Bumbling By Yvris Burke

Instruments: 1d6, large hex sheet, small hex sheet

Game Description 

Bumbling is a charming little map drawing game about playing as a bee, exploring the area looking for pollen, and reporting back your findings by dancing!

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1,284     Played: October 28, 2021


Hop: Plains

Butt Wiggle: Building

Wing Waggle: Forest

First Day!


First day! First day! Went to the dance floor and there were more bees! Bees like me! I’m a bee! The bee hopped! And then it wiggled its little butt! And! And! Then it waggled its wings! And All the other bees knew it was how to find the flowers! And then we went! We went to find them! The flowers were there!!! They were past the field! And the cabin! And and the forest with the round trese and there were flowers! 

Day 2: 

Roll: 1, 1, 2


I hung out on the dance floor again! I saw some of the same moves! Lots of hops! And then more hops! And then a little butt wiggle! I didn’t learn anything new but it was lots of fun to watch everyone!! 


Roll: 1, 6 Plains with flowers! 

I did it! I found some flowers! They were full of pollen! I brought it back! 


Directions: Butt Wiggle, Hop 


Roll: 2

I did a dance to show them where the flowers were!!! Two other bees saw me! They were excited! I’m doing such a good job!! We went out to get them together! 

Finding Flowers 

Roll: 1 +1Hex + 2 Bees = 4 Cells

Cells: 4

Day 3: 

Watching: 3 1 5

I learned a new move today!!!! I saw a bee do a spin! They went round and round and round and I knew it meant water! I don’t know how I knew that but I do! There’s water nearby and we went to get some pollen! 


1Roll: 1, 4, Plains, 

2Roll: 4? 5 Hill

3Roll: 6? 3 Farm

Friend: doesn’t know about any flowers


I went out questing again today!!!! I saw some plains! And then a hill!! And then a farm! There was an armadillo farmer! They were nice! They didn’t know about any flowers so they couldn’t help me. They didn’t want to talk to me much since they were working…. I didn’t find any flowers today, but there will be flowers tomorrow!!! 

Day 4: 


Roll: 6, 3, 1

I learned a new move! I watched a bee! A bee like me!! They rolled around on the ground!! They were covered in pollen! They were rolling! They said it was on a farm!!! It was a different farm from the Armadillo but it was a farm! And they were rolling on the ground! 

Questing/ Finding Friends:

1Roll: 3, 3 Forest

2Roll: 3, 3 Forest

3Roll: 3, 3 Forest 

4Roll: 4, 5 Hill 

The forest went on forever!!!! There were so many trees!!! I don’t know when it would end! I thought I was lost then I found a person! But they were green! Like the trees! They said I was lost but I told them I wasn’t even though I was and then they told me to turn go backwards and turn around and count and turn around and I don’t even remember and then I was on a hill and I went home. I didn’t find any flowers but there’s always tomorrow!!! 


4 1 2 6 

Spin, hop, but wiggle , roll 


Oops! I couldn’t remember the moves so we couldn’t get pollen from the old place! There’s always tomorrow! 

Day 5 


Roll: 4 hill

I saw!!! I saw a new dance! It was a foot stomp! Stomp stomp stomp!!! It meant there were hills! Hills to find the pollen!!! How exciting! I think I know all the dances now! Maybe I can get better at dancing too!!! 


1Roll: 2, 6 Building Pollen

I FOund!!! I found pollen again! It was by a house! It was a small cottage! And there was a cat! The cat ignored me but thats ok because there was pollen on the bushes! There was a person too but I didn’t talk to them because beCAUSe there was Pollen! 


Field Building

 Foot stomp, Butt wiggle


Roll: 1

Only one bee saw me but BUT we went to get the pollen to make more honey! I remembered and we got so much!!! 

Roll: 1 + 1hex +1bee = 3

Cells: 7

Day 6


1Roll: 2 Building, 6 Pollen!!! 

I found another house!!! It was bigger! And and and!!!! And there was pollen! THere was flowers! They were all fun colors and pointy and they said they were called tulips! And there was  a dog!!! They had a tail! And they wagged it! And she said there were more flowers! And then i found MORE FLOWERS! There were lots of flowers today!!!


River Building 

Stomp Wiggle 


I forgot how to dance! Oops! There’s always tomorrow!!

Day 7


Roll: 5, Water 6 Pollen!

Who knew there were so many flowers nearby!!! Look at all these flowers! I found some by the river!!!! By the other river! There are many rivers and some of them have flowers! 


5, 5 

Stomp Stomp


I forgot the dance agan… :< But there’s always tomorrow!!! 

Day 8 


Roll: 2 building, 3

Roll2: 1 Plains, 5

Roll3: 1 Plains, 2 

Roll4: 4 Hill, 5

Roll5: 4 Hill, 5

Roll6: 6, Farm, 2 

Friend: 6 flowers!

 I went so far!!!! I found so many things! THere was a hill and some grass and some more grass and some more grass and some hills and some grass! And then there was a farm! And the farmer spoke to me! SHe said there were flowers over in the next field and AND there were! And I found the Flowers!!!!!! But I have to do so  much dancing… I hope i can do it right!!! 


Butt Wiggle Hop  Hop  Foot Foot Roll 


Bees Watching: 6!!!


Roll: 3 +(4Hexes * 6bees) = 27 

Cells: 34

Day 9


Roll1: 2, Building, 2

Roll2: 6 Farm, 1 

Roll3: 6 Farm, 1

Roll4: 4 Hill, 6 Flowers!!!

Went on a quest today!!!! And I did it! I found more flowers!!! THey were on a hill! By a farm! There are so many farms! And so many flowers! What A good day! 


Roll Butt Roll


Watchers: 2

I did it again! I’m getting so good! Everyone is so proud of me!!!! Two bees are going with me to get more! More pollen!!! I’m so happy!!! 

Roll: 3 + (3Hex *2Bees) 9 

Cells: 43 

Day 10


Roll1: 2, Building, 5

Roll2: 5, Water, 2

Roll3: 3, Trees 3

Friend: Wild, 3 no flowers :(

Roll4: 5, Water, 4 

Friend: wild, 4 no flower

Roll5: 2 Building, 6 Flowers!!

I went so far today! I went almost to the edge of the world! Is there more beyond? I don’t know!! But I got so far!!! I saw so many plants but not a lot of them had flowers until I found one that did!!! I found some flowers!! I also saw a bear but he didn’t know where any were. He wanted some honey but I didn’t have any so he couldn’t help me anyway. Then I saw a porcupine and they didn’t know about flowers either. They were not so nice and they shooed me away and said I was going to hurt them but i didn’t!!!! THen!! Then! I found them! I found the flowers! They were outside a mouse den! The mouse lived deep in the ground but I wasn’t allowed in… 


Building water trees water building

Butt spin wing butt 


Witness: 3

Pollen: 6 + (4 *3) = 18

Cells: 61

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