The Forecast By Starshine Scribbles

Instruments: Deck of Cards, 1d6

Game Description 

Based on the Shipping Report of the UK, this game is a short fantasy weather generator for wind, visibility, and precipitation.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 280     Played: Jan 12, 2021


  1. The Whistling Valley
  2. Ai’aina
  3. The Village in the Tundra
  4. Granite Isles
  5. Marnmouth
  6. Malhal
  7. Cricenal
  8. Fal’terek
  9. Squ’hev
  10. Sempiternal Tree

When radios were invented, the first broadcast heard through rudimentary speakers was the crystal clear voice of The Forecast. Broadcasting from the Lone Peak in the center of the world, the voice read, in melodic tones, each region’s weather in simple detail. The Forecast became known for its perfect accuracy and the ability for any radio, no matter how rudimentary, how far away, or how far deep, to be able to receive the signal and be heard by all who wished to listen.

Transcript of The Forecast on 1-12-12850 6:50-6:52PM 

The Voice: And now the forecast, for Vellen. 

The Voice: Vellen in its entirety, Clear Winds.

Roll: 5

The Voice: The Whistling Valley, Moderate East Breeze, which will change to Westerly, Heavy Snow Showers, Occasionally Poor Visibility. 

Roll: 5

The Voice: Ai’Aina, South Strong Breeze, Clear, Perfect Visibility changing to Very Poor.

Roll: 2

The Voice: The Village in the Tundra, South Storm, Light Snow, Very Poor visibility. 

Roll: 4

The Voice: Granite Isles, East Strong Breeze, Heavy Snow Showers, Clear Visibility. 

Roll: 1

The Voice: Marnmouth, East Fresh Breeze, Frost, Occasionally Very Poor Visibility. The bones are still. 

Roll: 4

The Voice: Malhal, East Strong Gale, Thunderstorm, Perfect Vision. Vanishing Time: hour on, ten minutes, twenty-three seconds off. 

Roll: 1

The Voice: Cricenal, North Hurricane Force, Light Snow, Good Vision. 

Roll: 4 

The Voice: Fal’terek, West Strong Gale, Frost, Poor Vision.  

Roll: 6

The Voice: Squ’hev, North Storm, Scattered Showers, Variable Vision changing to Stable Good.

Roll: 1

The Voice: Sempiternal Tree, North Gentle Breeze, Clear, Good Visibility.

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