Sword Saga By Danny Dellinger

Instruments: 1d6

Game Description 

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Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1,334     Played: Nov 16, 2022

Scene 1 - It Starts with a Clang

Roll: 5 Gauntlet 

Roll: 1 Custom Made for a Wealthy Family

Roll: 6 Unintentionally Magic 

Deep in the bowels of the Lone Peak, where the dwarves have made their home, a rich and noble family commissioned a gauntlet for their second born daughter. 

She was nearly of age to start her first pilgrimage down to the depths of the mines to recover any piece of forgotten history of their civilization from eons ago. She would not be venturing outside of the known territory, but still, any small piece was a victory and a right of passage. 

The gauntlet itself was made of iron with scalloped edges and embossed silver that reflected the light in every direction. The blacksmith sang while he worked on it, unintentionally weaving a score of magic into the metal as he hammered away. 

He thought about his own daughter and how her first pilgrimage would be in a few years and wondered if he should make her something just as fancy, but sighed as he knew that he couldn’t afford the metals for her. He continued to hum, thinking of her and hoping she would understand. 

Scene 2 The First Cut is the Deepest 

Roll: 5 Unstoppable

Roll: Righteous

Roll: The Victim never saw the wielder

Gogrobena Caskbreaker, daughter of a rich and noble family, gauntlet still on her fist, sat arms crossed in a jail cell. She was waiting for her parents to come pay her bail, give her a scolding, and then secretly congratulate her afterwards for her first arrest. 

It was a long, unspoken, tradition in the Caskbreaker family that, despite being noble, were rebellious and lawbreakers, though she felt she had broken no law. 

She had slugged a preacher on the street, one who had been campaigning against sending people into the depths of the mines. He said anyone who returned from the depths was tainted and called for them to be exiled from society. 

He had gathered a small crowd and screeched at the top of his lungs how their long held traditions were heresy against the gods who had saved them from the depths and to venture down was to spit in their faces. 

He didn’t notice her as she walked up behind him and sucker-punched him right in the back of his head. He went down without knowing who hit him. 

Gogrobena didn’t put up a fight as they arrested her, but instead laughed and waved at the people, knowing the reputation she would have. 

She was still amused and laughing to herself when the guards came to release her. 

Scene 3 - The Mother of Invention 

Roll: 5 Somebody else needed the real item more

Roll: 4 Using it this way became unexpectedly popular 

Roll: 4 This Damaged something other than the weapon 

The Daily Harbinger

Fashion, Trends

Dear readers, you might have noticed quite a new trend in town; one that has set all the candle-makers on edge. People are having new gloves and gauntlets fashioned to contain, fint, steel, and a wick all in the fingers for an instant flame! 

The trend started when Gegrenben Caskbreaker returned from another yearly delve into the depths and returned with one his fingers soaked in oil and set aflame.  The family gauntlet was being used as a mere candle! Quite a scandal to have something of such renown reduced to such a use. 

But, dear reader, it seems as though the use was more practical than before! He had his family heirloom adjusted with a piece of flint and a wick so he could have himself an instant flame at any time. Quite handy we should say! We at the Harbinger have often found ourselves in need of a small light to find something in a corner or in a desk and to think, with just a snap of the fingers it could be right there, literally at your fingertips! 

But you must be careful! We’ve also had reports of careless individuals burning important papers, or forgetting about the flint entirely and setting someone on fire. 

Just the other day, Rabemora Magmamora clapped her good friend on the shoulder pauldron and sent a shower of sparks in all directions! 

As practical as this is, it’s not for the forgetful and careless!

Scene 4 - New Owner, Who Dis?

(AN I’m indicating a change in family not specific person)

Roll: 2 Recovering it when it was thought lost

Roll: 4 Removed something they see as excessive

Roll: 3 Doesn’t intend to use it as a weapon 

Dear Esteemed Patron,

    We have written to inform you that our key item at this year’s auction event will be the Caskbreaker Gauntlet. The Gauntlet has been recovered recently after it’s disappearance five hundred years ago along with the last of the Caskbreaker family line, Gwegrenbon Caskbreaker. 

    A noble adventurer, who wished to remain anonymous, has given us the pleasure of auctioning the item on their behalf. They recovered the gauntlet earlier this year during a delve and it has been authenticated by no fewer than three historians, Kitrouhilde Noblehelm the royal historian, Strofibella Hardtoe of the Museum of Grimhand, and Fimrouk Grayflayer, our own personal historian here at Laventel Auctionhouse. 

    It has been restored to it’s complete and former glory as when Gogrobena wore it upon her noble fist. We have taken the liberty of removing the flint and wick, and other additions the Caskbrekers have placed upon it over the years. 

    The auction will be held Monday the 5th next month. Please RSVP and send any inquiries at the following address. We hope to see you in attendance. 


    Herul Laventel

Scene 5  War… War Ever Changes 

Roll: 6 New Laws were passed on weapon ownership

Roll: A friend

Roll: On the Run from the law

I stood over his body for a moment before I began to shovel the dirt on top of it. His eyes were still open, glassy, unmoving but still staring deep into my soul. 

The gauntlet on my hand was covered in the same blood that ran down his face. It was now a weapon under the new law. Something that was made to protect had now taken a life and I was to be branded a murderer. If they found me. 

I shoveled more dirt on top of him until the grave was filled and the only thing to indicate its presence was the pile of leftover soil to the side of it. The gauntlet had a long and storied past, but one that was filled with honor, or so I had assumed. How many other lives had it taken in secret? How many other friends had it killed? 

I clenched and unclenched my fist. This thing was a part of me now, if I left it then it would have all been for nothing. I looked back at the city, peaceful and sleeping. I wondered if anyone else had to kill their friend tonight. 

A war was starting soon and a long forgotten, disgraced family was going to pay a large fortune to take a lost heirloom into battle, and dead men couldn’t share profits. 

Scene 6 - Deeper Than Ever Did Plummet Sound 

Roll: 3 Donated to a Museum 

Roll: 2 Symbol of Violence and Barbarism 

Roll: 3 Shaped by a great loss 

Caskbreaker Gauntlet 

    The Caskbreakers were a rich family of dwarves who used to live below the Lone Peak. This gauntlet was commissioned for one of the family members to take on delve trips down into the bottom of the mountain where it was lost for half a century. It eventually resurfaced and claimed by Durikroir Frostbrewer, who claimed to be a descendent of the Caskbreakers. He wore it in the Coalhaven Battle at the start of the Third Dwarven Civil War, and used it as a symbol of authority until he was struck down by the Civil Allegiance. 

    Donated by Dalogruth Granihave in 9587.

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