Spooklyte's Spectacular Shades By DaniannaPants

Instruments: 2d4

Game Description 

This is a short sweet Caltrop Core game about inheriting your aunt’s lamp shop. The twist is that it’s located in the city’s district of the dead, undead and inbetween. Can you keep your shop afloat in all the weirdness going on?

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1025     Played: Nov 22, 2022

The Shop

Roll: 3

Great Floor Plan

Roll: 3

Super Noisy Neighbor

Roll 2

Criminal Group is trying to make you a front, Selling the illegal Vapour Vite which they claim can turn a person alive for a brief moment 


A young ghost couple who are very noisy and always throwing parties. 

A large hell-hound who lives in an apartment with creaky floors

A recluse who has never been seen but there are mysterious lights always coming from the apartment

An elderly skeleton who keeps losing their bones which turn up in inconvenient locations 

Week 1

Roll: 2 Surprised 

Roll: 4, Booming +2

Roll: 2, 3 


To my surprise there is a weird trend going on in the city. Some fancy ghost decided to put up lanterns by the window and everyone has decided to follow suit. Business is booming. 

Running Score: 2

Week 2

Roll: 2 Surprised

Roll: 1, Very bad -2

Roll: 4, 3 A public figure died and they have ended up at your shop


Very very week. A controversial painter died and their spirit has been wandering around my shop. No one can come in to buy lamps since the Ghost-press are everywhere. Even the … Other business has been scarce because of it. 

Running Score: 0

Week 3

Roll: 4 Optimistic

Roll: 2  Nothing worth noting +0

Roll: 1, 3 Holiday!


Slow week, but there were enough sales. At least I get Monday off for a holiday!! Hopefully the neighbors won’t be too loud. 

Running Score: 0

Week 4 

Roll: 3 Hopeful but worried

Roll: 3 Tentatively Improving  +1

Roll: 2, 2 Very boring


Nothing happening this week. Didn’t even find any bones from the neighbor. Maybe he’s figured out a way to keep them on himself this time. 

Running Score: 1

Week 5

Roll: 1 Discouraged 

Roll: 1 Very Bad week -1 

Roll: 3, 1, Skin backs up


The skin backed up but I got it fixed with the plunger. Unfortunately it took an entire day to fix so the shop was closed and I missed out on a lot of sales. The mob is back and keeps pestering me. I don’t know how much longer I can say no. 

Running Score: 0

Week 6

Roll: 2 Surprised 

Roll: 4 Booming! +2

Roll: 1, 1 Street Closed for Road Work 


The main intersection was closed all this week so the traffic was rerouted down our tiny road. I had many people come in and say this is the first time they’ve seen the shop and wanted to check it out. A lot of people bought little lamps for their porches. 

Running Score: 2

Week 7

Roll: 3 Hopeful but worried

Roll: 2, Nothing happened +0

Roll: 1, 4 A bunch of dispossessed spirits crowd the district  


There were a lot more of the dead roaming the streets this week than usual. Some of them came in to buy lanterns but most just wandered on passed. I’m hoping some of them will come back. (I’m also hoping that the Mob doesn’t try to take advantage of them, they seem so confused about everything)

Running Score: 2

Week 8

Roll: 3, Hopeful but Worried

Roll: 4, Booming +2

Roll: 4, 1 Supplier can’t keep up with lamp demands 


I’m running low on spirit lanterns. This is worrying. There’s a new trend and I feel as though I am going to miss out on sales. I’ve managed to sell most of the stock, but I might have to consider raising the price to make up for it until I can get more in. 

Running Score: 4

Week 9

Roll: 4 Optimistic 

Roll: 3 Tentatively Improving +1 

Roll: 4, 2 New pet!


A martin has shown up in my shop. It’s not living, or at least I don’t think it is? Its eyes are glowing as well as a patch of fur on its chest and I think sometimes I can hear it speaking. It’s a little creepy but cute at the same time. It stays out of the way when the customers are around so I don't’ see any harm in letting it live here as long as I don't’ find droppings on the store floor. 

Running Score: 5

Week 10 

Roll: 4, Optimistic

Roll: 2, Nothing of note +0

Roll: 2, 3, New fashion trend 


I cannot simply keep up with trends these days. I’m too old. I can’t install every whats-it and doo-dads that people are using these days. There was some trend that was popular and I completely sold out of the over-head star crystals. I only had a few, since they weren’t that popular to begin with, but then someone made them popular and now I don’t have any and I feel like I missed out on business. 

Running Score: 5

Week 11

Roll: 2 Surprised 

Roll: 4 Booming +2

Roll: 3, 3, Lost and Found box out of control


The lost and found box was a mess! I’m so tired of it! I gave it all to the mob hoping they would finally leave me alone! They did seem to like the monkey’s paws that were trying to crawl all over the shop before. Maybe this will convince them that my store isn’t worth the trouble. 

All that being said, seems like the star crystal trend is still growing strong. I bought a whole bunch hoping they would sell, and they did! I’m surprised that I sold every last one of them. 

Running Score: 7

Week 12

Roll: 2 Surprised 

Roll: 1  Very bad week -1

Roll: 2, 1, Boring week 


Like a goddamn fool I bought more of the star crystals. Everyone has either bought one, doesn’t want one, or has moved on. I have a bunch left over. They’re going to lose their lights soon and become completely worthless. At least the mob has left me alone for now. 

Running Total: 6

Were you able to save Spooklytes?

It is safe for now, but if things don’t improve quickly it will go under very soon. 

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