Lineage By Tim Carroll

Instruments: RPG Dice

Game Description 

In Lineage you are tracing the families in a position of power, and events that change the power structure. This game focuses more on the events that happen during the lifetime of each monarch, than of a long family tree.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1,970     Played: Nov 23, 2022

Setting the Scene 

The Royal Lineage of Cricenal and the surrounding Vassal Cities from the year 4578 onward

Title: Crown 

A note on names: The head ruler has the additional last name Cricenal, as does their immediate family, i.e. spouse and children. Other members of the family inherit their family names matrilineally. 

For Example: Emiliean Souad Garrendal Cricenal and then when his brother inherited the throne he was just Emiliean Souad Garrendal until he was Coronated. 

Spouses are expected to add the name of their mother in law as their middle name

Personal Name, Spouse’s Mother’s Family, Mother’s Family

For Non FM marriages, the last name is either the birthing parent or the parent of higher status

Non-married people only have two names with the exception of the Crown’s children. 

Lineage is Primogenital 

Skip to the end for a guide to the most important characters. 

Starting Characters 

Emiliean Souad Garrendal Cricenal Coronated 1629 

Adeley Garrendal Souad Cricenal Married to Emiliean

Kadijah Florentin,  Daughter of Squ’hev ambassador and Duchess Florentin 

Rolande Esmen,  Advisor 

Gaetan Sever Rima,  Valet to Emiliean, nephew of Constantin 

Constantin Noam Analie Land Owner and Lord


Lordship of Analie

Roll: 6, Underhanded

Temple of Certainty, a religious group that worships the god of clarity and understanding, Certainty-is-Shown-Through-Light

Roll: 1, Prosperous 

Township of Brookhaven, a place trying to become independent 

Roll: 6, Underhanded

Builder’s Guild, makes homes, castles, buildings

Roll: 4, Politically Popular 

The Marribelle Family 

Roll: 2, Loyal

The Duchy of Oceane

Roll: 3, A Problem™ 

Foreign States

Teneneron, The City in Night

Merchant city shrouded in magic darkness that worships the God of Coin and Hierarchy, aka Value Incarnate

Roll: 3 Peaceful

Current Leader: Torcuil Wardter 

The City of Rapidcliff,

 in a valley in a mountain to the south

Roll: 1, Allied 

Current Leader: Elwood En Etchild

(last name is initials of parents +child)


a city to the northwest

Roll: 4 Militant

Current Leader: Gailgal Erren Galgan Eturd 


A coastal city bordering the desert

Roll: 3 Peaceful

Current Leader: Tabira (redacted) 

(All female leaders are named Tabira and the rest of the name is a secret for the royal family)


A city on a river in a jungle in a desert, known for the large ziggurat 

Roll: 1, Allied 

Current Leader: Midha Hasna XLIV


A city on cliff far to the east across the sea

Roll: 5, Powerful 

Current Leader: Diamantina Kostis Aleksos 


Event 1 

Roll: 6 Parents 

Adeley Garrendal Souad Cricenal

Mother: Leonne Desire Souad

Father: Aurelien Souad Desire 

Roll 1d8: Parents connected to one faction 

Both of her parents were very devout followers of The Temple of Certainty instilled this religion into Adeley and she pushed for it to become the majority religion in the region. 

Roll 1d8: Parents connected to one faction 

Both of her parents were very devout followers of The Temple of Certainty instilled this religion into Adeley and she pushed for it to become the majority religion in the region. 

Event 2 

Roll: 7 Epithet 

d100: Rat 

Emiliean Souad Garrendal Cricenal

Emiliean was the sixth in line to the throne, before all his siblings died mysteriously in a week. Some suspected poisoning, others an illness, but the most commonly held belief is that he traded secrets with the nobles of Squ’hev to have them assassinated during a state visit. All parties involved deny this. 

Event 3 

Roll: 7 Epithet 

d100: Swine

Adeley Garrendal Souad Cricenal 

Adeley was known for her fondness of the hunt and in her youth hunted many boars out in Weeping Ghost Forest. As she aged she could hunt less and less but her fondness never faded. Instead of going into the forest, farm pigs were purchased and she “hunted” them in the gardens of the palace. It’s estimated that she killed over 500 pigs in her time, though some sources say it was over 2,000. 

Event 4

Roll: 3 Intrigue

Roll: 1, two siblings go to war over the throne 

After the death of Crown Emiliean Souad Garrendal Cricenal, his oldest daughters, Eugenie Souad Cricenal and Louisette Ambre Souad Cricenal, a pair of twins, went to war over the throne. Eugine claimed she was born first and should inherit the throne under Royal Law. Louisette claims she already has children and a lineage and she should inherit under Royal Law. 

Eugenie was backed by the Township of Brookhaven, for whom she had sympathy

Louisette was backed by the Lordship of Analie for whom her husband’s sister was married. 

Roll: 2 Louisette won and imprisoned Eugenie for life. 

The war lasted 16 years and Louisette was crowned in 4649.

Event 5 

Roll: 8 Death

Roll: 9 what will they be remembered for? 

Florian Souad Ambre Cricenal was in the background of most of history. He was the first husband of Louisette Ambre Souad Cricenal and the only importance he had was that his sister, Colette, was married to Gisele Ambre Analie. The Analies backed Louisette during the Secession War of 4636. He died in 4652

Event 6

Roll: 7 Epithet Sharp

Louisette was known for being quick witted and uncaring. Her mind was sharp and clever and her insults even sharper. 

Event 7 

Roll: 8 Death 

Roll: 8, which family member is most affected?

Constantin Noam Analie 

Died: 4651

Giselle Ambre Analie was torn up by their mother’s death. They hid themselves away for years and years not able to cope without her. It’s said that their wife, Colette Analie Ambre, lost two family members that day. People mark this as the decline of the Analie Family. 

Event 8 

Roll: 4 Children 

Couple: Louisette and Florian 

Roll: 6 

Louisette: Most Ambitious 

Sylvette: Great Talent 

Delphine: Will Betray the Crown 

Corin: Spoiled

Gregory: The Favorite 

Henri: Hates the family 

Event 9 

Roll: Succession 

Roll: The Monarch dies in a display of hubris 

Louisette Ambre Souad Cricenal died 4709

Henri was the youngest sibling, and hated all the rest of the family. It's said that the last thing he said to his mother was he hoped she dropped dead. In her shock and old age, Louisette did exactly as he said and fell dead to the floor. His sister, Louisette II, took the throne the next week and sent him to Brookhaven to rule as a vassal. 

Event 10 

Roll: 5 Marriage

Roll: Dramatically changes the political landscape 

Louisette II and Fearghas Wardter of Teneneron 

M. 4711

Louisette II married the heir apparent to the throne of Teneneron, Fearghas Wardter. Soon after his brother Haiden “went missing” on an expedition, there was no one left to claim the throne of Teneneron, throwing the city into chaos for a brief period of time. This allowed the priest-merchants to seize control of the city turning it from a ruling family into an elected position of elders. 

Event 11 

Roll: 12 Legend

Introduce a new character long before the current time and add them to the top of the tree. 

Roll: 3 Prophecy 

Crienal, for whom the city is named, was a prophet of The God of Ends. They saw their fate in the ghosts that came to visit them each night. They would wail and cry, searching for their corpse so they could finally rest. 

As the Gods’ War raged on, more and more people died, and Cricenal knew their holy duty was to bury and guide their spirits to their final rest. People wouldn’t believe this story if it weren’t for the nightly procession of ghosts each night searching for their bodies. 

Event 12 

Roll: 8 Death

Death: 4712

14. How does the current balance of power change because of the death? 

Louisette II and her firstborn both died during labour, and left the city without a proper heir. Fearghas was a foreigner and could not inherit the throne. He was stripped of his name and soon left to return to Teneneron, where he attempted to reclaim his title. 

The throne then went to Sylvette Marribelle Souad, the second born of Louisette I.

Event 13 

Roll: 6 Parents 

Parents of Elodie Souad Marribelle Cricenal 

Roll: 5 One of the parents did a great service to the realm 

Philomene LuCree Maribelle 

Dominique Maribelle LuCree 

Dominique Maribelle LuCree was a noble knight who worked in the service of the royal family for 50 years. He was the captain of the guard who helped reform the knights from an inherited position to a meritocracy, leading vast improvements to the safety of the nobles and potential class growth for others. 

Event 14 

Roll: 7 Epithet 

73: Deep 

Sylvette Maribelle Souad Cricenal was a thoughtful and philosophical ruler. She remembered her mother’s cruel words and how they were the death of her, so she spent a long time thinking and spoke slowly before dispersing her wisdom. She was called the Deep by her admirers for her ability to speak profoundly in a few words. 

Event 15

Roll: 11 Major Event 

Roll: 4 Strange Fortune 

Roll: 1

Roll 1d4: 1

1 Decade after the most recent monarch’s youngest child’s last major life event, kill the monarch and their children. 

A/N: I’m going to hang on to this and roll some children and some events so then I can murder everyone

Roll: 5 Children 






Event 16

Roll: 5 Marriage

Renaud Amand Maribelle married Matine Maribelle Amand in the year 4736. A decade later they decided to renew their vows and hold a large ceremony where they had been wed. It was a large beautiful ceremony held in the beautiful glass cathedral of The Temple of Certainty. Both families were in attendance and continued forth with the ceremony despite the tempest that raged outside.  It is not known what caused it, but the sound of cracking glass could be heard throughout the entire city as the entire cathedral shattered and collapsed killing everyone inside. 

The only person left of the royal family was Henri, the bitter youngest child of Louisette I. 

Event 17

Roll: 7 Epithet

The Reluctant 

Henri did not want the throne. He didn’t want children, he didn’t want to rule, he did not care about his lineage. He was angry at his sister for sending him away. He was angry at his mother for dying. He was angry at the Gods for killing the family he wished he loved. 10 days after his coronation he disappeared and was never seen again. 

Cricenal was without a ruling family for 300 years until Prophet Maylis claimed the throne in the year 5053 and took the name Cricenal again.

Important People

* Indicates ruler 

x Indicates Death

xEmiliean Souad Garrendal Cricenal *

The Crown Rat

Coronated 4578

Died 4636

6th in line for the throne before siblings all died mysteriously

Eugenie Souad nee Cricenal 

Twins with Louisette

Daughter of Emiliean 

Imprisoned 4649

Sympathetic towards Brookhaven

xLouisette Ambre Souad Cricenal I*

The Sharp

Twins with Eugine 

Daughter of Emiliean  

Coronated: 4649

Died: 4709

Allied with: Analie, sister in law is married to an Analie

Married to: Florian Souad Ambre

xFlorian Souad Ambre Cricenal

Married to: Louisette Ambre Souad Cricenal

Died in 4649

Adeley Garrendal Souad Cricenal 

The Swine Crown 

Married to Emiliean Souad Garrendal Cricenal

Constantin Noam Analie Land Owner and Lord

Mother of Giselle Ambre Analie

Died 4651

Giselle Ambre Analie

NB Child of Constantin Noam Analie

Wife to Colette Analie Ambre 

xLouisette Wardter Souad Cricenal II *

Daughter of Louisette Ambre Souad Cricenal I 

Married to Fearghas Souad Wardter Cricenal 

C. 4709 

D. 4712

Henri Souad Cricenal*

The Reluctant 

Son of Louisette Ambre Souad Cricenal I 

Sent to Rule over Brookhaven in 4709

C. 4747

D. 4747?

Fearghas Souad Wardter nee Cricenal 

Hailing from Teneneron  

Brother of Haiden Wardter, the living candle

Married Louisette II 

Stripped of the Cricenal name and went back to Teneneron to attempt to reclaim his throne

xSylvette Marribelle Souad Cricenal *

The Deep

Daughter of Louisette I

Married to Elodie Souad Marribelle Cricenal 

C. 4712

D. 4746

xRenaud Amand Maribelle 

Youngest Child of Sylvette

Married Matine Maribelle Amand in 4736.

Died 4746 

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