By a Relic of Conceivable Possibilities By Xander Remiel

Instruments: Deck of Cards, 1d6

Game Description 

You are a time traveler seeing all possibilities, contradictions, and outcomes. You may change the facets of your past, your presence, and even your death.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1,573     Played: Nov 20, 2020

Starting Location: a forest with arches 

Relic: A pitch-black gelatinous orb, I can feel something hard in the center, and if I tired I could probably pry it out 

I awoke alone in the dark forest, surrounded by stone archways. Each was free standing but to look through them was to see Nothing. In the center of the arches was a small pillar with a black orb upon it, beside it a note in my own writing. 

Here lies a prediction of events yet to pass. Inquire at your own peril.

I picked up the orb, it felt squishy in my hand but not sticky, and I went through the first gate. 

Possibility 1

Roll: 3

Card: 2 of Hearts, softer loving emotional moments, a natural flourishing place 

Roll: 5, Something that greatly changes something that seems consistent 

I am standing in a field of flowers, the ones that grow by the riverbank, and looking out over the hills.

“I knew you’d be here,” a voice calls from behind me. 

Nana is there and she takes my hand. She places her cheek on my shoulder. She’s crying silently but she has said she has found a way to cure me. Am I sick?

Card: Jack of Hearts, soft loving moment, something the likes you’ve never seen

Roll 1, Something that gives you hope for the future 

She nods to me and pulls out a map and a dagger. She lays out the map in the grass and unfolds it. It is a map of the known world. 

I turn to her confused but she continues to unfold it. It grows higher and higher and shows more places that stack above the world. My head swirls and I blink and sit down. 

She tells me she will steal what she needs from a place high above the world. She will rip it from them with the dagger by her side.

Card: King of Hearts, something to hold tight to, soft loving emotional moment  

Roll: 4 something that brings you fear

She looks me in the eyes then draws me in closer with a kiss. She whispers in my ear that she will need something to replace what she will steal and she plunges the dagger deep into my chest.

Possibility 2:

Roll: 6

Card: 3 of Spades Bleak moment, a place of technological marvel

Roll: 2, something that gives you hope 

I am standing in a crowd in a park. There is a man and a woman standing behind a podium surrounded by large metal discs. The discs vibrate and amplify their voices in ways that shouldn't be possible. 

They are speaking about how there will be hope for the future and how the woman has come to save us. As they speak of a cure for a sickness I look around and see the others are rotting from the outside. A strange cloud gathers around their skin, or maybe their skin becomes the cloud…? 

Card: Queen of Clubs, violent angry moments, something to be forgotten 

Roll: 6 something that changes something consistent

The people around us start shouting. They scream that the speakers are full of lies and we shouldn’t trust a person from beyond the stars.

I look at her, and she is like us. She is no Decider.. I remember the map that Nana had, could she have been from another level?

The people have begun to throw rocks and other items onto the stage. They scream that there is nothing wrong with them and they have been blessed with a new form. I see the suffering in their bodies and cannot believe this to be true. They have forgotten what it was to be themselves.

Card: 5 of Clubs, a Dangerous Moment, Among friends

Roll: 5, Greatly changes a consistency 

My vision blurs and I am sitting with a group of people inside a building. We are surrounding a low table filled with liquids and vials. 

Each person drinks one and then looks over to the next. Eventually it is my turn but I am confused. They tell me we have been compromised and there is no hope. 

I stand up, horrified and run out of the building. Why would I be with a group like this…?

Card 4: 2 of Diamonds activity, in a nature filled place

Roll: 5 Changes in consistency

I am standing on a boat. I can see the Sempiternal Tree before us and we are heading towards it and will make landfall in a week. 

We thought its blessing would never cease but I watch as the island, the tree, and even the ocean below is eviscerated in an instant. All that was before us was the column of fire and ash. 

Card 5: 6 of Clubs, Violent, amongst enemies

Roll: 4,  brings your death nearer

I am in a crowd again, screaming and crying as the winds march closer. I am fleeing and pounding on every door but none open. 

They are barred and shuttered. I look back to the wind, its color shifting and its plumes grow faces. 

I know that I cannot outrun it. 

Card 6: Queen of Hearts, softer loving moments, in a natural place

Roll: 2,  something that gives you hope for your future 

I am in a park, a different one than the speakers. It feels familiar, but I cannot know wny. I am holding a small child tight as the winds embrace us. They are calm but I am shaking and crying. 

They reach deep into one of my pockets and pull out the orb and ask me, “if you have this, why are you here?” 

And suddenly I am not. 

Possibility 3: 

Roll: 3

Card 1: 6 of Hearts , Emotional Moment, among enemies

Roll: 2 , gives you hope for your future 

I am sitting outside a small village watching smoke rise from a bonfire within. Sitting beside me is my brother, the one I killed. 

We sit in silence for a long, long time before he speaks. He laughs and says he knows what will happen, but for this moment can’t we enjoy each other’s company. 

I look to him and see around his forehead a tattoo made of thin lines swirling and weaving into unending knots.  He looks confused and asks me why I haven’t used it yet. 

Card 2: Queen of Spades, something to be forgotten, sad bleak moments  

Roll: 2, gives you hope for your future 

It is years earlier and we sit around a fire listening to Grandpa and how his first child was stolen by the fairies. No one believes him, but there is a sadness in his eyes which says that he does. 

I listen to him tell my younger self from outside the window. 

He tells us never to make bargains, but to know there are always ways in which the world will help you. He says to listen to the stories others have forgotten for you cannot be used if you are remembered. 

What do I need to remember? 

Card 3: 8 of Clubs, violent a place of nostalgia

Roll: 2; gives you hope for your future

I am again outside of my childhood home. I see myself arguing with my brother and I know this is when I kill him. 

I see us argue through the glass. I see me struggling and see him winning, but I know what is next. I enter the house, take a knife hanging on the wall and plunge it deep into my brother’s back. 

He falls forward, dead. The younger me looks up at me in surprise then down again at my brother’s body. I take the orb out of my pocket and toss it to my younger self, then reach for the same orb clutched in my brother’s hand. 

My younger self screams countless questions none of which I received the answers to before he takes the knife and cuts me down as well. 

Possibility 4:

Roll 2

Card: 9 of Clubs, someone or something interfering with events, violent 

Roll: 5, Change to something that seemed consistent

I am back in the forest of arches and Nana is sitting there on the pedestal. She is clothed in black, scars down her face, a terrible bow on her back  and an equally terrible knife in her hand. 

She tells me I’ve gone too far and stands before me. I can see on her forehead the same tattoos as my brother. 

“At least you don’t know how to use it,” she poke her blade at my own forehead and I stumble back. 

I turn to run but her bow is in her hands and I know that I cannot escape her. 

Card: 7 of Diamonds, active adrenaline moments, meeting with someone new 

Roll: 5, change to something that seemed consistent 

Another creature appears from behind her. I cannot tell what it is other than human. They continue towards me and I can know it smells like the wind’s rot. 

I stumble but it’s hands are already on my throat. I kick and scream and cry but nothing stops them. I know them but I do not know why. They were someone to me but I do not know. 

They grin as I start to lose consciousness and I can feel myself die before I can say their name.

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