It's Time to Plant the Beans By Richard Kelly

Instruments: At least 30+ d6

Game Description 

There were once too many cats (a/n: not possible) so people changed the way new cats are born; they can no longer spawn, only grow. You are a cat planter on Yowlchirp Farm. This is a dice-stacking game where each round you will add one more die ontop of your growing towers. You also roll for the weather and on bad days will need to drop dice on the towers and run the risk of your harvest collapsing.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 771     Played: Aug 9, 2021

Day 1 

Six Beans planted!! 

Bean1: Red

Bean2: Green

Bean3: Purple

Bean4: Teal

Bean5: Gray

Bean6: White 

Day 2

Weather: 5, Storm, Grow the beans when standing on one leg 

Dear Diary, 

Today is my second day as a cat rancher and already its a storming outside. Farmer Mikael  says that I have to go out and tend to them anyway so I went out when the winds were a blowin and the rains were a comin down in sheets. I couldn’t hardly keep my footing and fell on my bum a couple times but I got tended to them fine and they are all still a growin. 

Day 3

Weather: 5 Storming, plant with one leg 

Dear Diary,

The storm hasn’t let up at all since yesterday! And I still had ta go out and tend to the beans! Ma never said it was going to be this hard when she told me to go out and help Farmer Mikael! But still I tended to them and fell over again. And again. 

Day 4

Weather:  3 Light wind, Drop a d6 from at least 6 inches up and within 3 inches of your row. 

No dice fell. 

Dear Diary,

Well at least it stopped rainin. The fence fell over but none of the beans were hurt and nothin was damaged at all. I did have to fix the fence after I was done tendin to the beans but all of them are a growin. Some of them look a little funny but Farmer Mikael says they’ll be fine. 

Day 5 

Weather: Light Wind, drop a d6

Dear Diary,

Still windy. Does it ever get good weather on this island? Maybe I shoulda never moved off a the giant onto the ground. We never got weather like this where Ma was from. Some of tha beans were a little damaged by some parts of the fence, But not the part that I fixed yesterday! I did a good job fixing it! Farmer Mikael even said so. He said that the fence was old and that it was just a matter of time. 

Day 6 

Weather : 4 Heavy Wind, Drop 3d6 from 6 inches up and w/in 3 inches of the beans 

Dear Diary, 

THere is so much wind! I can hardly think I can hardly wright!! More of the fence got blown away again! Even my fencing! The new fencing! Farmer Mikael wasn’t mad though, he said this happens from time to time, and that my fence was as good as his. None of the beans got damaged and they are all a growin fine. I haven’t got much sleep a count a the wind and all. I’m real tired and I hope the weather gets good. 

Day 7 

Weather : 3 light winds , drop 1 d6 

Dear Diary,

The winds ain’t never gonna stop. I think I’ve just resigned to it. Nonna the fences got blown away today and the beans are still safe but my hair is a mess as always. I’ma thinking of just cutting it all off. I don’t think a bonnet would help with it and that’s just gonna get blown away too. The beans are all lookin’ good and I think they will be ready soon! We might just have a full harvest of kittens!!!!

Harvest Day!

Dear Diary, 

I DID IT!!! All the beans survived and we have 6 healthy little kittens!! All of them are so cute! I love them all and I wanna keep em so bad! THey keep sweakin at everythin’ and pokein their little noses into stuff! I saw their ears comin’ out of the ground and I called to Farmer Mikael and he helped me dig em out and I love them and I can’t wait until I get to show em to everyone! 

Farmer Mikael had some people all lined up to buy em and I want to keep the little red one so bad but I can’t. Maybe next time. I’m so tired Farmer Mikael said we can have the day off tomorrow to fix tha fence since we saved all the beans this time. He says normally we only get about 4 kittens in each crop but havin’ me here really helped keep em safe. I’m so happy and all the kittens are purrin so loud.

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