This Town of Ours By Paddy Hutchinson

Instruments: 2d6

Game Description 

This is a Mad-Libs style game in which you create a series of customs and taboos for a town.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 865     Played: Nov 10, 2021


In this town, none may pick flowers or break branches. The only ones excepted from this are the Herders. 

Additionally, Actors may not enter legal contracts and the injured may not ride a steed

Neither, Cursemongers or Oathbreakers may not cross water.

Memank was once a large farming community that suffered many harsh winters. The only food that continued to thrive in the snow were small red flowers, which the herders fed to their flocks and herds. To save these flowers to ensure they continue to thrive, it is forbidden for anyone to pick them. Sound also carries further in the winter and snapping branches attracts many predators. Breaking a branch is bad luck and many people go out of their way to avoid it. 

Actors are seen as followers of the god Hidden-Deep-in-Deception-and-Obscuration, the Decider of Deception, Double meaning, hidden things, lies, and the performing arts. They are not trustworthy enough to enter legal contracts and are forbidden to do so. 

People take injury very seriously in Memank and those who are injured are forbidden from doing anything that may cause someone else injury. They are forbidden from riding a steed in case they lose control of it and hurt someone else. Memank was one of the first places to introduce a taxi system for riders. 

There are old legends about those who abandon their oath and those who curse others. A watchwoman who deserted her post in the middle of the night. She tried to escape across the river and drowned. An old man spat at every young lover he saw, cursing his own loveless life. He too was found drowned in the river. This superstition is so prevalent that most of the rivers have been rerouted around the city, making it hard for the inner city people to get fresh water. 


In this town, none may strike with closed fists. The only ones excepted from this are the farmers. 

Additionally, Carpenters may not Speak out Loud, and Magi may not accept charity. 

Neither Murders or Cursemongers, may share their dreams.

Errentol has become a bustling city, but like most cities in The Grass Belt, it started as a small farming town. In order to curb violence a past king decreed striking others with a closed fist was a capital offense and the offending hand was removed, pickled, and given as a Hand of Glory to the victim. The only exception being farmers who needed to defend their lands from thieves. People often strike each other with the side or the bottom of their palm in fights. 

Carpentry is solely done by the Order of the Silent Coins and each member takes a vow of silence for the rest of their days. The members often learn sign language to communicate with others and carry around slates to write for those who don’t know it. Magi are part of the ruling class of Errentol and are often very rich. A queen long ago decreed that they are no longer allowed to accept charity from others in hopes that the poor will receive it instead. 

Long ago people used to be visited by gods in their dreams. It was said that unpunished Murderers and Cursemongers would receive nightmares for the rest of their lives and should they tell others about them they would be struck dead as soon as the story left their lips. 


In this town, none may touch others in public. The only exception is children. 

Additionally, Brewers may not use animal products, and Parents may not share their dreams

Once found guilty, Gossips and Murders, may not Ride a Steed 

In Oncrest personal sanctity is taken very seriously and people must not touch one another in public. This is to respect others who don’t want to be touched and don’t want to see people others touching. Children are the only exception since they cling to their parents and often get stuck in places and need rescuing. 

Brewers are forbidden from using animal products as it is feared that it may tait the product. They are not allowed to wear leathers or even wash with animal soaps. There is an old story about a brewer who did not follow these traditions and the bad batch they made poisoned half the town. 

Parents are discouraged from sharing their dreams especially with their children. People believe that dreams can taint the mind and bring misfortune to others and may cause unwanted attention from evil spirits. Children are seen to be the most vulnerable to these influences so parents are especially warry. 

If a person is found guilty of gossip or murder they are forbidden from riding steeds. It is believed that the evil energy will turn the horse against its master and will buck them off and eat them. 

Domesticated Elk have become popular rides for these criminals and some people have often ridden them in protest against political leaders who have had critics found guilty of gossip for speaking against them. 

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