Grimoire By Anna Landin

Instruments: Deck of Cards

Game Description 

This is a spellbook making game where you draw a hand of cards, and determine what spells you can make from the components! You decide the type, name, and effect while the combined value of the cards will tell you how potent it is.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 3,780     Played: Jan 1 - March 16, 2023

A/N: Usually you play this game by rolling 2d6 to determine how many hands you pull, but my intention was to make 1 spell a day all through January, but I wasn't able to, so I ended up doing 30 spells total over 3 months.



Cathaoir he/him

Why are they practicing? 

Family practice

General Theme?

Cloth. Weaving, embroidering, knitting, quilting, cross stitching, ropemaking/macrame etc. 



Hand 1

Queen of Diamonds: Glowing Stones

Spell 1: 


Anti-Fray Potion 




Sea-salt from the banks of the river where it meets the ocean. This is river-specific, you cannot use sea-salt from other places! 

A carved figure of a crane left by the banks of the river for a fortnight then sanded into dust. 

Fireflies kept in a jar overnight on the roof of the house. Release them in the morning and break the glass into shards. 

Place all components into the centrifuge until liquified. The final product will look like a tan liquid with sparkles. Then coat the rope with the liquid. Will prevent the rope from fraying and breaking for up to 30 years. 


7 of Diamonds: Sea-Salt

5 of Spades: A Small figurine of a bird

9 of Diamonds: Firefly in a Jar

Potency: 21, Sorcery

Spell 2

Name: Woven Desires


Enchanted Object


Take the rat-catcher from a chess set and carve the name of a fae, and a god into the bottom. Bind it with golden thread and place it under your bed. Every night, unwind the thread, whisper a secret, and rebind it. 

This is a generational spell passed down from one witch to another. This spell is not made for you, do not expect your desires to come from it, this spell is for the one who will inherit it when you pass. When the next witch inherits it, it may not even come to pass for them. You will know when it has been completed because the thread will not be able to come unbound. If this is the case, smash the piece and eat it and think of your greatest wish. 


Ace of Hearts: Whispered Secret

4 of Spades: A chess Piece

2 of Hearts: The Name of Something Ancient

Potency: Ace, Legendary

Hand 2

Spell 3

Name: Commune with -A- 

Type: Ephemeral/Ritual


Commune with -A-, the god of Patterns, patron of witches, decider of arrangements. 

Set up your shrine, using chalk or white clay. Arrange the stones, and gem in the correct pattern as outlined below. You will need a single drop of blood from yourself as a symbolic sacrifice. Place it in the middle of the pattern. 

Summoning -A- is not easy and they will not respond unless you have a feeling of true devotion and desperation. On the back of this page is a poem that will help invoke these feelings in you. 

If you have done all of these things correctly, -A- will respond, you will know their presence by the pattern of lights on the walls, the chimes in your head, and the feeling of sunlight on your skin. 

UPDATE: This spell is now obsolete! Congratulations to -A-Z- on their Union


Queen of Diamonds: Glowing Stones (carried over)

3 of Hearts: A Poem

3 of Diamonds: A handful of white clay

Ace of Clubs: A Smoke-colored gemstone

6 of Hearts: A pattern

Potency: Ace, Legendary

Spell 4: 

Name: Anise Embroidery


Ward, Protection from all Harm


A long-term extension of the anise protection. 

Take the petals from the anise flower, dry them, crush them, and put them in a vial with water, and green thread on a windowsill in sunlight for 3 days. Every morning whisper a secret to the vial. 

On the fourth day, remove the thread. Using a COPPER needle, while the thread is still wet, embroider the anise flower pattern inside the left shoulder of a coat or jacket. If the thread dries while you are embroidering, coat it with more of the anise water. 

This will last 3 years. 


4 of Clubs: A handful of dried petals 

Ace of Hearts: Whispered Secret

Potency: Ace, Legendary

Hand 3

Spell 5

Name: Wind Ward

Type: Ward against things carried on the winds. 


This must be done in one sitting! This spell will take a long time! 

While making this spell, every half hour stand up, close your eyes and spin counter-clockwise for 2 minutes before sitting down. Once you sit down, the half hour timer starts. 

Take a silk shawl and slice it into 1/2 inch wide strips. Do this one at a time. Do not slice a new strip until you are finished with the old one. At the bottom of the strip secure a glow-stone in between pieces of the fabric. Slide 6 glass beads onto the fabric and tie a knot to secure. 

Continue to do this until you have one single strip of fabric left. Tie all the pieces to this last piece with the longest in the center. 

Hang above the main doorway to the home. 


Jack of Hearts: A fragment of time

Queen of Diamonds: A set of glowing stones

2 of Spades: Glass beads

Ace of Spades: A silk shawl 

Potency:  Ace, Legendary 

Spell 6

Name: Potion for Financial Wealth

Type: Potion


Crush all ingredients in mortar and pestle. Add 3 gallons of vinegar and stir counterclockwise on low heat for 30 min.  Pour contents around the outside house in a circle. 


9 of Clubs: Sunflower Seeds

6 of Diamonds: A pouch of gunpowder

10 of Clubs: Four-leaf clover

Potency: 25, Sorcery 

Hand 4 

Spell 7

Name: Liar’s Gemstone

Type: Enchanted Item


Pour a back of salt into a copper pot for 10 seconds. Pour a jar of ink into the pot for 2 seconds. Make sure you are counting out loud. 

Stir the components 3 times clockwise, 7 times counterclockwise, 6 times clockwise, 7 times counterclockwise, and then repeat for 34 sets. 

Place this concoction in a dark jar, place a smoke-colored gem in the middle and make sure it is covered completely. Keep this jar in the basement for 8 months starting on the first day of winter. 

After 8 months, remove the gem from the jar and wipe clean with a silk cloth that has never been used. Keep this gem against your sternum, either inside your clothing, or tied to a chain or leather thong. DO NOT DRILL A HOLE THROUGH THE GEM. It will vibrate each time someone tells you a lie.


10 of Spades: Jar of ink

7 of Diamonds: Sea-Salt

Ace of Clubs: Smoke-colored Gem

Potency: Ace, Legendary 

Spell 8

Name: Day’s Joy

Type: Ephemeral


An anapestic poem consists of 3 syllable meters starting with two unstressed syllables followed by one stressed syllable. 

Tetrameter means that there are 4 meters per line. Iambic tetrameter means 8 syllables per line, where anapestic tetrameter means there are 12. 

As you take your morning breakfast, write a short anapestic tetrameter poem about the view outside of your window. Think of all the wonderful things outside, and it will bring you joy for the day. 


3 of Hearts: A poem

6 of Hearts: A pattern

Potency: 9, Cantrip

Spell 9

Name: Secrets Released 

Type: Ephemeral 


Catch 12 fireflies in a jar on the 12th day of the 6th month in the evening. Whisper 3 secrets to them each and let them out 4 at a time. 

Seal the empty jar with hemp rope and bury under the doorstep.  This will prevent anyone who wishes you harm from entering your home. 


10 of Diamonds: Firefly in jar

Ace of Hearts: A whispered secret 

Potency: Ace, Legendary 

Hand 5

Spell 10 

Name: Large Catch

Type: Potion


Combine three drops of pigment, with a bottle of spring-water. The water must be gathered at noon while humming a song about love. 

Place liquid in a sparkling glass vial and wrap the bottle with three different colored yarn. The color does not matter. Make sure not to seal the top! 

Take six drops of owl’s blood and every hour, on the hour, put one drop of blood into the vial. Do not seal the vial in between hours. 

After the last drop, shake for 30 seconds. Let rest for an hour. Shake for 30 seconds. Let rest for 2 hours. Shake for 30 seconds. Let rest for 3 hours. Shake for 30 seconds and immediately pour over the fishing lines of the rod you wish to use. 


8 of Diamonds: Sparkling glass vial

5 of Diamonds A bottle of spring-water

6 of Spades: A set of pigments

Jack of Clubs: A drop of owl’s blood

Potency 30, Sorcerie 

Spell 11

Name  Insight in Ash 

Type Ephemera


Note: this spell might take a while to achieve! Please be patient!

Every night as you fall asleep, think of the shooting stars in the sky, and holding the warm metal in your hands once it has fallen to earth. 

If you dream about holding the star in your hands, when you wake up, go and get a pressed four leaf clover. Hold it in your mouth for 30 seconds, burn it, then scatter the ashes on the ground. 

The patterns in the ash will give you insight for your next biggest accomplishment 


9 of hearts: A dream

10 of clubs: A four-leaf clover

6 of clubs: Chunk of meteor-iron

Potency 25, Sorcerie

Hand 6

Spell 12

Name Mosquito Repellent 

Type Ward


Attack 12 small bells to the inside of the collar of a shirt. Make sure they are secure enough so they don’t ring. Hum the poem “Gone, Gone, Lest one be left” in old Effluvium.

This will prevent mosquitoes from biting you for up to a month.  


3 of spades: A set of small bells

Jack of spades: Needle and thread

8 of Hearts: Words in a dead language 

Potency:  17, Enchantment 

Spell 13

Name:  Love Spell

Type: Enchanted Object


Write a letter to your family, to a friend, to someone you care about about how much you love and appreciate them. Include a pressed Moon Flower, a pressed Four-Leaf Clover and a kiss. 

Send it to them and they will feel love and joy. 


2 of Clubs: Moon Flower

4 of Hearts: A love-letter

10 of Diamonds: a four-leaf clover

Potency: 16, Enchantment, lasts a week 

Hand 7 

Spell 14:

Name: Chained Patients

Type: Ward


Take a small woven chain, twisted from 6 pieces of twine and weave them around the small bird figure. Interweave the ends onto the clockwork gears so that they may not move. Every day for 30 minutes try to unravel a single piece of twine from the device. This spell will grant patients and understanding to all who are in its presence. Once you have unwound it completely, create a new device. 


9 of Spades: Thin, twisting chain

King of Spades: intricate clockwork contraption

5 of Spades: small figure of a bird

Potency: 27, Sorcerie

Spell 15: 

Name:  River Protection

Type: Potion


Boil 6 gallons of spring water, and every hour place one petal in the water for 6 hours. After, let cool outside the home for 5 hours. Do not cover and do not prevent anything from getting in it or drinking from it. 

Still outside, stir in the herb bundle and empty a pouch of gunpowder. Let the concoction sit overnight and strain into 6 bottles. Every two months, pour the contents out into the river. This will bless the area and prevent any evil spirits from residing in the river. 


6 of diamonds: a pouch of gunpowder

5 of Diamonds: Bottle of spring-water

8 of Clubs: a bundle of herbs

4 of Clubs: a handful of dried petals

Potency: 23, Sorcerie

Hand 8

Spell 16

Name: Hair Growth

Type: Potion


This potion must be made by the person who intends to use it. For a client, give them the ingredients and specify what needs to be done. 

Take your pillow, and shake out all the dust onto the table and scoop it up into the jar with honey. 

Make sure to continue thinking of your memories the entire time during the stirring and the waiting until instructed to think of something else.  

Think of your youth and stir for 30 seconds. Then wait a minute. 

Then think of your adolescence and stir for 20 seconds. Then wait for 2 minutes. 

Then think of the beginning of young adulthood and stir for 10 seconds and wait for 3 minutes. 

You may stop thinking after the waiting.  Every night rub the honey into your scalp for 3 minutes and wait for 10 minutes before washing it out. Do this until the jar is empty. 


Jack of Hearts: fragment of time

4 of diamonds: jar of honey

7 of Clubs: handful of dust

10 of Hearts: a memory

Potency:  32, Sorcerie

Spell 17

Name: Ingot Binding

Type: Ward


Should you find yourself in possession of one of the desecrated ingots, you must bind it until given to the appropriate person. Do not tell anyone you have it. They will find you. 

Place the ingot in a circle made of crushed star fragments and white chalk. Inscribe the names of all the gods you know counterclockwise around the circle, spiraling outwards. The more you know the better. Do not discount minor gods. Write them in the order you remember them, the first one that comes to mind, then the next, until you cannot remember any more. 

Lastly, place a mandragora root on top of the ingot.  Replace it every fortnight until someone has come to collect the ingot. 


Ace of Diamonds: star-fragment

2 of hearts: name of something ancient

7 of hearts; long-held grudge

3 of clubs: mandragora root

Potency:  Legendary

Hand 9

Jack of Clubs: Drop of owl blood

Spell 19

Name: Cleansing Ritual

Type: Ephemeral 


Drape the rope with beads around your neck, make sure that both ends are even. Place the vial in front of you and spin it clockwise three times. Stand 3 paces away, facing the bottle, and with two bells in each hand. Ring three times, wait thirty seconds. Repeat this for 6 times. This will cleanse you of negative energy so you may conduct more spells without any interference. 

Components8 of diamonds: sparkling glass vial

3 spades: set of small bells

2 spades: glass beads

Potency: 13, Enchantment

Spell 20

Name:  Flower Protection

Type: Enchanted Object


Overnight, place the seeds you wish to grow in a circle. Place a handful of peat, in a filled circle in the center. In the center of this, place the handful of sunflower petals. These seeds need to be planted in a circle around the house at dawn on the first day of spring. 


4 of clubs:handful dried petals

9 clubs: sunflower seeds

King diamonds: handful of peat

Potency: 25, Sorcerie 

Hand 10

Spell 21

Name: Remembrance Mark

Type: Enchanted Object


On a four leaf clover, embroider all the edges with a delicate needle. Be careful not to tear the clover too much. Read aloud the title of the book you are planning on reading while you are embroidering the clover.  Once you are finished, place the clover on the windowsill to dry. 

The next day you will be able to use it as a bookmark. It will help you remember everything in the book, and will let you find your place each time. 


Jack Heart: Fragment of time

Jack spades: needle and thread

7 Spades: Old book

10 Clubs: Four-leaf clover 

Potency: 39, Legendary

Spell 22

Name: Vengeful Ward

Type: Ward


Place all of the components into a clay jar marked with the 9 symbols of wrath. Place the jar on the edge of the river and kick it into the waters. Think of the intended victim while you do this. The will know no joy for 10 years. 


Ace of Clubs: Smoke Colored Gemstone

6 Clubs: Chunk of meteor-iron

6 diamonds: pouch of gunpowder

Potency: Ace, Legendary 

Hand 11

Spell 23

Name:  Vengeful Love

Type:  Potion


While thinking of the one who betrayed you, tear up any piece of paper that has their handwriting. Take the pieces and dissolve them in acid. Place the jar on the windowsill for a fortnight. Do not touch it the entire time. After, pour the mixture into water slowly. Swirl the mixture for 30 seconds then bind with thread and bury under the doorstep. This will cause misfortune to whoever betrayed you. 


10 of Hearts - A memory

4 of Hearts - A love-letter

9 of Diamonds - a bottle of acid

5 of Diamonds - a bottle of spring water 

Potency:  27 Sorcerie

Spell 24

Name: Light Bird

Type: Enchanted Object


Catch 23 fireflies in a jar and keep them overnight in the basement. In the morning, release them while facing south. 

Break the glass and grind it into a fine powder. Draw a circle with the powder and place 12 gears on top of the ring. In the center, place a carved figure of a bird. 

Leave overnight, and in the morning, combine the gears and figurine. If done correctly, the bird should emit light when the sun goes down. 


10 of Diamonds - a firefly in a jar 

King of Spades - an intricate clockwork contraption

5 of Spades - a small figurine of a bird 

Potency: 28 Sorcerie 

Hand 12

10 of Clubs - A four-leaf clover

Queen of Clubs - A chimera’s horn

Jack of Clubs - A drop of owl’s blood

Spell 24

Name: Concentration Stones

Type: Enchanted Object


Bore a hole through the following: river amber, glow stones, flint, and keep in a small pouch under your pillow for a year. At the start of a new year, thread each along a tight thread and tie to your ankle. This will help improve concentration until the thread breaks. 


King of Clubs - A handful of river-amber

Queen of Diamonds - A set of glowing stones

Jack of Spades - A needle and thread

2 of Diamonds - A fire-flint 

Potency:  38, Legendary 

Spell 25

Name: Bad Luck Ward 

Type: Ward


Take one leaf of the clover, and paint a circle with a drop of owl’s blood on each one. Then stick it to a pane of glass on a window, one for each ordinal direction.  Each day, blow three notes on the chimera’s horn while facing away from the clover. Do this until all the petals have fallen off the sil. 


10 of Clubs - A four-leaf clover

Queen of Clubs - A chimera’s horn

Jack of Clubs - A drop of owl’s blood

Potency: 32, Legendary 

Hand 13

Spell 26

Name: Color Treatment

Type: Ephemera


If you are ill, wash yourself, thoroughly and dry yourself completely. Before you clothe yourself, take pigments in red, yellow, and blue, and mix with sacred oil. 

Paint your palm completely with the red pigment, and place it upon the affected area. Repeat the names of the first ten gods that come to your mind. Wait three minutes in complete silence. Then repeat the names in reverse order. Wait two minutes. Then wash your hands completely. 

Repeat the above process with the blue paint, then the yellow paint. This will help heal your body within the next two weeks. 


2 of Hearts: Name of something ancient

Jack of Hearts: A fragment of time

6 of Spades: a set of pigments

Potency:   19, Enchantment 

Spell 27

Name: Explosive Vengeance

Type: Ephemeral 


Lay the powder in a small circle in a safe environment. Then place the flowers in the center along with the names of those you wish scorned. At a safe distance, throw the glow stones into the powder to cause it to explode. This will bring misfortune to those who wish you ill. 


2 of Clubs: A moon Flower

Queen of Diamonds: a set of glowing stones

6 of Diamonds: A pouch of gunpowder

Potency: 19, Enchantment 

Hand 14

Spell 28

Name: Fae Stopper Rope

Type:  Ward


Whisper three memories to each set of 9 beads. Then arrange them in a circle with the bells in the center. For seven days at dawn, ring each bell twice, in order from smallest to largest. 

At the dawn of the seventh day, place every bead in a clay pot. Do not place the last bead, instead use this as the first to sew onto the ropes. Each bead should be placed the width of your index finger apart. 

Attach the rope, in one continuous, unbroke circle around the ceiling of each room. This will prevent any wandering fae from entering. 


2 of Spades: glass beads

9 of Hearts: a memory

3 of Spades: a set of small bells

6 of Hearts: a pattern

Potency:  22 Sorcerie

Spell 29

Name: Fae Offering 1, Blood Honey 

Type:  Potion


With one firefly in the jar, caught at midnight, through a tube, pour in the blood, then honey, then water. Leave the jar on the windowsill overnight. Every morning check to see if the firefly has left through the tube. If it has not, keep it on the windowsill until it does. If it dies, empty the contents and start over. 

Once the firefly has left, stir the contents counterclockwise three times. Pour into a clay dish that you have made yourself, and leave on your front step overnight. If the contents are empty in the morning, you will know that you have appeased the fae for now. If the contents are filled with insects, they have not accepted your offering. 


Jack of Clubs: A drop of owl’s blood

9 of Diamonds: a firefly in a jar

4 of Diamonds: a jar of honey

5 of Diamonds: a a bottle of spring water

Potency: 29 Sorcerie

Spell 30, Signature Spell

Name: Fish Fae Trap

Type: Enchanted Object 


The river that flows through the Forest, and down into the village is filled with heinous fish, which left uncaught, will bring destruction and storm. The rivers must be rid of these creatures, and you will need to trap them in clever ways. 

Twist the chain around your brow tight so that it bleeds. Lay the silk shaw on your pillow, so that it soaks any blood in the night. Note: it should only bleed a little and stop after the first day. If you have pulled it too tight, you may loosen it. 

Strip the shawl into pieces then bind it into a net with the chain. This will catch only fish and must be burned after use.


9 of Hearts: A Dream

9 of Spades: A thin, twisting chain

Ace of Spades: A silk Shaw

Potency: Legendary

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