Sweaters by Hedgehog By Haunted Oak Press

Instruments: Card Deck, Coin

Game Description 

You are just a little hedgie!!! Just a little guy! You sell your sweaters to the other animal customers who come into your store!

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1,627      Played: Nov 5, 2021


Hedgie: Dottie Hedges III 

Store: Boutique Knitwear, in the village of Tarrin, going strong for 150 years, inherited by my grandmother, DottieHedges I 

Day 1 

Customer 1: 

Card1: Queen of hearts;  Badger

Card2: Queen of Diamonds; Suggesting things for other customers to buy

Card3: Queen of Spades; Professional, well put together

Card4:  4 of Clubs: Green 

Customer 2: 

Card1: 6 of Hearts: Rabbit 

Card2: 4 of Diamonds: Several Children 

Card3: 7 of Spades: looking for Discount items 

Card4: 8 of Clubs: White

Customer 3: 

Card1: Ace of Hearts: Mouse 

Card2: 10 of Diamonds: Someone you’ve never gotten along with 

Card3: 5 of Spades: A gift for a new love 

Card4: 3 of Clubs: Yellow 

Dear Diary, 

    I had the most interesting day today at the store! You know that autumn is coming right around the corner so I’m expecting it to get busy soon! Today I had only three customers, but many many sales! I’m so excited to write all about them!

Mr. Badges, the mayor, came in first! Ever since he got elected his fashion sense has been impeccable! I don’t know who his stylist is, and he won’t tell me, but I’ll get it out of him someday! I know he didn’t just come up with that sense himself, I remember when we were young, and I suppose you do too, Diary! I was still writing in you then! Oh, but anyway, he was looking for something in a nice deep forest green for the upcoming season, and he’s going to look so dashing in that color! It really suits him! We spent a while looking for things and all the while he was suggesting other things for other people! Some of them were quite happy with the recommendations and others wished he would mind his business. Oh well, I guess not everyone can appreciate good taste! 

The second person to came in was Mrs. Harris. She had brought all her new children with her today too! They were just so cute I could pinch their little cheeks! She had about eight of them this season and she was looking for little sweaters for all of them! The poor woman wanted whatever was at a discount, which I can’t blame her given all her little ones. We managed to find a set of little white sweaters, which I did warn her that they would stain, but she insisted that they grow so fast that it wouldn’t matter and she just needed to keep the babies warm. Oh, I remember when they still had all their pink little noses! They grow up so fast! 

The third person was Myx. Mause…. I never thought I’d see them in the shop again. I never did quite get along with them. Too much of a boor. But they sauntered in, acting like nothing had happened and took up most of my time looking for that perfect gift. Apparently they have a new sweetheart. They must have infinite patience if they can put up with Mause’s stories over and over again. How dreadfully boring. I know I had to endure them as we walked around the shop searching for something yellow. I remember because they kept saying over and over “Her favorite color is yellow. It must be yellow.” At least we were able to find something in the end that satisfied them!

Day 2

Customer 1: 

Card1: 7 of Hearts: BirdFolk

Card2: 8 of DIamonds: They want a discount 

Card3: King of Spades Highest quality, most luxurious 

Card4: Ace of Clubs : Red

Customer 2:

Card1: 9 of Hearts: Bat

Card2: 2 of Diamonds: They are a respected member of town

Card3: Ace of Spades Something to lounge around in the house, what do they like to drink?

Card4: 5 of Clubs: Blue

Customer 3:

Card1: Jack of Hearts: Weasel

Card2: 7 of Diamonds: Slow and indecisive 

Card3: 9 of Spades: Going on a hike, have they done this before?

Card4: 7 of Clubs : Pink

Dear Diary, 

    Today was a day, I tell you what! I have never had to deal with a more difficult customer! I’ll start from the beginning. Mr. Warbler, the richest man in town, came into my humble little shop. At first I was excited to have such a prestigious customer! He has all the money in the world and he wanted to spend it in my little boutique! He went straight for the most expensive scarf, a fine silken piece, dyed bright red! I was so excited! That has been in my store for ages and I’m glad to finally get rid of it! But then he had the audacity to try and tell me it was out of style and he should receive a discount for all the “imperfections” in it. Oh I was so mad! I told him “Mr. Warbler you are the richest man in two hundred miles and you and I both know you can afford it at full price! Don’t you dare try to cheat me out of my money!” He got so mad at me he left in a huff without a sale. I don’t think I’ll be seeing him again any time soon but at least I know what kind of a cheat he is!

    The next person to come in was no other than Ms. Bates, you know! The former Judge! She retired about five years ago and has been spending her time in her home relaxing. Oh how I look forward to those days! I’m no young hoglet! She was looking for oh, simply the coziest of sweaters! She wanted to drink some nice eggnog with a little something extra. That sounds simply divine! I helped her found just the loveliest pale blue sweater that was the right thickness and softness. 

    The third person to come in was a little weasel girl I haven’t met before. I think she was Mr Wesaston’s daughter since she looked just like him! She wanted to go out on a hike but had never done so before so she didn’t know what she was looking for. The poor girl was just so overwhelmed and couldn’t decide. I wasn’t able to help anyone else since I had spent all my time with her but in the end we found a charming little pink vest. She was so happy with it that it made up for everything else! I hope she enjoyed her little hike. 

Day 3 

Customer 1: 

Card1: 5 of Hearts Squirrel

Card2: Jack of Diamonds They remember the store that used to be here

Card3: 8 of spades New to town, what’s the best way to fit in 

Card4: Queen of Clubs Striped 

Customer 2: 

Card1: King of Hearts: Fox

Card2: 5 of Diamonds constantly looking over their shoulder, what are they worried about 

Card3: 10 of Spades Want something in their teams color

Card4: Jack of Clubs Argyle 

Customer 3: 

Card1: 10 of Hearts Possum

Card2: 3 of Diamonds Something of a celebrity

Card3: 3 of Spades something for their grandchild 

Card4: 6 of Clubs  Purple

Dear Diary, 

    Guess who I saw today! Mx. Squell! Xe hasn’t been back in town since we were children! I barely recognized xem! Xe was looking for the old bookstore that used to be here! Remember when I said we relocated? I don’t remember if I mentioned that it used to be a bookstore that moved into the old bakery because the old bakery moved into the old hattery because the old hattery moved into a new building! 

    Anyway! Xe is back after living with the humans! How dreadful! Xe was looking for a book to catch up on all the new things in Tarrin but I told them the best way to fit in was to get in with the fashion! We were able to find a nice striped sweater that was oh so flattering and xe was very happy! I’m so glad xe is back in town! We have some catching up to do, and I would love to share the gossip with someone fresh! 

    The next person I saw was Ms Vixen! She was all in a tizzy, looking over her shoulder, all worried! I had to ask her what the matter was  and it was some sports thing I couldn’t even begin to comprehend! Apparently the rival team has been very, and if you forgive my pun, unsportsmanlike. She was worried they would start a fight with her when she was wearing her team’s colors. I don’t allow fights in my shop, but I figured it was best not to instigate something! We were able to suss out something for her to wear to the games without anyone knowing the wiser on the streets. We found a lovely argyle pattern in green and gold, her team’s colors. I hope she stays cozy during the game!

    My last big customer was, oh you will never guess! I was so delighted when she stopped by!  Do you remember, about 20 years ago, the opera singer that took everyone by storm??? One Ms Ivory Delphidae! She was in my store! My humble little boutique hosting such a lovely woman, can you imagine? She was shopping for her grandchildren! How delightful! I could all but contain myself in her presence! She has aged so gracefully and is still so lovely! 

    The only unfortunate thing is her taste is most suited for herself and not for the younger generation… I had to gently guide her in the right direction for someone young. She was most understanding when I explained that young people had vastly different styles than ladies of our age. We were able to pick out some exquisite lavender sweaters for her grandchildren. I do hope she’ll be stopping by again!!

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