Critter By Makim1

Instruments: 1d20

Game Description 

A very short, sweet little creature generator based on the Second Guess System.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 449     Played: Nov 12, 2023

The No-Eyed Antenna Tail

Roll: 11: +Suckers +1  Perception 

The creature displays two long tentacles with diamond-shaped suckers along the base. Perhaps they use it to manipulate objects? 

Perception: 1/6

Roll: 8 Proboscises 

One long proboscises extends from what appears to be the face though I cannot yet tell. 

Roll: 15 Fangs

Around the base of the neck, almost like a necklace, spouts an assortment of fangs all growing in a circular manner. The utility is yet to be observed. 

Roll: 10 Wings

On its side, or back, as it is hard to tell, there are two small wings. From initial observance it will be hard to see if the creature is capable of flight. 

Roll: 6 Tails + 1 Perception

I believe that the wings are attached to the back as I now observe a long slender tail. Whether or not it is prehensile will have to be determined. 

Perception: 2/6 

Roll: 5 Tentacles 

The tail has split in two into what appears to be tentacles. I am uncertain as to where the bones stop but I believe the tail still has them.

Roll: 7 Necks 

Above the teeth ring, there is a long slender neck that leads to an edge that supports the proboscises. 

Roll: 1 Thorax

Its body is split into three segments, the middle one supporting the tentacles and the wings. 

Roll: 6 Tails  +1 Perception

It seems I was wrong about the tail and it has since continued to unwind completely and swat away any sort of creature that comes close to the body. 

Perception: 3/6

Roll: 17 Antennae +2 Perception 

Upon even further inspection of the tail, it appears as though it is covered in antennae all over. Perhaps this is how the creature navigates the world and it is merely observing instead of swatting? 

Perception: 4/6

Roll: 8 Proboscises

The proboscis is prehensile! How fascinating! It manipulated a fruit by picking it up and smashing it against a rock until it was thoroughly mashed enough for it to eat with the tongue. 

Roll: 16 Mouths   +1 Perception

It appears as though the teeth were not soley for decoration as once the proboscises had finished sucking the liquids from the fruit, a jaw unhinged from below the circle of teeth and the tail fed it into the maw. 

Perception: 5/6

Roll: 6 Tails + 1 Perception

Once the tail had finished feeding the mouth, it began to pick clean the teeth in a manner similar to flossing. It was at this time that the creature somehow observed me, though I cannot tell how, and skittered away into the bush where I could not find it. 

Perceptio 6/6

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