The Tower Falls By N.D. Chenard


Game Description 

A very short little game about building a tower and watching it slowly degrade year after year until it finally falls.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 318     Played: Nov 9,


Tower Roll: 

5, Signal Tower (Semaphore Tower)


5, Medium


2, Mountains 


5, Square-Shaped 

Tower Name

Teneneron Semaphore Tower 26A 

The Years

Year 1

Roll: 5, Awful

Roll: 2, War - 2

Structure Notes: 

Civil uprising in the area has damaged the tower in an attempt to destroy bourgeoisie business. Tower remains but has sustained slight damage in foundation. 

Total Damage: 2/12

Year 2 

Roll: 6, Awful 

Roll: 1, Ice Storm - 3

Structure Notes:

The Winter Ice storm has further damaged the roof and the antenna. Cables are still operational but may need replacing in the further years. 

Total Damage: 5/12

Year 3

Roll: 3, Rough

Roll: 1, Cracks - 2

Structure Notes: 

The foundational damage from the previous year has continued to spread and new cracks are forming around the base. The tower will need heavy repairs soon and will collapse if not taken care of. 

Total Damage: 7/12

Year 4

Roll: 5, Awful

Roll: 1, Ice Storm - 3

Structure Notes: 

The antenna has bent due to the weight of the ice and has been slowed in sending messages by approximately 1 minute for each message.  

Total Damage: 10/12

Year 5

Roll: 5, Awful

Roll: 6, Meteor -6 

Structure Notes: 

Due to lack of financing by the government, the tower has been completely exposed to the yearly meteor shower and has sustained fatal damage. The tower will fall within the next year. 

Total Damage: 16/12

The Fall

Roll: 4, Shattered by extreme weather

Structure Notes: 

The light drizzle of the spring has caused the tower to completely collapse. This happened sometime during the night, in which the locals took the opportunity to loot whatever valuable metals were in the antenna and any remaining salvageable furniture that was still inside. 

Teneneron Semaphore Tower 26A is completely unfit for repair and should be further demolished for public safety. 

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