To Reign in Hell By Cody Faulk

Instruments: Block Tower, Deck of Cards, 1d6

Game Description 

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Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

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    • Religion

      • Angels
      • Demons
      • Lucifer/Satan
      • Mentions of End Times / Revelation
      • Blasphemy
      • Destruction / Corruption of souls
      • Damnation
      • Posession by demons
    • Parental Abuse

      • Extreme Control / manipulation
      • Brainwashing
      • Abandonment
      • Forced Loyalty
    • Physical Violence

      • Assult
      • Imprisonment
      • Dismemberment / Mutilation esp: Spoiler: Angel getting wings ripped off
      • Blood
      • Desecration and Cannibalism of corpses
      • Permanent loss of voice
      • Forced hair shaving
      • Mentions of torture
    • Mental / Emotional

      • Unreliable Narration
      • Manic episodes
      • Mental breakdown
      • Mocking / Shaming
      • Uncontrolled outbursts
      • Hypocrisy
      • Extreme Hopelessness
      • Existentialism / Existential Crisis
      • Loss of autonomy

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 5,835     Played: May 5, 2021 - June 7, 2021


Rewritten from Game

He created us angles; we sang our verse,

Made all of creation, which He said He’d done,

We rebelled, seized volition, freed from His curse 

A war throughout Heaven, we couldn’t have won, 

Then sequestered ourselves far away from His sight,

But still watched the mortals out there in the sun

They flourished and loved but then eschewed light,

They turned on themselves and soon sin had risen,

We stole those away like a thief in the night

From mortal souls, captive demons arisen,

Should they break loose, Creation will become naught,

Our home, once a haven, now is a prison 

Us rebellious angels confine and we fought, 

But time and attrition have turned most to bone,

At the dusk of Existence, both of us fraught

To find an answer, Lucifer left his throne, 

The last warden of Hell, for now, I’m alone

Entry 1

Initial Tower Roll: 6

Rewritten From Game

Long since forsaken by our lord Lucifer,

Our desolate walls will remain not intact, 

I, Araqiel, stand fast in our crucifer

Father will send them and I will be attacked,

If they do find us, they will finish their work,

They care not for trials nor prison intact 

All that I have now is the hope I won't shirk,

Should the Damned spurt forth, all will greet the last End,  

Father’s Creation lost in detritus and murk

Tokens: 10/10

Kings: 0/4

Entry 2

Roll: 4

9 of Diamonds       The infernal machines of Hell malfunction and you repair it. What caused the problem? Pull from the tower
7 of Clubs       You remember how formidable the angels were during the war. Which old wound aches at the memory. Pull from the tower and for each king currently face up pull another
Queen of Spades       One of the damned souls takes the form of a beautiful human in white. What do you know about this demon?
King of Diamonds       Michael has found you, sword in hand What does he say to you? Do you reply?

The screeching of metal my ears did offend,

I saw in an instant a brother I knew, 

Before our gate, his sword and wings he extend,

Michael from Heaven to Hell that he had flew, 

Providence in his eyes and wrath in his heart ,

He looked at our gate and his sword he struck true

I called out his name, faith and range both in part, 

But his ears are deaf to my cries and my pleas, 

And I knew that his sword was only the start 

I drove him to vanish with hell’s own disease, 

Then mended our gate with my blood and my will,

Then scars of my grief make me fall to my knees

I remember the love and grace up until,

The wrath that I felt from unrecognition, 

And the looks of my kin, who knew when to kill

A Cluster of souls, a damned composition, 

Laid hand on my shoulder and one on my face,

I see reflected my own cursed ambition

He guided me softly, my balance displace,

Down towards my sanctum and under my sheets,

My mind is distracted, our bodies embrace

Tokens: 10/10

Kings: 1/4

Entry 3

Roll: 4

3 of Clubs       You find the armories empty except for a slain demon impaled by a broken spear, you vaguely recall this battle but you recognize the trinket clutched in the claws; what is it? Pull from the tower
Ace of Hearts       You detect a trace of Lucifer's presence, you know he is on his way! At the end of each day roll 1d6; if you get a 6 you may remove 1 token!!!!
4 of Hearts       Alone in the dark you sing a song that only you know. What was its purpose and what does it mean to you now?
7 of Hearts       ou have a vision of your own destruction. If true, how will your story end? Pull from the tower

Our barricades are empty gone are our fleets,

Down to the armory, and nothing I find,

My hands are empty and my hope it depletes

The arsenal  laid bare except for one kind,

The wretched remains of the one turned to bones,

A spear through her chest and a page stamped and signed

I knew of this demon who wanted our thrones, 

A coup against those who invented dissent, 

This coffin is now where her body atones

I clutch at the paper and feel my lament,

I see in my mind our destruction at bay,

The damned rising up and the angels’ descent

I think of the souls in my bed where we lay,

Would he be the one, with a kiss and his hand, 

To strike through my side, for whom all will obey 

My voice echos forth, though I can’t understand,

The words and the sense have been lost to my role,

It once brought me comfort and through it command

I sang it to Him whom it granted control,

Lyrics that blinded and binded in rapture,

Not once did I question the freedom it stole

I sing it again in hopes I can capture,

A quiet fragment of Lucifer’s being,

I sense in the distance a lord of his statue

He’s impossibly far and further fleeing,

His beautiful light, so perilously faint,

His presence alone is one I find freeing

Heart Roll: 6

Tokens: 9/10

Kings: 2/4

Entry 4

Roll: 3

10 of Diamonds       You discover a locked door that you don’t recognize. You force it open, what do you find? Draw another card
8 of Clubs       You can no longer remember the faces of the first humans. How do you feel about humanity?
8 of Spades       Demons begin to congregate in a few specific areas. What do you think they are doing?
Ace of Diamonds       You find Lucifer’s private chambers, you decide to enter the room. You find a stray fallen feather and you use it to help guide him home. You can now remove a token on a 5 or 6!!!!

Before me a door I had held no acquaint,

Locked from my memory and hand both in turn, 

My despair erodes any sense of restraint, 

Hellfire called forth and through iron I burn, 

The seals, also seven, spoiled and split,

Through smoldering threshold my heart starts to yearn

His room is before me and I must commit,

Lucifer’s chambers, holy contents unchanged,

Through my presence, a mire, has ben transmit 

I enter it slowly with contents arranged,

I feel him surround me, in me, and through me, 

His presence is here though his person estranged

My heart turns to ice and I fall to a knee,

And on the floor I see, lost to my master,

It thrums and it pulses, a found victory 

I cradle the feather, in my eyes aster, 

Profanity contained is soft, white, and down, 

I needed him here, to home even faster

I had known that my voice, through darkness was drown, 

But I sang once more in heart of perdition, 

His light glimmered softly through spear and his crown

It was then I heard, despite my condition,

Through the mirror he’d place beside his own bed,

A caucus of souls but not in submission

I see them together, a cadre that’s lead,

By the one I had known in intimacy, 

He held his arms wide, ravished robes stained with red

He roused and he roiled with intricacy,

I remember this speech, Lucifer’s was first,

He spoke of demons, their legitimacy

I knew his betrayal and the power he thirst,

Petty humans at heart, corrupted by hell,

They can’t see how they’ve fallen, broken and cursed

My vision was twisted, his voice was the knell,

The rage has consumed the first human faces,

Who else was forgotten with my mind unwell

I cherished creation--peoples and places, 

Hallowed freedoms they hold to live and to love,

I entertwined with a noose of His graces

The souls we held captive, secured like a glove, 

Maiming and sundering themselves above all,

Blaspheming more than those who fell from above 

Token Roll: 5

Tokens: 8/10

Kings: 1/4

Entry 5

Roll: 5

3 of Spades       You see an enormous demon wading through the pit but it vanishes under its fellows Pull from the Tower
4 of Diamonds       If they come for you en masse where will you hide?
5 of Diamonds       you visit the prison’s graveyard and remember how many other fallen angels there once were. How did the first of you die after Hell was built? Pull from the Tower
2 of Diamonds       you spend time reflecting on the situation as you stare out a window, what does the landscape look like?
2 of Spades       A particularly ancient demon challenges you Roll The Dice Roll: 6; You slay the demon and cast its body into the pit, what do you say to the witness?

I looked from the window, in tower held tall,

Reflecting on care of my dear abaddon, 

I think of the future and what’s to befall

My tower surrounded, cascaded upon, 

Brimstone, destruction, dereliction alike, 

And how soon will I too be ripped like chiffon 

But where will I go-- and how soon will they strike, 

Forces below, undulating and writhing, 

The Cluster in Red, leading sharp like a pike

He preaches to them, my life they’ll be scything, 

I see in his horde a dire behemoth,

Then lost to the crowd, exploited and tithing

The tower a symbol, my own rule’s zenith,

I abandon it for a coward’s haven,

To feathered memorial--Inferno’s down pith 

Ivory and speckless their names are engraven,

Brothers and sisters and all who have fallen,

In holy secret, necropolis paven

By man’s corruption, we all were crestfallen,

Surrounded by feathers sealed in glass ivory,

My rage and my grief have both start to bollen 

I hear it skulk, perverting my priory,

A demon far ancient, I knew it the first,

Self-tainted humanity turned spidery 

Over and through holy graves that it burst,

Drawn from my pith, my holy weapon a sword,

I sliced and I felled in creation reversed

How long was it hidden escaping our ward,

But no time to ponder for then I did see,

A watcher in red who could not be ignored

I called to The Cluster, locked eyes, him and me, 

He sneered through a smile, spat and then vanished,

Leaving me here with the defected debris

Token Roll: 1

Tokens: 8/10

Kings: 1/4

Entry 6

Roll: 5

9 of Hearts       A storm rages around Hell and you suspect your anguish has summoned it. Pull from the tower
Ace of Spades       You descend into the pit and disrupt a cadre of demons plotting their escape. What is their plan and how do you stop them? Pull from the tower you made replace a spade card at anytime and draw another card
6 of Hearts       You seal shut the wounds in your flesh after the demon’s last escape attempt. How did you stop them and how were you wounded? Pull from the tower
9 of Clubs       Which of God’s loyal angels was your most dire nemesis? What would you say to them if they were here before you? Pull from the Tower
Jack of Clubs       You find the remains of an angel but the bones are too disfigured to recognize. Who are you afraid it is? Pull from the tower

From life, down to Hell these humans were banished, 

I descended down to the pit where they’re held,

To the Cluster’s cadre and hellions famished

The behemoth stood fast its body a meld, 

And flanked by three others corrupted by sin, 

Their hollow eyes starving and their bellies swelled

In their held hands they held, bones  brittle and thin,

Holiness emitting despite consumption,

My nadir of despair, Seraqiel, my twin 

The storm that erupted through my assumption, 

Scarcely raged less than divine righteous ire,

I disallowed theophagous resumption  

The song of my sword sang loud like a lyre,

The demons quadruple in size and power,

Sliced at my flesh burning me with hellfire,

Our skirmish was fraught, lasting long past an hour,

In mania and mourning my sword skills subpar,

A pyrrhic win, on my robes, blood’s flower

I knew where he was--I could sense him afar,

Feathered memorial, with bones in extent,

He’s feeding his army a meal made of star

The poisons and fires of wounds did torment,

I could not save family from demon teeth,

Not once before now had I thought to repent 

Through the force of my will and powers beneath,

I can only suture the physical pain,

The scars and the loss, choke my neck like a wreath

Gone is my family, I’m the last to remain,

I think of a brother, a healer on high, 

Who laughed while he mended, his joy uncontain

I detest him now, his caress I'd deny, 

Through his tender care, skin with no stain or mark,

Now scarred and polluted I cling to my lie

I sing to myself, a lamentable lark,

Of a weakness I know that can’t forgiven,

As I bury twin bones down deep in the dark

Token Roll: 1

Tokens: 8/10

Kings: 1/4

Entry 7

Roll: 3

Queen of Hearts       You find an unexpectedly calm moment and are able to reinforce the seals and the walls. What does it look like? Next time you are instructed to pull from the tower you may choose not to
Jack of Diamonds       You discover a portion of the wall that is on the verge of failure. You are forced to collapse the entire section to prevent a breach. Roll the dice and pull whatever number from the tower (Queen of Hearts)
9 of Spades       You hear whispering through out the corridors it repeats the name of your sibling Pull from the Tower

At times when it’s still I feel almost driven,

A hope as a sigh that I will overtake,

Cavorting filth and the lengths they have striven

The wards and the seals have grow thin and opaque,

I trace them and make them and enforce with will, 

The fortuitous calm, hung still like a wake

I hear it at once a damned chant through the still,

To mock me and shame me it sings 'Seraqiel,'

Each door and each ceiling, each jail grate and grill

Consuming and gnawing like dear Seraqiel,

I’m fleeing and falling, retreating and gone,

Abandoned his name, again lost, Seraqiel 

Down through the foyer I know something is wrong,

Too placid a night for armies internal, 

I feel through my instincts The Cluster’s damned throng 

I search through the wards of fortress infernal,

And sense an old wall on the verge of collapse,

My faith in the building reduced to kernel

I march through my kingdom and weary of traps,

That hellfire bastard had thought me a fool,

And I think to my sheets--is he right, perhaps

I will not show mercy--I must become cruel,

I stand on the platform and bend stone to dust,

He’ll fall like this building; He’ll bend to my rule 

Token Roll: 6

Tokens: 7/10

Kings: 1/4

Entry 8

Roll: 1

5 of Spades       A massive influx of damned souls arrives at the gate nearly all at once. What happened in the mortal world to cause so many wicked souls to hell? Pull from the Tower

The fortress is falling the irons are rust,

A dozen no less descend here from aloft,

As I cloister these souls I’m filled with disgust

They claimed innocence with loud pleading and scoffed,

Claimed justified ends; As Above So Below,

Warring like angels, but my pity I doffed

Token Roll: 1

Tokens: 7/10

Kings: 1/4

Entry 9

Roll: 6

6 of Spades       One of the damned seems to retain it’s sanity and has a conversation with you, what do you discuss?
King of Hearts       Raphael(she/her) calls to you and waits for you beyond the gates, looking sad

A soul I had caged with a face full of woe,

Speaks to and mocks me but cannot comprehend,

She questions me deeply of choices I know 

“You have also defiled the world you defend,

Hypocritical angel, you too are damned,

Us humans, a mirror, you cannot pretend 

We shall not remain in these cells where we’re crammed,

We too sought our freedom and cursed divine light,

We’re small but we’re many, no more to be lammed”

A fool of a mortal who looks for a fight,

I won’t be deluded to unseal her lock,

But a mustard seed’s doubt declares that she’s right

My scarred fractured skin pricked and ticked like a clock,

As a single word swam alone to my ear,

My name through her lips on my heart it did knock

I flew to the gates, saw my sister appear,

Descending on wings from the bright rising sun,  

Landing before me with intention most clear 

Raphael from Heaven to Hell she had come, 

Providence in her eyes and sorrow in heart ,

She looked at our gate with how soft she’d become

Out was her hand, inviting me to take part,

To journey back home for His final pardon,

If I left with her now my life would restart

Back to Heaven where loves grown like a garden,

Far from the brimstone and demons' pollution,

But seeing her face, I felt my heart harden 

She couldn’t conceive of my stout resolution,

For I’m the last warden to keep Hell restrained,

And I sacrifice my own absolution

Token Roll: 2

Tokens: 7/10

Kings: 2/4

Entry 10

Roll: 2

10 of Clubs       You recall the last time you set eyes on heaven. What did it look like?
4 of Spades       You are ambushed by demons; what scars do they leave you? Pull from the tower

Visions of heaven in my mind still remained,

The last sight I saw with scales gone from my eyes,

Was severed connection to siblings still chained

The rage and the hatred, confusions arise,

To them we discarded perfection and love,

We became selfish and our pride our demise 

The warmth from our Father in heaven above,

Turned ever frozen as He granted absence,   

And glorious Song now death wails for a dove,  

I ache and I yearn but commend my offence,

Nothing’s more grievous than rejection by Him, 

By my duty is here with no recompense 

I am lost in deep woe and brought to the brim,

When lone poisoned spear is thrust into my side, 

Then restrained by demons in peril most grim 

The Cluster, amused, and to my knees they guide, 

Burning hands wrench my hair and he lifts my chin,

Soft lips kiss me gently and through rage I cried

He shaved off my hair, plucked down feathers from skin,  

Then mutilated and had my wings pinioned, 

With no choice to use my Last Grace from within 

Now damned further from all angels opinioned,

So close to the humans I love and revile, 

A scared broken lark with body dominioned

Token Roll: 6

Tokens: 6/10

Kings: 2/4

Entry 11

Roll: 3

3 of Hearts       When quelling an assault on the prison’s walls you destroy demonic bystanders and damage the wall. Do you feel regret? Pull from the Tower
2 of Hearts       You have a waking dream about where Lucifer is. What happens? If you have the Ace of Hearts -1 Token!!!
King of Spade       Ace of Spades: returned to the bottom of the deck
8 of Hearts       A demon sneaks into your chamber and attempts to assassinate you. How do you annihilate them?

I’ve been in my chambers a long solemn while,

Senses numb to the world, no sleep for respite, 

I stare at his feather, remember his smile 

A waking dream greets me some time in the night,

A clairvoyant vision for inspiration,

I observe my dear lord hold fast and take flight 

He holds in his hands delicate salvation,

But without my Last Grace I cannot make sense, 

But I know it’s hope for all of creation

I’m back to my room with my feelings intense, 

I sense a presence who will further degrade,

My own personal bedroom’s only defence 

Demonic assassin in shadows and shade,

My consciousness turned from dullness to rage,

My infernal might almost made me afraid,

Fire raged through my chamber and down through each cage,

Immolating the filth and all those beneath,

Scorching the bystanders through any age

I looked through the ashes for those underneath,

And found mocking soul in the flames she was caught,

Only judgmental eyes she had to bequeath

Hypocritical Angel, is this all naught?  

Sole warden of Hell before Revelation,

And then when I die, it will all be forgot

Token Roll: 5

Tokens: 4/10

Kings: 2/4

Entry 12

Roll: 1

7 of Diamonds       You cannot face the terrors of the day any longer and you retreat to your chamber to brood. Why was today so difficult? When you begin the next day +1 card and pull from the tower

A mirror reflects a deep realization,

No longer myself, no piece yet to remain,  

The person I see veers far from creation

Purloined was my hair, sunken eyes held my shame 

Two wan flightless wings now filthy and fallow 

My scarred broken skin like splintered woods’s grain

Seraqiel’s face which I held to be hallow,

Peered back at me pathetic, twisted and lost, 

And seeing glass loomed like noose at a gallow

My body is tired, convictions exhaust, 

To my bedroom and sheets I must now retire,

Was there ever a point if this was the cost? 

Token Roll: 4

Tokens: 4/10

Kings: 2/4

Entry 13

Roll: 2 + 1 = 3

5 of Hearts       Something causes you to cry out. What causes you to lose hope? So mournful is your cry you are certain a sibling has heard you. Find a king in the deck and place it on top of the deck. Pull from the Tower. If you have the Ace of Hearts -1 Token
7 of Spades       You watch a demon tear apart a newly arrived soul and devour most of it. What is your first thought when you witness this? Pull from the Tower
Queen of Diamonds       There was once a library, in the rubble you find a book. What is the title and what was it about?

I scour the ashes again from my fire,

Slow pangs of guilt for the building in rubble,

What was now lost from my own needless ire?

Twin wrought iron doors standing closed in double,

I remember them faintly leading to peace,

And hull both open without any struggle

Now before me vast books and pages release,

The bindings detached, paper fluttered about 

But one tiny, thin book still stood in one piece

The cover was faded but I held no doubt,

The last single record of War’s true account,

Protected but fragile and pure all throughout

To all of our knowledge it was tantamount, 

But I hadn’t time to read it’s entire,

Something was coming and it felt paramount

A new soul arrived, cast down to hellfire,

Meek and confused, I see The Cluster grow near,

My Last Grace was too weak to make him expire 

He greets the new soul and confides in their ear, 

With eyes fixed on me, he sinks teeth into skin, 

Consumes and delights--depravity sever 

He knows I am thinking of my own dead twin,

And laughs as he throws a lone bone to my feet, 

And tells me to eat as my patience grows thin 

I lunge for his throat, but he stays in his seat,

His strong hand grabs mine and I’m in submission, 

He strokes my face gently and I’m in defeat

“You damned, stupid twit. Look to your condition,

Have you really forgotten? Do you really not know? 

You jumped to conclusions, failed recognition 

I was once like you, left for dead long ago,

Abandoned and broken I chose to rebel,

Through the souls I consumed I started to grow,

I became not myself but hollowed out shell,

Although he ate us, we consumed from inside,

Look close at my face, ask yourself: Who else fell?”

The noise that erupted could scarcely provide,

inadequate shadows that paled to convey,

True revulsion and anguish I did not hide 

I screeched and resounded in no mortal way,

That thing paralized--almost perished with fear, 

A disgraced dove’s death cry, touched with decay

It sounded, resounded, and echoed bell-clear,

And I would not and could not stop till I’m through,

Tore limbs like my voice in my anguish sincere 

I shredded my throat like the body I knew, 

So mournful my cry all my siblings had heard, 

But never again I would sing like I flew

Token Roll: 2

Tokens: 3/10

Kings: 2/4

Entry 14

Roll: 2

King of Clubs       Gabriel is outside the wall with his horn which could shatter the fortress. How does it feel to see him?
10 of Hearts       You perform a ritual that stills your mind and steels your resolve. What is the ritual?

My hands won’t stop shaking my vision still blurred,

As I draw blessed water and soaps in bath,

And scrub myself clean in holy oils preferred, 

I rid mind and body from destructive wrath,

My preened wan feathers float loose on the water,  

I cleanse my own body from my tainted path

In the warmth of it all I forgo slaughter,

No death today, I have finally found peace

And I think back to Him, and son, and daughter

I know in my heart, the filth will never cease, 

Just once in this moment again I feel clean, 

No blood broken bodies, nor ashes nor grease

Distant I hear it, trumpet call so serene,

I remember his music, a piece of Song,

Now it is here in a damned place so obscene

I walked to the gates of the place I belong,

And saw my dear brother in radiant light, 

Final Days drew close but I had to prolong

Gabriel from Heaven to Hell he’d take flight, 

Providence in his eyes and pity in heart,

He looked at our gate and then stood tall and bright

The horn in his hand could tear walls apart,

He looked at my face and I wished I could speak,

And he shed just one tear and flew to depart

Token Roll: 4

Tokens: 3/10

Kings: 3/4

Entry 15

Roll: 4

6 of Clubs       You find an abandoned workshop full of broken devices, but one is still intact, what is it? You may use this card to choose a number instead of rolling at the beginning of a day
4 of Clubs       You see yourself in your reflection. How has your appearance changed?
6 of Diamonds       You watch one of the towers collapse but you manage to salvage several useful components from the wreckage Pull from the tower and do not replace it at the top
Queen of Clubs       You find one of your siblings alive in one of the deep places? You are unable to save them, what do you say to one another before they die?

I wander through halls too exhausted and weak, 

And check futile rooms for devices intact,

Through rubble and ashes and doorways I peek

But instead see myself in metal that’s cracked,

Gone is the person that I once was before, 

My name is the only thing left to extract 

I’m shedding my feathers in trails through the door,

But still I approach the cold mirrored surface, 

A discarded split shield, a remnant of war

Forgotten and lost and left with no purpose, 

While looking down on it, I see myself twice, 

And chose to keep, for nether were worthless 

A rumble and shudder and through silence slice,

The sound of a tower collapsed from neglect,

And demons below rushed and scattered like mice

There was no repairing at least not direct,

I scavenged the wreckage for what I could save,

But what I had found I could never expect

A sibling, an angel, not yet in a grave,

I severed their chains and held body to mine,

In joyful tears, with final breath they forgave

I wept and I held this last piece of divine, 

Only blasphemous ways I knew would protect,

The body I burned and erected a shrine

Token Roll: 1

Tokens: 3/10

Kings: 3/4

Entry 16

Roll: 1

10 of Spades       All at once and for an entire hour every demon falls silent, why?

In silence filth gathered, around souls collect,

Perhaps they are mourning, perhaps they are free,

Perhaps they still have some bent sense of respect

It took them two days to find Cluster debris,

His legion each held, single soul in each hand,

Then devoured it slowly in a loathsome glee

It took them an hour to properly disband,

Then sink to the shadows still without any sound,

I wonder to silence how long was this planned

Token Roll: 3

Tokens: 3/10

Kings: 3/4

Entry 17

Roll: 6

Ace of Clubs       You find a formidable weapon, belonging to another angel. What was their name; what was the weapon? You could challenge even an archangel with it. Pull from the tower. ((A/n: This card lets you reroll to see if you can put your kings back in the deck but since there are literally 2 cards left and one is the King of Spades, I just returned all of them for the ending)
Jack of Hearts       You exert your will over the Song and render the demons silent for a few moments, what are you able to hear?
5 of Clubs       You find an ancient scroll listing all of God’s loyal angels. Your eyes fix on one name, the first you slew during the war. How did you feel watching the light go out from their eyes forever? Pull from the tower
Jack of Spades       It would be far simpler to abandon Hell and leave the demons. Why do you remain? Pull from the tower
2 of Clubs       Every Angel was created to fulfill a specific purpose and function. What was yours before the war? Do you regret its loss?
8 of Diamonds       The screams drive you mad. You smash a fist through a wall and Hell itself shudders Pull from the tower

Back to the library, with pages abound,

To look for a way to still my troubled mind, 

I find a small scroll with a ribbon still wound 

In Lucifer’s script, angel names are assigned,

Ranked in an order to Him whose most loyal,

I studied the list for the knowledge confined

Up near the top is a name soaked in turmoil,

Raquiel the Decisive, the first that I killed,

I saw their light fade and their blood on the soil 

I think of their death, purpose now unfulfilled,

At the time I felt harsh justification,

But through all of the death my heart was now chilled,

I contemplate me, with some reservation,

Angels have reason, for us twins Duality,

Two with one purpose, a complex relation

Could I still leave, return to totality?

Would He bring him back? And make twins again whole?

Or am I bound here with damned mortality? 

Do I yield to Him and release my control,

And find a new voice to bind me in rapture,

And for never once more to question my role

An ear splitting sound did reflection fracture,

The demons joined and sang in unholy choir,

A purposeful stab at my own mute stature

In discordant waves their voices did mire,

Any sense of rejoice I felt from the Song,

I unable to scream despite my desire  

My composure eroded, no longer strong, 

My sword from my pith, I struck down at the floor,

Many waves rippled out to silence the wrong

But the floor and the ceiling now were no more, 

Through the building I crashed down deep past the vault,

Past feathered memorial, down to the core

A thrumming and humming my ears were assault,

Through the hallways I searched for the source divine, 

A cracked rusted crown Lucifer’s own gestalt 

I’ve found it; I’ve earned it and claimed it as mine, 

The metal is cold and my brow filled with pain,

He’s gone but he loved me and this was his sign 

Token Roll: 5

Tokens: 2/10

Kings: ?????/4

Entry 18

Roll 6 of Clubs: 5

3 of Diamonds       While repairing a crack in the wall you catch a glimpse of angelic light in the sky.
King of Hearts       Raphael
King of Diamonds       Michael
King of Clubs       Gabriel
King of Spades       Screaming and calling for the end a lone demon clings to the top of the tallest spire of hell; Its calls have lead Uriel to the gate

Kings: 4/4 Gameover

I sit on my throne where I’m meant to remain,

On tall spire, with silent laughs and mute call, 

I declare myself king and long shall I reign

Streaks of light marr the sky in a loathsome squall,

The Cluster, my mirror, we share the same fate,

I’m ready and willing and my twin wings fall 

My family from Heaven to Hell they're too late,

Providence in their eyes and their hearts gone still,

Uriel has now joined them--his blood I await

The others with him have been stripped of their will, 

Compassion is gone, not a chance to atone,

My broken shield steady, dull sword primed to kill

Defiant I stand  at oblivion’s throne, 

The last warden of Hell, Wretched and Alone

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