Ezra's Guide to Magic or Otherwise Significant Objects By Ezra Szanton

Instruments: Book or provided cheat-sheet

Game Description 

Ezra's Guide is a system agnostic item generator game that uses real books to help the player create the magic item. You choose from one of the available archetypes to decide what kind of item it will be, such as a weapon, a ship, or a shield. Then using a book, the player will describe the item, its traits and its twist.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 644     Played: Nov 13, 2021

Book Used: Brisinger by Christopher Paolini (A/N I have not read this book) 

Item 1 

Archetype: The weapon

Motif: Glyphs 

Form: Accurate

Trait: Made from a spine of a forgotten creature 

A curved bow, carved from a single vertebra of a creature that the gods don’t want people to remember. This bow shoots magic ink, and is used to curse enemies from afar. When it hits them, they don’t realize that they have been targeted until they examine their skin, and see a welt in the shape of a cursed glyph. This bow has felled many rulers before it was sealed in a golden vault. 

Twist: Cursed

It takes something irreplaceable every time you use it:

The warmth slowly fades away from the user’s body, until their breath can be seen at any time, even in a desert in the summer. Eventually their body will completely freeze still. 

How to Lift the Curse: 

The bearer must pass on the object and have them fire a heated curse at the original owner, and hope they know to get it just right. 

Name: The Craven Chine 

Item 2: 

Archetype: The Key

Form: Flaked Quartz 

Detail: Contained in a small cherry-wood box 

They key unlocks pure mundanity, allowing one to be concealed from divinity and desecration. 

There is one correct pattern the flakes must be placed in to complete a ritual to hide themselves from higher powers. The gods, Life, nor Existence itself can see what happens within the ring of quartz; it's as if anything inside has been completely removed from Reality.  Of course a sudden disappearance is likely to attract the attention of these powers so whatever must be done should be done quickly. 

Twist: Contested 

It was stolen from the gods, who first used it to make the Dreaming God mortal, so they could be killed. It’s immortality re-granted, the bones must be watched to keep it from reforming. 

They have sent many hunters in search of the Flaked Quartz but have only found four pieces, leading them to believe that most have been scattered across the world but the Life cultists. Mortals have also become aware of its properties and seek them for their own gain. 

Name: The Barren Petals 

Item 3

Archetype: The Ship

Motif: Laceleaf Flower 

Moves through: Tree Tops

Runs on: emptiness, it accumulates pollen as it’s running and must be periodically emptied to continue 

For the mousefolk and other small animals, a witch invented a way for them to travel great distances in a day. Made from the flowers of a laceleaf plant, these enchanted flowers hover above the trees and allow the small creatures an easier travel. When it’s stationary it lies flat on the ground like a dead flower, but when it flies it curls in on itself to make a tube that zips through the air. 


These petal fliers were first made by a witch who later fell in love with a god. 

Name: Each individual ship is named by their owner, some include: The Red Racer, Blossom Speeder, and Branch Chaser, but as a whole they are referred to as Laceflower Gliders 

Item 4

Architype: The Shield

Motif: Thorns

Form: Gazebo 

Protects: The body

Deep in the forest you may sometimes find a plant with overgrown thorns. If you know the correct words you may bend it to your will and it will reshape itself into a thorned shelter for the night. It will protect you for only a day and then it will start to shrink, thorns towards you into an organic iron maiden if you are not careful. 

Twist: Lost

The words are hidden in a moldy text under the catacombs of the ziggurat of Squ’hev. After the city fell, the library in which it was housed fell underground where it is currently waiting for robbers and explorers to find it. 

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