You're Transgender *And* Have a Sword? By ThatAceGal

Instruments: d10, d8, d6

Game Description 

The title says it all! You are trans! You have a motherfucking sword and you are here to win the goddamn tournament! This game is inspired by the webcomic Heir's Game

Game Content Warnings 

These are content warnings that are from the game prompts and have the potential to be in all playthroughs.

Playthrough Content Warnings 

These are content warnings specific to this playthrough only.

Game Playthrough

Word Count: 1294     Played: Nov 19, 2020


Tragic Backstory: 

Roll: 7, ran away from an engagement which I despised


Roll: 5 Constantly looking to help fellow trans people


Roll: 4, I stole a really good hat! 

Journal of K.S. Ellington, Noteable Duelist

June 1st, 7845, Greystone

Roll 1: 3, I pull off a heist with other duelists!

Most Esteemed Journal, 

    Well I’ve done it now! I sit upon my bed with the red, feathered cap of the Grand Duke of Errentol sitting across from me on my desk. Not the most notable of His Grace’s personage but one that is still a feather in my cap if I say so! 

How I got it was quite the ordeal, for as you know today was the first day of the Golden Sabre Tournament (though as a foilist myself I am dismayed by the title, but what is one to do?) and already I had myself in a bit of trouble! For as you know it is tradition to mingle with the duelists after the first bouts finished. I had won mine today and wasn’t scheduled to fight until 3 days hence.

    I had entered the dining hall, ate and drank my fill and was milling about when I overheard other members going to, what I at the time assumed, a local tavern for after drinks. Seeing as how all they had at the reception was watered down wine, I was ready to put something stronger in my stomach. 

    I followed after the group, and ordered myself a lager and approached them, ready again to mingle. How wrong I was! I had approached them at exactly the wrong time to find they were discussing amongst themselves a planned robbery of the Duke of Errentol’s personal chambers during the tournament. How I wish I could have seen my own face when all of them stopped talking and turned to me. 

    What was I to do, other than sit down amongst the group! At first they didn’t take kindly to it, the gentleman to my left pulled a knife to my throat until, what I found out later, was the leader calmed him. 

    I didn’t recognize her, but she knew of me. She said she had seen my fight and was mildly impressed, and was willing not to kill me tonight, provided I went along with their scheme. Luck was on my side tonight! The others squabbled about the dividings but I assured them that mischief was its own reward and I had personal dealings with the Duke of Errentol and was eager to cause him any pain. 

    That settled them down, and I was caught up to speed before we headed out. We sneaked around through the servants entrance, climbed up the vines through the balcony, with one look-out below, and entered through the glass double doors. 

    The others picked apart the room, searching every inch for the documents they were looking for, they hadn’t told me what these were but it was no concern of mine. I strolled around the room, and poked small holes into the duke’s clothes with my knife. 

    It was in the closet where I found the prized hat! The one he wore when he wanted to impress future lovers. I placed it upon my head and watched the others scramble around the room until they found whatever was so important. 

    It was then we heard a key in the lock and all scrambled out the balcony and down to the gardens below. As we all dashed across the yard I realized that I had forgotten to place the hat back into the closet. Ah well, I shall wear it before ever bout and proclaim it was a gift for my transition. That will surely piss him off. 

June 15,  7845, Greystone

Roll 2: 8 Accidentally started a trans peer group among duelists

Most esteemed Journal,

    I have done it again! How magnificent am I to inspire the youth of this country! To think that I would have such an impact on the lives of young trans children! I call them children, legally most are of the ages between 18-25 as true children aren’t allowed to witness the tournament, but being over 30 myself they are but children to me! 

    I have worn that fabulous hat to every bout as I said I would and have also made it a habit of showing up the matches shirtless, doing some crowd work, then donning the lamé and mask. I enjoy seeing the questioning looks and whispers of the confused nobles and the look of recognition and admiration among the knowing. 

    I wonder how many rumors have been started about my scars by the ignorant? What stories they must tell! Maybe I fought a lion? Or it was a scarification ritual from a land they haven’t heard of? I shall have to ask one of these days. 

    But no matter! What is most important is that, in droves more and more trans children started to attend my bouts. They wave to me and I can see it in their eyes that they recognize me and I them. This went for about a week's worth of matches before any of them approached me. 

    They showered me with praise! They called me an inspiration and an idol! Many of them have been inspired to take up the sword, though one can only question if it is for sport or other reasons, but no matter! Your most humble writer is out here inspiring more fencers! Next I need to convince them that foil is the only true weapon and to forgo those damned épées and sabres. 

July 25th, 7845, Greystone

Roll 3: 9 Traveled to the outskirts of the city to fulfill a favor.

Most Esteemed Journal, 

    Today was a melancholic day. I bid farewell to a fellow duelist as they had been eliminated from the tournament. It was Sabiha, the leader of the heist-group from the first night. She had fought bravely, but was ultimately bested. 

    As I had no bouts today she asked that I accompany her on her way out of the city. I walked alongside her as we traveled to the gates. I, of course, wore the hat with me and kept my shirt open, for who knows who else I will inspire!

    I asked her about the documents she stole, but she would have none of it. We continued in silence until before the gate where she took me aside into a small alleyway. She told me I needed to hold on to something for her, and seeing as how I owed her for not letting the other duelist, who’s name I have forgotten for he was shortly eliminated, from killing me, that I, in turn, owed her. 

    It seemed fair enough as what she asked me was but a small favor. She took out a small iron ingot, the size of my palm, with strange swirles engraved upon it, and placed it into my pocket. She told me to keep it safe and let no one see it. I had no reason not to oblige. 

    She then took the underside of my shirt collar and pinned a small metal circle with a sprig of anise to it, then kissed me on the cheek and left. What a strange woman! 

July 30th,  7845, Greystone

Roll: 2

    Exciting day!!! Exciting day! Guess who has won the tournament! (at least the foil division) Of course it was I! Who else could it have been other than myself!

    I stood atop the podium, holding the flowers, wearing the hat, and baring my chest to the world! Good times, but I am exhausted! More to follow tomorrow! 

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