Battle Royale At The Cape Town Horticultural Show
By Mandy J Watson

Instruments: 1d6

Game Description 

You must win the upcoming Horticultural Show no matter what. Even if it means doing some dubious, scandalous practices.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 815     Played: Nov 6, 2023

My Plant

Roll: 6, Fungus

Staring Prestige: 130

Starting Scandal: 0

Plant Name: Blood Pearls 

Round 1

Roll: 1, Monitor the Moisture 

Roll: 6, Drenched +30 Prestige


I have added more moisture to the Blood Pearl’s pot, as one is expected to do for a fungus of such nature. The strings are expected to extend beyond the rim, and will need to be hung in due time. 

Total Prestige: 160

Scandal: 0 

Round 2

Roll: 6, Dubious Practices

Roll: 2, Apply Indigenous Knowledge (without credit)  +60 Prestige +30 Scandal


I have examined a few of the quaint local practices, as some of the previous residents were known to keep such fungus in their homes for … various reasons or another. One such practice includes lifting the bead strands and gently tying them together at the base and allowing them to grow up instead of in a horizontal fashion. Only the thickest gloves will be appropriate for this task. 

Total Prestige: 190

Total Scandal: 30

Round 3

Roll: 5, A moment of Satisfaction

Roll: 3, Shardening secrets on a blog post +10 Prestige, -20 Scandal


I have scoured the internet and found that not many people have kept note of the delicate work that is required to maintain the Blood Pearls. As such, I have taken it upon myself to write up a post on it’s best practices. 

Total Prestige: 200

Total Scandal: 10

Round 4

Roll: 4, Tending the Tasks

Roll: 5, Work the Soil +20 Prestige


I have thoroughly worked over the soil with a delicate gardening fork, while minding the stems of the plant. I have also removed any such little sporelings that have started to grow so that they may not steal any of the nutrients from the main fungus. 

Total Prestige: 220

Total Scanda: 10

Round 5

Roll: 1, Monitor the Moisture

Roll: 3, It’s damp -10 Prestige 


The soil today was much too dry. It seems the fungus has not grown as much due to these developments. 

Total Prestige: 210

Total Scandal: 10

Round 6 

Roll: 6, Dubious Practices

Roll: 4, Sing to the plant, +40 prestige, +20 Scandal 


There is empirical evidence that singing to plants has improved the quality of their growth, as such why should fungus be any different? I have employed such methods to the Blood Pearls so that they may flourish! It seems as though those around me might have different ideas, however the Blood Pearls have been improving drastically! Their beads have started to reach out over the rim. 

Total Prestige: 250

Total Scandal: 30

Round 7

Roll: 5, A moment of satisfaction 

Roll: 2, Post a photo of the plant on SocMedia +30 Prestige, -20 Scandal


The plant is doing rounds on the internet! It seems my singing has had quite the effect in its growth and many have taken notice. I’ve received quite the compliments for the Blood Pearls. 

Total Prestige: 280

Scandal: 10

Round 8

Roll: 4, Tending the Tasks

Roll: 4, Remove Pests Non-Violently +30 Prestige


Several mice have decided that the pot was to be their next home and I have since enticed the little pests out using one of those humane traps with chocolate and released them several yards away from the home. 

Total Prestige: 310

Total Scandal: 10

Round 9

Roll: 3, Tweak the Temperature

Roll: 4, Warm -10 Prestige


As it had been becoming colder outside I made the foolish decision to increase the temperature of the room. As such, the plant has been further stunted. I should have read more carefully in regards to the temperature in which this plant best flourishes. 

Total Prestige: 300

Total Scandal: 10

Round 10

Roll: 6, Dubious Practices 

Roll: 2, Apply Indigenous Knowledge (without credit) +60 Prestige, +30 Scandal


According to the local legends it is time for me to remove the base binding and let the pearls hang freely over the sides. I have done so and it is a most marvelous sight! They drip and hang in a truly spectacular manner, catching the light and scattering red spots around the room. 

Total Prestige: 360

Total Scandal: 40

Round 11 

Roll: 4, Tending the tasks

Roll: 6, Clean your tools +10 Prestige


I have taken the liberty to clean all the tools and equipment in the greenhouse today. It will not do to garden with rust and other residue that will cause undue harm to the fungus. 

Total Prestige: 370

Total Scandal: 40

Round 12

Roll: 1,  Monitor the Moisture

Roll: 6, It’s Drenched, +30 Prestige


Drenched the soil again! It is looking so splendid! Never have I seen such bulbous pearls, all so see-through and moistened with its native slime. 

Total Prestige: 400

Total Scandal: 40

Final Score: 360

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