Sunken By DannyHurt1

Instruments: Card Deck, 2d6, Block Tower

Game Description 

You were sent to map the vast and mostly unexplored Eas'ala cave in Papua New Guinea. But after your first camp inside was established, and you were deep in a dive, a storm raged and cut off communications back to base camp. Will you wait out the storm to be rescued or will you find a new exit?

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1,663     Played: Nov 15, 2023

Entry 1

Initial Tower Roll: N/A

Taken from Game

The Expedition team had to retreat due to the storms. Supplies are sufficientfor now, but wont last forever. Can I afford to just wait here, or must I find another way out?

Tokens: 6/6

Kings: 0/4

Entry 2

Roll: 4

3 of Spades       You rip your wetsuit. Pull from the tower.
9 of Clubs       You think you have hypothermia. How do you deal? Pull from the tower
3 of Hearts       An oxygen tank is malfunctioning. Pull from the tower
2 of Hearts       You no longer know the time.

Status Report:

First status report and I don't know the damned time. I can hardly see down here and I don't know how long I slept. They say people naturally have a 25 hour sleep schedule and I've read reports of people going on a 40 hr schedule before but who can say, really?

One of the tanks is malfunctioning. I still have plenty of others down here. Though I'm not too sure how long they will last. I don't think I'll do much more diving unless necessary especially due to other circumstances.

The other circumstances being the rip in my wet suit. I nicked it on a rock when I was coming back to first base from the entrance. It's going to make regulating my temperature much, much harder and I've already started shivering. I've decided to build a little fire, but there isn't much here to burn. There should be enough oxygen to last in this little area at least. If it becomes a problem I'll snuff it.

Tokens: 6/6

Kings: 0/4

Entry 3

Roll: 5

Ace of Hearts       You hear voices on the radio and they are looking for you. Start making Token Rolls
10 of Spades       You only have granola, you consider baiting animals
Jack of Spades       You change one of the batteries in the radio. Pull from the tower
10 of Diamonds       You thought the radio was playing a children's song. What was it? Why can't you remember?Pull from the tower
Jack of Hearts       You woke up in tears, distraught, +1 Token

Status Report:



I had a dream last night about the song my mother used to sing. I heard her voice clear as a bell, but I can't remember what song it even was. I could swear I heard it over the radio.

Maybe it was just a sign that I needed to check it since I've been worried about the damned thing since it stopped working. I changed the batteries on it again, and low and behold that's all it was. The damned thing just needed more juice!

I could hear them talking, Jim and the other boys. They're talking about the storm breaking! They're talking about finding me!

I'd have a little party down here if it wasn't just all the granola. Still maybe there's something I can bait. Not sure what all is living down here. I've read those stories of rats coming out of toilets in New York. Apparently the can hold their breath for 5 minutes or something! Probably not that long, but still longer than me. But then again I don't know if anything is really living down here, so best not to waste food. Especially if they are almost here!

Token Roll: 1

Tokens: 7/7

Kings: 0/4

Entry 4

Roll: 5

King of Spades       The gauge on the oxygen tank is broken and you almost drown.
Queen of Clubs       Your sleeping bag has been knocked over and the bag is wet from a puddle.
2 of Spades       You find fresh water in a crack along the wall.
9 of Spades       Your headlamp starts sputtering. Pull from the tower
7 of Hearts       You spend the rest of the waking hours staring into darkness. What do you think about? Pull from the tower

Status Report:


Almost died today.

The gauge on the oxygen tank iiiiiis broken. Just reads green now. Can't really tell when I'm about to run out anymore sooooo I guess I'll just have to not explore anymore. Like I said I wouldn't.

Sleeping bag got wet, but hey, I found fresh water because of it! Turns out putting it right next to the rock was... maybe not a good idea! So now I'm wet, the sleeping bag is wet, but hey, I won't fucking dehydrate! Good for me!

And my headlight is going out. Damned thing started sputtering and I don't have any batteries for it. So I'm just keeping it off for now. I'm recording in the dark! With nothing to do except wait here for death! But hey, they are coming right?

Token Roll: 5

Tokens: 7/7

Kings: 1/4

Entry 5

Roll: 1

8 of Diamonds       You find your bloody handprints on the wall. But you weren't here before.

Status Report:

I'm sure it's just the light. Or something. The headlamp is going out remember? But, there's a handprint right above where I was sleeping with a handprint. My handprint, still wet. I thought, yeah well I was feeling around the wall to find things. But... It's made of blood. I haven't cut myself on my hands, I checked. I mean, it's possible I nicked myself and didn't notice. That happened once when I sliced open a toe and didn't notice for about an hour and there was blood all over the floor.

But my hands are clean. And I'm sure it's just the light, or the stone reacting to the hand oils. Just the light.

Token Roll: 5

Tokens: 7/7

Kings: 1/4

Entry 6

Roll: 5

4 of Diamonds       There are more granola bars than you counted. Where did these extra come from?
8 of Clubs       You dig a well underneath a portion that collects cave water to collect the water
Ace of Clubs       The 3d map of the cave is starting to look better, you get less lost now. Roll d66 for token roll
King of Diamonds       You hear a weird shuffling noise, and you get glimpse of something, and something razor sharp digs into your flesh. Pull from the tower
9 of Hearts       You missed an anniversary, what was it? Pull from the tower

Status Report:

BAD NEWS. There is something down here with me! I don't know of any animals that have been located in the area and I don't think seals are known to attack sleeping people, but I've got some horrible gashes in my leg and had to spend the better part of the day trying to bandage them up. In the dark. Because the headlamp keeps going out.

But the good news is, apparently I can just live here now! There's more granola than ever because I can't fucking count. And because I'm to goddamn afraid to go back to sleep I dug out a little hole where the freshwater was so hopefully it can collect. All I have to do is just learn to navigate without any light and I'll be a-ok.

Doesn't matter that the 3D map is doing well! Doesn't fucking matter at all since I still can't get my way to the exit. Can't even make it back in time for Vito's birthday, even though I promised. And don't know what day it is. Or even if it's already passed.

I'm going to die of sepsis.

Token Roll: 4, 5

Tokens: 7/7

Kings: 2/4

Entry 7

Roll: 5

King of Hearts       You find a vertical shaft and try to climb, but it's too small and the radio falls and breaks
4 of Clubs       When messing with the radio, you hear a station for a brief moment, what do you hear?
6 of Spades       You find a pile of bones and decide to try to eat bone marrow
King of Clubs       You fall into a crevasse and die

Kings: 4/4 Gameover

Status Report:

I broke the damned radio today... There was a shaft where I could see light and I though that maybe there was a way out. I climbed up real high and I guess it was close enough to the surface where I could get a signal because the fucking radio started blasting some pop song in a language I didn't know. It scared the shit out of me and when I tried to turn it off it fell down and smashed itself on the rocks.

I had to abandon that shaft anyway since it was too small for me to squeeze through.

I took the rest of the radio parts back with me, but when I was scrounging around for all the bits and bobs I found a pile of animal bones. I don't know what type exactly they were, but they looked fresh and they still had the marrow in them. I don't think any animal marrow is poisonous, and well, soup stock is made from bones right? I cracked them open and at them. It wasn't good, but it was rich and fatty. Maybe if I had waited and roasted it over the fire it would have tasted better but I didn't want to carry anymore with me.

When I'm done there's more near that shaft I need to explore. The lamp's starting to go out again and I gotta be careful that I don't fall someplace where they won't find me.

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