As the Crow Flies By Harper Jay

Instruments: Card Deck, Token

Game Description 

You are a juvenile crow, leaving the nest for the first time, exploring the world seeing its wonders and looking for a place for you to finally settle down and build your own nest.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1,016     Played: Nov 26, 2023

Jack of Spades 

A brick building, once a place of worship +1 Feather 

Mama said that all the humans left because the gods died or maybe they died because the humans left. I guess it don’t matter none, really. 

The building was cold and quiet, and all the furniture inside was already broken down and turning into dust and pulp. There was an old nest on the altar, but not from any bird that I’ve met. It was too big to be a crow, and all the feathers inside were gray and white. 

It also looked real old since it was covered in dust and twigs. No one’s lived here for a long time and I didn't feel too bad taking a little rest. 

Feathers: 6/6

Explore: 0/4

4 of Hearts

A circle of mushrooms asking you our story. What do you tell them?

Mama said to be careful of the mushroom circles, so I didn't step into it when they started talking and asking me stuff. They kept asking me all sorts of questions and telling me how nice a rest it would be if I just stepped inside their ring. 

I told them how big and strong my mama was, and how she could eat and eat and eat and never be full, and how her favorite food is mushrooms. 

They thanked me for my story and said that I should go back home. 

Feathers: 5/6

Explore: 0/4

9 of Diamonds

Rapids, what do you reflect on when watching?

I watched a log go down the river. Then a twig, then a fish, then a beaver. So many things go by so quickly. The river is too quick. Everything is too quick. Sometimes I wonder if I should just sit down for a bit instead of keep on moving. 

Everything is just too fast. 

Feathers: 4/6

Explore: 0/4

King of Clubs

A human city covered in vines. What do you find the most appealing? +1 Explore

Mama said that eventually kudzu will cover the entire world. She had to keep pulling it out of our nest each day, but I think that it looks nice. 

The entire city is covered in it from head to toe. I can't even see the ground and I bet there's lots of bugs crawling all over them. It would be pretty easy to find food here, but I would need to do a lot of maintenance on the nest. Maybe there's some place better. 

Feathers: 3/6

Explore: 1/4

Jack of Hearts 

An effigy built by crows to Mother Earth +1 Feather; what guidance does she give you?

The giant pile of twigs was in the middle of the city. It was the only place not covered in kudzu. I could see some other crows picking away at the vines before dropping a stick onto the pile. 

I picked away at some too before finding a dried little twig and dropping it on top of the pile. I sat for a long time wondering what it was I should be feeling, and wondering what it was that I needed to do. 

I felt the warmth of the sun on my feathers, and the breeze on my toes, and I could smell the vines and the earth all around me and it reminded me that I was a part of everything. Maybe I needed to stop worrying so much and just let nature guide me. 

Feathers: 3/6

Explore: 1/4

9 of Hearts

What spirits are able to live at the bottom of a massive waterfall?

There were a bunch of little sprites dancing at the bottom of the river. I followed it all the way down to where it fell off a cliff and then into the ocean and lots of rocks. 

There were some fish down there too, but they were all too big for me to eat. They were bigger than me!  But Mama said to stay away from all the little fairies. She said that since the humans left that they are all restless and might try to… she didn't really say what, but she made it sound like it was really bad. 

I just kinda watched them while I was flying. I didn't wanna get too close to them. 

Feathers: 2/6

Explore: 1/4

8 of Clubs

A Massive lake in the crater of an ancient volcano. Do you want to explore the lake or the island? +1 Explore

I saw an island today! It was in a large mountain that Mama said that would spit fire on things. She said it didn't do that no more so I don't have to worry about it. Anyway, the island was on a lake in that mountain. 

It was pretty small, but it was full of trees and lots of flowers and other plants. There was no kudzu yet, so I guess it can't cross the waters yet. 

It was nice but there weren't a lot of other animals and I didn't see any more crows. 

Feathers: 1/6

Explore: 2/4

Ace of Clubs

An ancient human made tower reaches the clouds. What about this tower stands out? Why would it be ideal?

I saw the biggest tower. It reached so high in the sky that I didn't want to fly all the way up it. There were tons of other birds that all lived there too. I saw a jay, and a raven, and a seagull, and another jay, and a cardinal, and everything and it was just like Mama said about old human cities.

Maybe this is a bird city? It's very nice and I think that maybe I'll live here. There are lots of other crows too and I can start a family and meet people and there must be lots of food nearby or else everyone wouldn't be here. 

I think I will like it here. It's not what I imagined, but I could be happy. 

Feathers: 0/6

Explore: 2/4

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