Change By Tom Ana

Instruments: Pocket Change

Game Description 

Change is a city building game played by pulling out the coins from your coin-jar or pocket. You start with a small concept map to determine what aspect of your city you are developing and pull out a coin and flip it. The monetary value will tell you how imporant it is to the city and heads/tails will tell you if it is negative or positive. As you move thoughout the map you will slowly unlock different aspects of the city you can develop.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 679     Played: Nov 17, 2020

Details Regarding the City of Squ’hev,  an Earnest Traveler’s Guide


Squ’hev covers about 850 square miles. The Liminin River and its offshoots run directly through the city and provide a dense, jungle-like oasis from the surrounding deserts. There is about 20 square miles of jungle surrounding the city on all sides. Be prepared before undertaking this journey! 

Wilderness: 10¢ heads

The wilderness has been cleared away in direct paths leading toward all the major entrances to the city. The road has been paved and there are arch-markers designated every 100 feet through the jungles to guide people. There are no guards to help people through the forest so you must defend yourself against brigands and animals. We recommend hiring a mercenary! 

People: 1¢ Tails  

The city used to be a flourishing wonder, filled with scholars, mages and all sorts of people. The High Priest ruled from the ziggurat over the city before it fell to ruin. Nowadays the tourist industry is the most industrious! See the Mystery section for more info on The Fall of Squ’hev!

Mystery: 25¢ Tails 

No no one knows why the city or the priests fell. It was as if the memory of any incident was erased from both people’s minds and all records. Some people claim that it wasn’t any one event but a series of small ones that all happened around the same time. People continuously debate the reasons but we will never know for sure! 

Diversity: 1¢ Heads

Although Squ’hev has become a large tourist attraction, not many outsiders live in the city itself. Most of the locals seem to be descended from long reaching families all intertwining together. Ask any of them how far back their families go and you will be sure to hear a long and interesting history! 

Institutions: 25¢ Tails

Everyday people are making new discoveries about the old institutions of Squ’hev! You can take a tour of Meeran’s Library and see all the books and relics that have been discovered. We also recommend visiting some of the new temples and churches along the way! 

Faith: 10¢ Heads

Vellenism is the main religion practiced in Squ’hev. It shares many of the same beliefs as the Altar but focuses more on everyday rituals and appreciation for existence than humility before the Deciders. One common practice you will see is the Bark Anointment. This practice is open to outsiders and we recommend you talk with a local priest and show your appreciation with them! 

Education: 1¢ Heads

The fall affected both religious colleges and secular ones. All of the educational institutions have been built within the last twenty years as the city has slowly recovered and gained new wealth through tourism. Many children are now able to attend schools every day, however most working-class families are not able to receive an education, so please be mindful when you visit.

Underworld:  25¢ Heads

Under the city you will find hundreds of miles of catacombs. It may be tempting to explore them yourself, or hire a group to explore with you, we strongly recommend you do not do this. Not only is it illegal, but hundreds of people go missing or are found dead every year.  Some historians believe that Squ’hev literally fell and the catacombs are the remains of the original city, however there is little evidence to suggest this is true.

Law: 10¢ Heads

Squ’hev doesn’t have paid patrols like other cities, instead it relies upon citizen volunteering. Some people volunteer often, some never do.

Heat: 25¢ Heads 

Since Squ’hev is located in a jungle in a desert, you must be prepared for the heat! Dress in loose fitting clothes with breathable fabrics. Take note of all the fountains on your journey and be sure to drink plenty of water! It is illegal for a business to deny you or charge you for water. If you feel faint, take a break and stay out of the sun, we recommend following along with the Ziggurat's shadow through the day. Be smart! Plan accordingly! 

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