Whispers in the Walls By Pandion Games

Instruments: Deck of Cards

Game Description 

Whispers in the Walls is a mystery horror game about learning the secrets of a cursed place. You take on the role of a private eye and attempt to figure out what’s going on in 8 moves.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1,992     Played: Nov 5, 2022


Card: 7 of Spades, A rural hospital.

What was the last patient’s illness? 

A strange set of symptoms that had no proper disease name attached. There were only 6 patients with these symptoms ever recorded, and all attended this hospital.

The symptoms are as followed:

  1. Calcification of the eyes
  2. Loss of fingernails
  3. Slurred Speech
  4. Large white spots on the skin, in the same spots on all the patients, but did not correlate to any organ, function, or other significant area of the body
  5. Auditory Hallucinations of  Buzzinging 
  6. Inability to digest meat

What was the hospital’s specialty? 

There wasn’t one since it was the only hospital for miles and miles, they had to accommodate all sorts of rural patients. 

What did the doctors do in secret? 

They drew lots to see who had to deal with difficult patients and made bets amongst each other to see how long they would live 

1. 8 of Clubs

Above you a single star burns a symbol into the floor. What is it? 

After the light disappeared and the stench of smoke and fire ceased I could clearly see the pattern in the floor. I had seen the spots a million times before as I poured over the pictures of the last patients. The star had burned into the wood the same markings on the skin, in the same locations. 

What did the stars have to do with the victims? 

2. 5 of Hearts 

The windows focus a light into tight beans and burn symbols on the floors and ceiling before setting fire to one spot. 

I saw the light again as I entered into one of the patient's rooms. It was in shambles like the rest of the place--broken glass and medical equipment strewn across the floor. 

I only had a second before I saw that light again, this time busting through the curtains instead of the ceiling. Again that light scorched the same patterns across the wall in horrid similarities to the victims. 

I turned over one of the last gurneys still left in the room and hid behind the rusted metal and molded sheets until it had ceased. 

Unfortunately for me the damn thing kept burning and burning until it made a hole in the wall which caught fire. 

I grabbed the sheets and doused the flame before it spread to the rest of the building. I still had work to do before this place destroyed itself. 

If the pattern matched the body precisely then it would have been the head of the patient that caught fire. I thought back to my notes. None of the reports stated how exactly they died. 

3. 9 of Spades 

The floor opens up wide and you fall. The terrain is shaped like a word or image. What do you see?

The fire had done more damage to the wood than I had expected and I found myself falling through the void like a car without headlights on a country road. 

I supposed I was done for and none of those families would know what happened in this damned place but the ground greeted me like an old scorned lover throwing a drink on my face. 

I was lucky that icy water broke my fall and I swam up onto the edge and pulled myself onto the cold, hard ground. My flashlight was still clipped to my coat and when I had regained my breath I took a gander at what was around me. 

A dark and vast cavern filled with more of these icy pools and it didn’t take a genius to realize they were also in that same damned pattern. 

4. 6 of Spades

You fall into the starry expanse, you see a partially burned book. When you open it you see a memory.

The pools cracked open before me, splitting and connecting like string on the corkboard of a conspiracy nut. They stretched out until they filled the entire room and I was plunged again into the waters. 

Only this time it didn’t feel like water. It was like falling through cotton and landing on the mattress of the third best room of the second best hotel in a fourth-rate city. 

Before me I could see a pillar like the outside of a courthouse, and like a copper it had a book it was gonna throw at me. 

The book was burned around the edges like that light got a little too frisky and decided to burn its own things instead of just trying to scorch me. 

It opened on its own, flipping the pages to make some kind of animated flipbook, showing me the images of the patients. They were sitting around in a circle, rubbing each other in those spots, over and over again until the skin became those large white patches. 

Then the book snapped shut and I was back in the burnt patient’s room, still smelling of a dying fire. 

5. 10 Diamonds 

Lightning strikes the building and draws a symbol on the floor. How is it familiar to you? 

Some people just don’t have any luck in this damned world and I’m one of them. I took what I thought would be a simple case: break into an old abandoned hospital, look for some old files, bring them back and get paid. 

I didn’t sign up to be manhandled and thrown around by whatever was still in this gods-forsakenplace. 

It started with the humming first, then my hair stood on end like it too was afraid of this place. Then, through the broken window, the lightning struck the walls and the floor. 

Pieces of wood went in all directions like confetti at a company party when no one wants to attend. 

My eyes burned from the light but once it had all settled, I saw what the lightning had drawn on the floor. 

Like a child playing the most deadly game of connect the dots, thick scorched marks ran between the burnt splotches on the ground. 

I knew this was the backs and bodies of the victims, but it was starting to look closer and closer like a map of a place I had never been. I noted it down in my notebook that had somehow remained dry after all this time. 

6. 7 of Hearts 

A painting talks to you, then falls to the ground, what is written? What did the painting mean? 

(A/N: some of the writing and dialogue is taken directly from the game)

This place didn’t want me here but I still had a job to do, and a payment to make. I picked myself up and made wet footprints down the hall searching for answers but suspecting I’d only get more questions. 

I stopped before the picture of an old director. She was tight-lipped, tight-bunned, and tight-gripped on a clipboard in her hands. 

But as I was looking at the dates on the plaque it swirled and shifted, her eyes grew large and her head twisted upside down as feathers sprouted out from her hair. 

“No savior ever entered these halls. No one ever heeded our calls. Find your solace in another place. We were not forgotten but misplaced,” it rasped then started shaking harder than a bartender shakes a martini for a pretty gentleman. 

I barely had to move before the thing came crashing down and shattered along the floor. In the corner of the painting there was scratching bit of writing, in dark thick marker, and written out were the words: 


My head was hurting and my heart was pounding, but I wasn’t going to be intimidated by a piece of glass and paint. 

7. Queen of Clubs 

Water rushes in from the ceiling and a creature puts something on a table before the waters leave. What was it, how are they connected and how do you know this? 

Then it all came crashing down around me, the dark, the waters, the cold once again. I didn’t have time to hold my breath before I was plunged under the waters.

I gasped and struggled, before my head emerged from the waters and I was gaping like a fish pulled up from the sea. 

It filled both my mouth and my lungs with a stinging salty water and I gaped all around before I spotted it. Something dark in the waters slithered like an oil slick on a rainy puddle. 

I held still, waiting for it to pass and watched as it reached one slimy hand out and put a small box on top of the reception desk. 

It slithered away down to a corridor, taking the waters with it like the waters down the drain of a cracked cement storm drain.

I was left in the room, soaked to the bone, and shivering in the cold. But I picked myself back up and shuffled over to the desk. It was an old case that kept punch cards and inside was only one. 

The information on it was all scratched out in the same thick marker, but that wasn’t what was important. There were holes punched through it in that same damned pattern. 

What the hell was this place trying to tell me? Did it want me here or not? Who is here? 

8. 10 of Clubs

You are lifted onto the ceiling and realize that the room layout spells a word. What did it spell? 

There was no light for me to use the punch card but that didn't matter since in that instance I was launched up to the ceiling like a baby being tossed by its parents.  

I slammed my face hard into the plaster ceiling and writhed like a worm on the concrete on a rainy day before I flipped myself over to see what was below. 

All the furniture was back to where it was before the waters rose and I didn’t know what I was looking at until it hit me like a ton of bricks. 

It was all laid out in one simple word: FIND

Then it dropped me onto the ground like a match that had burned too close to the fingers. 


2 Entries get Burned. Write a conclusion without that evidence, then write a conclusion with that evidence. 

And like that match that gets dropped the entire room went up in flames, and I could feel my notebook burning a hole in my pocket, only this time it wasn’t a metaphor. 

I tossed the searing book out onto the floor and stomped on it like I was a bird trying to make a meal of a snake. 

Some of the pages were burned up real good but I didn’t have the time to look through them as the room grew hotter and hotter like I was a cake being cooked in an oven. 

I ran outta that place faster than it could kill me and only stopped when I saw the entire thing in flames from a distance. 

There was no going back and I had to figure out what I could from the rest of my notes. 

Burned Entries: 6, 5, 


Something happened to those patients that no one could explain. No one has had those patterned splotches before or since. Something connected all of them, but I don’t know the pattern. I suspect they are a map, or a drawing, or showing some sort of pathway, but to where, for what, and to what end, I can’t say.  

This is a mystery for another day, but for now, all I have is one little punch card to show them. 

Other Conclusion: 

There are several entities in this place, some want me to find what I’m looking for, others want me gone. They’ve shown me the connection in the pattern, all I have to do is to follow it and hope that I have the wits to avoid whatever stops me. 

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