Red Snow: The First Encounter By Snowttrpg

Instruments: 2d6, 3d4, 1d12, 1d20

Game Description 

Red Snow is a short horror game in a snowy apocalypse. Can you even survive your first encounter?

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 657     Played: Nov 24, 2020

2d6: 9, ruined ankle

1d4: 3, -1 ongoing to all rolls involving feet

Choose 4 letter a name: 

F   E   N  S 


 2 Matches, Oil, Empty Gas Can, Single-Shot Bolt-Action Rifle, 1 Bullet

3d4: 9

Health: 9

Misfortune: All Non-White Dice count as -1

What can you hear?

The wind blowing through the trees. 

He will head far to the north of the world, through the tundra to where the River Mire meets the Whistling Valley. He will hear the wind through the trees he left far behind him. This will scare him but he sees nothing but the black and white of the snow. 

Play In the Dark: 

The sun will set and he will be enveloped in the darkness. He’ll begin to shudder for the night will have no color and he will have no warning.

-1 Health if you had to turn off the lights

Health: 8

Far ahead of him he will see it. His dearest


E   R   A  

They lie face down in the snow 100 yards away, red mess around them.. 

She will have told him the stories about the whistling valley. She will be stronger than he will ever imagine and hold more faith in the future than even the Savior who abandoned them. He will see one color, red, surrounding her frozen flesh. 

(Invoke each word once to get +1 on run away rolls)

She was:





Search the Body

2d6:  6

He will kneel down beside her for a moment and pray like she taught him. He believes They are dead, but will honor her beliefs. He will take the fallen rifle by her side, and see the single bullet inside its chamber.

Acquired: single shot, bolt-action rifle, 1 Bullet

What do you do to the body?

Burn it

He will take the last of the kerosene from his canister and douse her. He will smell her rotting flesh and see the festering blisters. He will not see if the red is from her blood or the winds. 

+2 Matches, Empty Gas Can

Her corpse is trying to kill you.

Shoot her with her own gun

He will have never fired a gun before. The weight will have been too much for him. He will panic and place his weight upon the ankle that has been ruined. His shot will sound into the empty tundra and wide into the sky.

1d12: 5

 Miss -1 Bullet

She tries to rip your throat out.

She will be stronger than he remembers. Her mind will be gone but her flailing hands will snatch what is nearest. He will fall hard upon his back, his skull cracking and the wind from his lungs expelled.

2d6: 8, take damage

D20: -6

Health: 2


2d6: 7

7(roll) - 1 (Misfortune) + 1 Devout + 1 (Name) = 8

You try to run but she’s holding you too tight.

He will begin to panic, the red from her body in a mist around them. He will kick with his good foot, but her iron grip will be too much. Her fingers will sink too deep into his frozen flesh and she will have him. 

She is burning and grabs you tight, trying again to kill you.

2d6: 4

Health: -2

She succeeds. Her hands grasp tight around your body and she knocks you off your feet,  you cannot fight her and she consumes you.

The fire will spread from her body onto his, the red from the flames and the mist begins to mingle and he prays one last time to the dead gods for death instead of infection.

F   E   N  S 

He will scream and cry, looking to the north and seeing beyond the tundra to the frozen river and will imagine the Whistling Valley beyond. He will breath in the red winds and will speak, “I am again.”

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