Lineage By G. Johnston

Instruments: 2d6

Game Description 

This is a game about chronicling the royal line of a monarchy. You build the family tree, make notes about notable events and how their reign impacted the country.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

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Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1,519     Played: Nov 24, 2021

This playthrough is based on the 2021 edition of the game.

The Royal Lineage of the Imperial Capital of Liram

Title: Throne 

When a Throne has passed the direct descendents of the Throne are put through rigorous testing by a council to determine who is most qualified. Anyone under 20 is automatically disqualified. There must always be a Throne in Liram so if there are no direct descendents, the siblings of the Throne are considered as are their children. 


Once a vast empire named Malhal it went to war against the gods. When they were defeated it was reduced to the single city of San Siblia. The rulers caught wind that the gods were going to destroy San Sibilia, now just called Malhal, and fled north and established their new capital Liram.

Liram rarely ventures south past The Volcano, but has set its sights north to the Whistling Valley. 

Neighboring powers: Joford, on the peninsula, Isonross, to the north in a forest. 

40 years after the Fall of Malhal

Naming Convention: Personal Name, Father’s* First Name +Child, Family Name from Mother, if lower status Family name from Spouse’s Mother, Cognomen

* For non-binary and same sex couples it’s a parental decision

Example: Throne Signy Dagnychild Soley,  The Builder 

Signy Dagnychild Soley 

The Builder

Married: Erna Haraldurchild Guglaug Soley

Roll: 2, 4 A noble house, known for very little


Roll: 2d6 - 1d6 

5 - 1 : 4 living children




Gunnhildr (died age 15)


Brother Halfdan

Death: Assassin Weak+1

Historic Event: Closest Male Relative gathers power and tries to lay claim to the crown of a distant nation. Support could grant power, or become dragged into an unwanted conflict. 

Signy Dagnychild Soley ascended to the throne after her father died. She was the middle child of the family and married Erna Haraldurchild Guglaug three years into her reign. She was known as “The Builder” for pushing forth many great buildings we see today. The city was still young but blossoming. Her brother, Halfdan, greedy for power, attempted to seize the peninsula of Joford. She too was eager to see the empire return to its former glory and granted aid to him. These attempts were stopped when she was assassinated by Joford agents. 

Benedikt Ernachild Soley 

The Cruel

Weak: 1

Spouse:  Kyrillos Eukledes, given the name Rakelchild Soleyupon marriage, of a foreign noble house, known for charity 


9-2 = 7





Thora (died age 10)




Brynhar (died age 5)

Event: Home falls into disrepair

Death: Starvation

Benedikt Ernachild Soley inherited the throne after his mother died. He was the second child of Throne Signy. Unlike his mother, he cared very little for public works, going so far as to letting the fairly new castle fall into disrepair. He then launched a heavy tax to fund the repairs, leading the people into poverty and anger. He was known as the Cruel for his disinterest in the populace. Despite this, to maintain face and prevent a revolution, he married Kyrillos Eukledes of Joford. This act doubled as a peace treaty with Joford and an appeasement of his own people for Kyrillos was known for their charity. In his old age Benedikt grew ill and paranoid of assassination like his mother. He died after refusing to eat for three weeks, fearing poisoning.

Dagmar Benediktchild Soley 

The Bold

Weak: 1

Spouse: Hjalmar Jonatanchild Bragi Soley a distant cousin, known for military prowess


10-4= 6 



Halldor (Died as an infant)


Birgir (Died age 8)


Signy (Died age 17)

Halfdan(Died age 14)



Major Event: Monarch’s two closest relatives demand the kingdom be divide between them. This would shatter the kingdom, refusing could cause a rebellion

Death: Following a fever

Dagmar inherited the throne from their father. They were the seventh child of their family. Times were mostly peaceful during their reign until it came to the question of inheritance. No new members had been elected to the council, and the twin sons, Hjalmar and Dagmar, both demanded the kingdom be theirs to split. Liram was still very small and recovering from The Gods War and the attempt to seize Joford, a split would have devastated the kingdom. Throne Dagmar also believed in merit over birthplace and devised a plan that would see neither of the twins on the throne. He proclaimed that should the twins find a way to divide the kingdom in such a way that all people were happy and all were equal in wealth, prosperity, and populace they would inherit their half. As both spent long years trying to divide the kingdom their sister Katla studied and trained hard and won the throne under the quickly elected counsel after their father died.

Katla Dagmarchild Soley 

The Unfortunate

Spouse: Alpaslan Hamza, given the name Yarenchild Soley upon marriage, a foreign noble house of Isonross, known for wit


6 - 1 = 5



Ivar (died age 25)




Historic Event: An Assassination attempt against the monarch is foiled. Who could do such a thing? Who could let it get this far? 

During her lifetime there were at least 25 attempted assassinations on Throne Katla. Every time someone else close to her was killed instead of her. Most were handmaids and guards, but the most notable was her son, Ivar, who protected his mother valiantly from the arrow of an assassin. After he died in her arms she became known as the Unfortunate among the people. Most suspect the assassination attempts were conspired by her brothers, Dagmar and Hjalmar, but there was at least one by a scored former lover of Alpaslan.

Katla Alpaslanchild Soley II 

The Old


4- 2 = 2


Einar (Died age 3)


Gertrude (died age 10)

Historic Event: a foreign spymaster turned traitor and seeks sanctuary. They have information but protecting them could cause a diplomatic incident 

Katla II was 65 years old when she was crowned. She had married a distant cousin, Suzanne Moachild Erland, who was known for her military prowess and strength. People say Suzanne was the true power of the kingdom and held back the nation of Joford when their traitorous spymaster came calling with information. Katla sat back and observed her wife make move after move and eventually reduce Joford down to a single tip of the peninsula. 

Etgar Katlachild Soley 

The Drunk 

Weak: 3

Spouse:  Sigurd Brynjarchild Olafur Soley a distant cousin known for very little


6-6 = 0 no living heirs

Historic events  other nobles throw a costly festival. They enjoy it but the populace didn't

Death: “An Accident”

Etgar inherited the throne after the death of his mother. He married a distant cousin of no known renown. The only place in history Etgar has is the last in the line of the family of Soley. All 6 of his children died during childbirth and his wife along the last. Etgar spent the rest of his days drinking, barely spending a waking hour sober. The other nobles attempted to bring him out of this state by throwing a month-long festival to celebrate Liram. It did not work and the populace grew angry at the needless spending. Throne Etgar spent the rest of his days behind closed doors, not speaking to anyone. The rumors among the people were that he was killed and it was being kept a secret from the people, but the official record states he suffered an accident, falling down some stairs, and wasn’t seen for the rest of his life. His funeral was kept to a few nobles. 

His sister Katla also died with no children, so the throne went to Asta Oskarchild Runa, who was the grandson of Etgar’s aunt Signy Katlachild Soley. 

Asta Oskarchild Runa 

The Glorious 

Line Change: Lost to the frozen regions 

Spouse: Grunnhildrur Luddechild Verner Runa A distant cousin known for cruelty.


8 - 2 = 6


Carin (Died age 5)


Asta (Died age 1)




Historic Event: The Monarch has a vision of the future

Death: Lost to the Frozen Regions 

Throne Asta inherited the throne from cousin once removed. He was the third child of Oskar Gittanchild Soley Runa and Marta Hinrikchild Runa. He married Grunnhildrur Luddechild Verner Runa, a distant cousin, who was known for a sharp tongue and evil eye. Not a day went by when the two of them weren’t arguing about something. Asta had great sights set upon the north, especially in search of the mythical warm lands called the Whistling Valley, a place where music and song were magic, which he believed existed. He expanded the territory of Liram far to the north, finally absorbing Isonross and Joford into the Liram empire. Before he left on his last expedition to the north, he claimed to have a vision from the gods. He wrote that when he looked out of his window one night, he saw a vast and spiraling crystal tower that pointed him towards the valley. He left the following month for the expedition and never returned. 

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