Tiny Nightmare Generator By Carly Kocurek

Instruments: d20

Game Description 

Tiny Nightmare Generator is a short, sweet little game about rolling dice and making monsters. The game fits neatly one a single sheet of paper and the players roll dice from the selected chart and once the monster is created, you finish by answering questions about them. This game is also kid-friendly.

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and are present in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 530     Played: Dec 2, 2020

Tiny Nightmare Generator by Carly Kocurek

Instruments: d20

Monster 1: The Teneneron Creeping Ghoul 


8. Swamp


2. Creeping 


14. Ghoul 

First Sighted: 

In the marshes to the north of the Marshton along the Limini River. First sighted in 2587 by a group of travelers passing through from Teneneron to Marshton. 

What it does

It Creeps along the marshes and hovers slightly above the water. When it is on dry land it leaves behind a trail of muddy footprints despite having no feet. If it sees you it will hunt you slowly until it kills you by draining all the warmth from your body or it is defeated. 

Environment does it favor

They reside in the Marshes to the south of Teneneron and haven’t been seen elsewhere. It’s thought the same magic that keeps Teneneron in darkness creates these monsters from the corpses of travelers who died in the marshes. 

Monster 2: The Fal’terek Lumbering Vampire


1. Plains


20. Lumbering 


15. Vampire

First Sighted: 

In 809 in the plains near the city of Fal’terek. 

What it does

It comes from the sea and up onto the plains and hunts for months at a time. It will catch a creature in it’s maw and suck it dry of blood before spitting it out on the ground. 

Environment it favors

It hunts in the plains for several months at a time until it is full then it returns to the sea where it lives the rest of the year. It’s speculated that it lives in deep water since no one has seen it in the ocean. 

Monster 3: The Weeping Ghosts of Cricenal Forest


16. Birch Forest


17. Weeping


20. Ghost 

First Sighted:

In 5249 to the West of Cricenal in the birch forest.

What it does:

A ghost that cannot find its way to their resting place and is doomed to wander the forest for eternity. It wails and weeps every night as it searches hopelessly. 

Environment it favors

Can be found in the birch forest all the way to the city gates of Cricenal. It is different from the ghost procession inside the city because it is able to make noises and seems to have more awareness of its surroundings. 

Ending Questions

Which creature would win in a fight and why?

The ghosts! The vampire would rip apart the ghoul and the ghoul would drain the heat from the vampire effectively killing each other and the ghost would win by default.

Which creature would most likely become a folk hero?

Probably the ghosts? People might see them as a warning sign to avoid certain areas. 

Which creature would make the biggest tourist draw?

The Vampires. People would probably watch them hunt from a safe distance and they would draw in a large crowd during hunting seasons. 

Which creature would make the best movie monster?

The ghoul; it is the most malicious of all the creatures and actively tries to hurt people for no reason.

Which creature is the scariest?

The vampire, it’s large and it’s just an animal so you can’t reason with it and it's so big, it’s just so big. 

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