Witches from up north. I didn’t think they were interested in our work, but she said she had consulted the cards and her pendulum and all the other oracles stuff and they all led to me. 

    Only it wasn’t a body she wanted back. I, uh, think she misunderstood what exactly we do. We’re here to vanquish Death, not  just all endings. I guess she got confused? Death is only one sort of ending and there’s no reason why it needs to exist. I mean, a life ending doesn’t mean that the person has to “go away forever.” It’s just a new beginning! Death is the opposite of that! It’s finite. 

Anyway, she wanted a snowman. Yeah. I don’t know how she got snow this far down south without melting. Maybe some fairy magics?  I heard that was the witches’ deal.  But anyway. I had to remove an “ending” and make it come back. Like unmelt the snow. 

Honestly. I didn’t think it would work, but I set about doing the usual stuff, complete with the plate breaking and everything. And it worked! It unmelted and was as cold as it should be!

I guess this stuff really does work. Or at least maybe her oracle magic helped??? I don’t know how that stuff works. 

That’s all for today I guess. 


Game 4: Cheap as Dirt 

Revivification Ritual

  1. Earthenware Plate (ask potter for rejects that you can buy cheap)
  2. Tin Whistle that plays 6 notes (can be used twice before unusable, works just as well as silver)
  3. Dirt from the Deceased’s Grave (any dirt that’s been touching the corpse for longer than 10 min will do)
  4. A memory of their greatest achievement (make sure to call beforehand and let them know it won’t work otherwise!!!!)
  5. 1 pt of Blood (ask the butcher, tell him it’s for soup or sausage!)
  6.  6 tbsp of Distilled Water (just boil tap water, it’s FINE)

Game 5: At Death’s Door

What happens when work arrives at your door? 

Roll: 5, An Animate Object 

Roll: 5, Affection 

Dear Diary, 

    Um, the snowman came to visit today. It had a note for me, from the witch. She said it was lonely and wanted to visit and as long as it left by 6 it would be fine??? 

    Is it a pet??? Is it a child? I… I mean it's fine???? It's not hurting anything or anyone and it just kinda follows me around. It’s too cold to give it a hug but it likes pats on the head every once and a while. 

    This is just super weird. I mean this feels like a breach of client/contractor etiquette. I’m not her babysitter or her friend. But I am worried that if it doesn’t get what it wants something bad may happen. They didn’t cover this in school. 

Fuck actually they kinda did the opposite? Now that I’m thinking about it, they really wanted more people to join up. They really wanted people to attend  the ceremonies and stuff too, like I knew it was sort of a religious college but... I should check my credentials in the morning now that I think about it. 

Anyway the snowman left when it was 6 right on the dot. I don’t know how it knew that but it just got up, scratched at the door like a cat with its little twig arms, and I let it out into the street. 

I watched it go down the road. Most people just avoided it or stared. I hope no one attacks it. 


Game 6: Life Insurance 

Write the instructions for your own revivification ritual and make sure that a non necromancer can use it. 


  1. Onyx Mirror found in Bedroom
  2. Crushed Fennel 
  3. 3 pages of Diary: 
  4. 1st page of book #1
  5. Most Recent Page written
  6. Any other page roughly written in the middle of the first and last page
  7. 6 Breastbones of sparrows 
  8. Silver Chalice located in cupboard under sink
  9. Long, White Gloves
  10. 1 Gallon of Blood (there will be some left over)


  1. Paint the surface of the mirror in blood
  2. Paint a line in blood along the back of my body, down the spine, and down the front over the rib cage
  3. Place the mirror on chest
  4. Open mouth and put fennel in mouth
  5. Place the oldest diary page on top of face
  6. Place the middle diary page under feet
  7. Crush the breastbone, and newest diary page into dust, place dust in chalice, and set on fire until all is burned.
  8. Sprinkle dust onto mirror, if done correctly, you should see the Nothing beyond the mirror. 
  9. Don gloves and reach through the mirror into the nothing, 
  10. The first thing you will touch will feel wet and slimy
  11. Firmly grasp it and bring it through the mirror
  12. Do not look at it!!
  13. Open my mouth and place it inside. Do not worry if the diary page falls off

If done correctly I should revive!

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