Alone on a Map By Kaden Ramstack

Instruments: Deck of Cards, 2d6, Coin, Graph Paper

Game Description 

You are a renown cartographer that has been tasked with creating a comprehensive map of the entire world. To do this you have divided the world into 36 quadrants and will label the most important Landmarks.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1,162     Played: Nov 23, 2020

A/N: The coordinates are determined by the dice roll

Coordinates: 6,3

Card: 10 of Spades

Near No other Landmarks , A mesa

A large flat mesa sits alone surrounded by nothing

Coordinates: 3,5

Card: Ace of Diamonds

An Anomaly! By a settlement!!!

The town of Teneneron is one of perpetual darkness. It is steeped in snow from all sides and has never seen the sun. It is a strange magic that surrounds the town for nothing casts a shadow. 

Coordinates: 3,2

Card: 4 of Hearts 

Far away from any settlement, a River 

It is unknown why people have never settled near the River Mire but it remains a bastion  of peace for all the wildlife. 

Coordinates: 4,1

Card: 5 of Clubs

A valley, Close to another landmark

Far to the north the River mire cuts through a remarkable valley that whistles and sings in the night.

Coordinates: 3, 6

Card: 4 of Diamonds

By a settlement, a River 

Coin: Heads, naturally occurring

Coordinates: 2,1

Card: 6 of clubs

A forest close to another landmark 

New landmark: Mountains!

Coordinates: 5,3

Card: 9 of Spades

Near no other landmark, a sea 

Coordinates: 2,6

Card: 7 of Clubs

A desert, close to another landmark 

Coordinates: 5, 3

Card: 4 of Spades, 

Near no other Landmark, River

Coordinates: 5, 2

Card: Queen of Hearts

A Peninsula, far away from any settlement

Coordinates: 3,2

Card: 7 of spades,

Near no other landmarks, a tundra, 

Coordinates: 5,2

Card: 8 of Clubs

Close to another Landmark, a beach 

Coordinates; 6,5

Card: 2 of Diamonds 

By a Settlement, A Passageway 

Coin: Heads, Naturally Occuring

To the South of the Darkened City, there is a naturally occurring marsh which acts as a passageway across the Limini River to the City of Marshton.

Coordinates: 1,3

Card: 3 of Diamonds

By a Settlement A mountain

The South Facing Cabin along the Wenninen Mountain range, has long been occupied every generation by a witch. They will help you if you are kind to them. 

Coordinates: 6,4

Card: Jack of Clubs

Close to another Landmark, Wetlands

Coordinates: 2,3

Card: Jack of Diamonds

Close to a Settlement, WetLands

To get to the South Facing Cabin you must cross the EarthRine Fen, a wetlands filled with crystalline rocks and poisonous mushrooms. 

Coordinates: 4,2

Card: 8 of Hearts

Far away from any settlement, a beach

Coordinates: 5, 1

Card: Jack of Spades

Wetlands, near no other landmark 

Coordinates: 4,5

Card: queen of clubs

Close to another landmark 

The Limini splits into the Jade delta which empties out into the Tourmaline Lagoon.

Coordinates: 6,1

Card: Ace of Hearts

Far away from any settlement, An Anomaly!! 

The Sempiternal Tree is the oldest living thing in existence. It was here before us and it will be here after us. It grows from the bottom of the ocean floor and higher than any city into the sky. It has the appearance of a banyan tree, with roots growing down from its branches.

Coordinates: 2,4

Card: 4 of clubs

A River, Close to another landmark 

Coin: Heads, Natural, 

Coordinates: 3,5

Card: 8 of Diamonds

By a Settlement, a beach or a coastline

Coin: Tails, Man-Made

Along the coastline north of the Tourmaline Lagoon, there is the City of Cricenal . Having become a major metropolis, HRH King Micha imported vast amounts of sand from the Southern Desert to the south to create a more appealing beach than the natural craigy rocks.

Coordinates: 2,4

Card: 7 of Diamonds

By a Settlement, a Tundra

Coordinates: 4,4

Card: King of Spades

An Archipelago near no other landmarks 

Coordinates: 5,5

Card: 5 of Spades, 

Near no other Landmark A Gorge

Coordinates: 5, 4

Card: 9 of Hearts

Far Away from any settlement, a sea

Coordinates: 1,1

Card: 2 of Spades

A Passageway, near no other landmarks

Coin: heads, natural

Far, Far to the north, and high into the mountain rage there is a stone bridge, carved by weather, miles long and miles high into the air. This bridge leads to the near-isolated community of Ai’aina. 

Coordinates: 3,2

Card: King of Hearts

An Island far away from any settlements

Coordinates: 1,2

Card: Jack of Hearts, 

Far away from any settlement, wetlands 

Coordinates: 1,3

Card: Queen of Diamonds 

a Peninsula or Lagoon, Close to another landmark

Coordinates: 4,2

Card: 3 of Spades

A Volcano, far away from any other landmark

Coordinates: 4,4

Card: 10 of Diamonds

A plain near a settlement 

Coordinates: 5,1

Card: Ace of Spades

An Anomaly far away from any other landmarks

Off the coast to the west, there is a large whirlpool, one that no ship can enter and forces ships to divert their routes far away from it 

Coordinates: 3,2

Card: 7 of hearts

Far away from any settlement, a desert, 

Coordinates: 5,4

Card: 2 of Clubs, a passageway near another landmark

Coin: Heads, Natural 

Deep in the Respit Sea there is a shoal which only appears when the tide is at its lowest. The Half-Moon Shoal grants complete passage through the sea and is used by many travelers. 

Coordinates: 2,4

Card: King of Diamonds 

An island near a settlement 

Coordinates: 5,3

Card: 2 of Hearts

A passage way away from any settlement

Coin: Heads, natural 

There are a set of conjoined caverns underneath the Sea of Lamer. Many people seek to use them, but they are host to many dangerous pits and falls. 

Coordinates: 6,2

Card: 6 of Spades, 

A Jungle far from any other landmarks

Coordinates: 2,4.

Card: 6 of Diamonds, 

A Forest near a settlement 

Coordinates: 1,4

Card: 5 of Diamonds

A Valley near a settlement

Coordinates: 4,3

Card: 3 of Hearts

Far away from any settlement a mountain

Coordinates: 6,3

Card: 8 of Spades

Far away from any settlement, a coastline 

Coordinates: 2,3

Card: 9 of Clubs

A lake Close to another landmark 

Coordinates: 6,6

Card: 10 of Clubs 

A plain, near another landmark 

Coordinates: 6,4

Card: Ace of Clubs

Close to another Landmark, An anomaly!!! 

There are conflicting reports that a city lies to the far east along the coast. I have yet to meet someone from this city, if it exists, but as many people claim that there is one there as there isn’t. 

Coordinates: 3,5

Card: 9 0f Diamonds 

A Sea, Near a Settlement 

Coordinates: 5,6

Card: 10 of Hearts

A Mesa far away from any settlements

Coordinates: 6,4

Card: 3 of Clubs

A Mountain close to another landmark

Coordinates: 4,1

Card: King of Clubs

Islands close to another landmark

Coordinates: 6,6

Card: 5 of Hearts

Far away from settlements, a valley

Coordinates: 5,1

Card: 6 of Hearts

A forest far from any settlements

Coordinates: 4,6

Card: Queen of Spades

A peninsula far from other landmarks

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