Pangolin Pianist By Sam Leigh

Instruments: 1d6

Game Description 

You are a retired pangolin pianist, reflecting back on your life as a career pianist.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 983     Played: Nov 30, 2021

Why did you start playing piano? 

Roll: 5, you wanted to impress your idol, who was a famous pianist

Dear Diary,

    I was going through all my old records today, you know the ones that I keep in the stack in the corner? Well, you’ll never guess what I found! It was the seminal album by one Mr. Leone! The very album I used to listen to on repeat when I was a child! 

Oh, I remember how I begged my parents to have piano lessons so I could learn to play like him! He was the talk of the city for ages! I was so happy when I finally got my first lesson! And I was so nervous too! My claws kept  clickety-clacking on the keys and I could hardly read the music. But still I persisted! And look where I am now! I should say, I hope Mr. Leone would be proud of me and all the others he’s inspired over the years! 

What Difficulty did you overcome as a pangolin? 

Roll: 2, Your little claws had trouble pressing the keys

Dear Diary, 

    I suppose I’m still feeling nostalgic after finding that record. I went back through all my old boxes of music and such that I keep in the back room. I was also thinking back on how far I’ve come despite my limitations.  

    When I first started playing all I could hear were my long claws clicking away on the keyboard: tap tap tap! At first I tried to file them down so they wouldn’t make so much noise, but then I found that I couldn’t reach each of the keys! I couldn’t play properly for at least two weeks! That was a nightmare and I had to keep apologizing to my teacher. I’m so fortunate that Ms. Beaver was a very patient lady! 

    Do you remember when I found out what worked in the end? I made special little gloves that only covered the claws, which were padded at the ends so there was no more click-clacking! Oh joyous day it was wonderful! I felt like I had finally overcome my biggest limit and nothing could stop me! 

Who was your rival? 

Roll: 4, a family member

Dear Diary, 

    I got a letter from my cousin today. They are playing at the grand hall for their last performance. I must say I expected them to have retired years ago, but alas it seems like their health is better than mine.

I remember when they came to visit all those years ago, back when I was still a beginner. They watched me play for less than a minute before they trotted over and started to bang on the keys, proclaiming that they were better than me. Of course they didn’t know anything about piano at the time and could scarcely reach the keys, but the next time I saw them… Oh Diary I was so mad. They knew how to play and they insisted on impressing Mom and Dad. They were impressed too! You cannot believe how outraged I was, given that I had practiced every day for years at that point. I suppose it’s childish now that I think about it, but it was the beginning of a long rivalry between us. 

We competed for years to see who would get the better venues in the city. I swore then and there that we would never play together and to this day we never have! Though I suppose I should write to them soon, they are still family. 

What is the tone of your masterpiece? 

Roll: 6, Peaceful 

Dear Diary,

    You will never guess what I found today! I found the original notes that I wrote for my Magnum Opus, Through the Fields and Daisies. I remember I worked for years and years on this piece before I eventually settled on the ending. I’m still not happy with it but if I try to work on it any more it will be the death of me! 

    I remember sitting outside on the swinging bench staring into the fields and watching the flowers dance on the winds. I tried as hard as I could to capture that in my music, and I think I did for the most part. I wished that my mother was still alive to hear it. I like to imagine she’s with me when I play it. I wish I could still play it. 

    But alas, there’s no point in dwelling on the past. Maybe I can write a sequel piece. Sequels? Is that what they are called for music? Who knows? Language was never my strong suit, which is why I refuse to write musicals or any other lyrical pieces. Strictly notes for me, that's what I always said. 

Why did you retire? 

Roll: 2, You started teaching instead of performing 

Dear Diary,

    I received a lovely little letter from one of my students today! Ms Hare wrote to tell me that she played at her sister’s wedding! How lovely! She even included a lovely little photo of them all around the piano! It was so wonderful to hear from her! 

    Some days I wonder if I should have kept performing instead of teaching, but on days like this I know I made the right choice. How wonderful it is that I can share the joy of piano with the world! 

    I know my cousin scoffed at the idea when I stopped our little rivalry, but they can go eat a sock. All that competition was getting to my head and I started to worry more about attendance and critics than I did about the music itself. 

    The sound of applause was beautiful but nothing compared to knowing how I’ve helped others bring joy to their loved ones.

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